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Clues to the type of revelations revealed in Mike Walsh’s best-selling book, The All Lies Invasion, lie in the book’s title. Aware that Orwellian palace publishers were churning out false accounts of World War II, the author of 52 books compiled The All Lies Invasion.

The historian’s purpose was primarily based on the principle that even if it does hurt truth is the debt we must eventually pay to the integrity of posterity.  “The truth will seek the light and not shun it”, according to Horace Mann, American Educationist.

Mike Walsh says that he felt the need to counter constantly recycled propaganda that still appears in media even 75-years since Germany surrendered (it didn’t) and after peace was declared (it wasn’t) on May 8, 1945.

He adds, “It would be good if the more honest generation will use the book’s revelations to correct the still on-going lies about the most appalling brothers’ wars of all time. These appear on a daily basis in media and are often readers letters based on false accounts. ”

The Allies Lies Invasion sets of the records straight in a way that reminds us that the most effective lie of all is the half-lie. An example is Adolf Hitler’s ‘notorious commando order’ that palace historians claim is further proof of the German leader’s total lack of scruples during their ‘good war’.

Whoa, not so fast. Their story goes that Adolf Hitler personally ordered that members of British raiding parties be summarily shot whether they had surrendered or not.  This is true enough but as usual it is half the story.

This order was given after a British commando raid on the Channel Island of Sark went wrong. A number of German soldiers had been taken prisoner by the British Commandos. However, the attacking force was obliged to hurriedly withdraw under heavy German fire.  The corpses of four German prisoners were later found with their hands still bound and afterwards whilst helpless the captives throats were slit from ear to ear.   It was only after this appalling event that Germany’s President-Chancellor issued his Commando Order. This was confirmed by one the author’s mentors, Major Ian Souter Clarence, who was a commando veteran of World War II.

A story re-cycled with the Commando Order lie is that of the sinking of the SS Laconia, an highly illegal Allied action at sea that needlessly led to tens of thousands of British seamen needlessly losing their lives at sea from that incident on.


Another priceless confession is told in the tale of the mythical Desert Maginot Line that never existed. The war in the North Africa desert brought out the best in imaginative reporting.  Indeed, the excess of ‘blood and guts’ media hype irritated many army commanders.

General Sir Leslie Morshead, who commanded the Australian Ninth Division in Tobruk, did allow Ronald Monson of the London Daily Telegraph into the besieged town.  His reason was blunt: “I’ve had enough of lying correspondents and wanted someone I knew and trusted to report accurately.”

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During the British tank battles with the Afrika Korps in November 1941 more German tanks were destroyed in media correspondents’ reports than the Field-Marshall Erwin Rommel possessed. The trusting British readership were also falsely led to believe that the desert ‘Alamein Line’ was said to stretch like a Maginot Line across the arid wilderness for the purpose of blocking the German advance.

The desert Alamein Line was entirely a BBC fiction although it did have its uses. Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was also taken in by it and as a consequence he reconsidered his victorious advances across the North African deserts, which gave the Eighth Army essential breathing space.

The downside was that the better-informed British Army knew it did not exist and there was a hasty evacuation from HQ in Alexandria ahead of the rapid German advances from HQ in Alexandria.  The Royal Navy was not taken in by this fantasy Alemein Line fiction. Their warships sailed out of Alexandria so fast they forgot to tell the retreating British Army they were leaving them to their fate.

1941, Erwin Rommel in Tobruk

1941, Erwin Rommel in Tobruk

Robert St. John, the Associated Press correspondent was billeted in Belgrade when to protect Germany’s flank against Soviet and British encirclement, Germany’s army pushed through Yugoslavia, Greece and finally reached Crete. With the approval of the British Embassy, the journalist rushed out a story relating how ‘300,000 British troops stationed in Greece were ready to repel the Führer’s legions’.  In fact, there were only 40,000 British troops stationed in Greece.

Virtually unchallenged, the Axis armed forces swept southwards. After escaping to Cairo, the war correspondent was bemused.  The tenacious correspondent was determined to work objectively and dispassionately but constantly found his reports sabotaged page by page.

Often a simple line would be deleted to give the opposite effect from that intended.  A priceless example of this was when he correctly observed that, ‘The evacuation from Greece had not been another Dunkirk; the Greece evacuation had been much worse.’ The censor simply put a line through the second section of the sentence leaving it to read, ‘The evacuation from Greece had not been another Dunkirk.’

Robert St. John and colleagues conservatively reckoned allied casualties to be 20,000 killed, wounded or captured. This had been changed by media to read 3,000.

Members of the German Africa Corps

Members of the German Africa Corps

During the Battle for Crete, invading German parachutists suffered heavy losses from British troops who fired upon the paratroopers during their descent.  Pro-British Greek partisans were notorious for not taking prisoners.  Captured German soldiers routinely had their throats slit by both British servicemen and Communist partisans.  A furious Adolf Hitler told the German Army’s Parachute-General Student: ‘You have made a graveyard for our men.’

Far too many stories to name here, Mike Walsh’s The All Lies Invasion will likely have you going to your library and tossing palace publishing house fiction into your town’s garbage tips.



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  • As to the parachute operation in Crete, there were many Australian machine gunners killing the German parachutists while they were in the air.

    Chancellor Hitler hit the bull’s eye in his December 1941 declaration of war on the US. The American president, Franklin Roosevelt, had worked hard to turn 2 regional wars at the time (Europe and in East Asia) into a world war. Decades of misinformation here in the US has led to many Americans still believing this evil, twisted man, FDR, was some kind of demigod or savior. The truth needs to get out, and we must continue to challenge the inherent bias against Germany and things German in western historiography.

    One of the unfortunate consequences of permitting the evacuation at Dunkirk is that the Afrika Corps was facing the troops of the BEF on the desert (when they really ought to have been in POW camps in Europe under German control).

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