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Russia is one of a number of countries prepared to take advantage of White flight from the shambles that has become of the West. Hungary has a policy of making it easy for distressed Europeans to resettle, invest and contribute to its growing prosperity. Many Germans, Britons and other EU nationals are selling now up and moving East where the old values prevail.


A delegation of 30 South African farming families has arrived in Russia’s farm belt Stavropol region, Rossiya 1 TV channel reports. The group says it is facing violent attacks and death threats at home.


Up to 15,000 Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, are planning to move to Russia amid rising violence stemming from government plans to expropriate their land, according to the delegation.


“It’s a matter of life and death, there are attacks on us. It’s got to the point where the politicians are stirring up a wave of violence,” Adi Slebus told the media. “However, the climate here [in the Stavropol region] is temperate, and this land is created by God for farming. All this is very attractive.”


The new South African government lead by President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country.

The South African Republic’s farming paradise wasn’t waiting for Ethnic-European refugees from religious and political persecution who settled in South Africa over 500 years.


Fleeing from religious and political turmoil, the ethnic-Europeans, British, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Belgium to name a few, turned the wilderness into a bread basket filling farming enterprise that rivalled that of the United States. The same cannot be said for black Africa’s migrating Negroes who in later years fled tribal warfare and inter-tribal slavery to benefit from the White man’s industry and enterprise.


The current South African regime sponsored by the United States and Britain’s political and media elite, said it is planning to put an end to what it calls the legacy of apartheid, where most of South Africa’s land is still in the hands of its white population.


Rights groups have said the initiative incites violence. There were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks, primarily against white farmers, in 2016-17 in South Africa, according to data by minority rights group AfriForum.

The farmers are ready to make a contribution to Russia’s booming agricultural sector, according to Rossiya 1. Each family is ready to bring up to $100,000 for leasing the land.


Stavropol House of Friendship

Russia has 43 million hectares of unused farmland. The country has recently begun giving out free land to Russian citizens to cultivate farming. The land giveaway program, which began in 2014, has been a huge success.

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  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    This is why white people should not give a cent to feed blacks in Africa. Let them starve.

    Whites in South Africa have had their faces rubbed in the dirt by the communist black government and by the western media for far too long. Is it any wonder that the people who turned the country into a breadbasket after migrating from Europe in the 1600s want to leave their country.

    What contribution have blacks made to the development of South Africa over the last 400 years? Pretty much zero. I would like to see if they can farm . I will bet that without whites South Africa will starve and implode. The black ANC government will probably go begging to the UN for food aid, and stupid liberal governments in the west will fork out our money to keep these creatures alive.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Exactly! We’ll be paying asusual via our taqx money, to feed them. Totally pisses me off, & i never ever give a cent to any charity doing African stuff, as it is only a small proportion that ends up there any way. Usually much of it gets spent on shiny offices, ,Cars, lunches, etc!


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