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“Will Europe remain European or will we give way to the masses coming from other cultures? We will decide whether we protect our Christian European culture or give way to multiculturalism.” ~ Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

In March, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling Fidesz Party resigned from the right-wing conservative alliance in the EU despite the upcoming EU parliamentary elections scheduled for 23-26 May. The Hungarians jump first before you’re pushed initiative hurts the alliance far more than it hurts his party as without Fidesz it has seriously weakened the bloc’s influence and leverage on the EU parliament.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban described the upcoming EU Parliament elections (May 23 – 26) as an event where “Europe will choose its future”.


“Will Europe remain European or will we give way to the masses coming from other cultures? We will decide whether we protect our Christian European culture or give way to multiculturalism”, he underscored.

The decision may take the form of a relatively straight choice across all EU members falling “between EU leaders from the pro-immigration parties or from those that oppose immigration”.


Fidesz is accused of vilifying Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, and an EPP member. Earlier, MEP Manfred Weber told the Bild newspaper he “must immediately and permanently end his government’s anti-Brussels campaigns” if he wants his Fidesz Party to remain in the EPP.

In February, a campaign against EU migration policies was launched in Hungary, three months before the bloc’s elections; prompting fury in Brussels. Unelected EU President Juncker accused the campaign of spreading lies and urged the EPP to force Fidesz out despite the upcoming European parliamentary elections. This followed Orban stating in January that Hungary wants to gain an anti-immigration majority in EU institutions, including the European Parliament and the European Commission.



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  • The words of Viktor Orban, as excellent and rightful as they are, do not reflect a genuine interest or conviction. Let’s not forget his unexcusable visit to Israel in July 2018 and his subservient praise of Netanyahu’s policies and character. I am sorry but I think he is a false option offered to the Hungarian people.

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    • And while we are at it we can vilify Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and other founders of the NSDAP for ‘collaborating’ (discussing/ debate and visit) in diplomatic terms with representatives of the international Jewish community in regard to and with assistance to the Jews to bugger off and find a new homeland, anywhere but Germany, and including Palestine.

      Why can’t people get it into their heads that one of the disagreeable aspects of being prominent in politics is that you have no choice but to be a realist. Unlike keyboard commandos, like me too, they simply do not have the freedom to express themselves as forcefully as we do.

      Putin is another who gets stick, especially by that section of notoriously ill-informed Americans (I speak my mind too) because his country has no choice but to recognise things as they are, not as they wish them to be. Putin has constantly and publicly slammed Jews for Bolshevism, but this is simply ignored by those who have a chip on their shoulders.

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      • I do agree that those who are engaged in politics cannot afford to be “brutally honest” or reveal their innermost thoughts, there is something called diplomacy. Having said that, nobody forced Orban to visit Israel, there was no need for that. I understand that he must be careful about what he says and I do not expect him to speak like Goebbels, but there are certain things that you must not do. What could possibly have achieved with this shameful visit? Jewish support for his fight on behalf of the Hungarian people? Since when our mortal enemies have ever supported a true nationalist leader? Does he think that they are stupid? Does he really believe that after his humiliating tribute to the “victims” of the Holohoax he will be “well-liked and respected” by the powers to be? If you are White and fight for your race and your country, you will NEVER be other than a mortal enemy to those who are the enemies of mankind, and no amount of “diplomatic” gestures will change that.

        Considerations apart I think your blog and your books are admirable. I wish there were more like you.

        All the best

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  • Geraint Pendragon

    It was after a visit to Budapest (a wonderful city) years ago that I began to discover the reality of The Third Reich( I continue to discover it with the aid of Mike and other sages) and now embrace the concept of National Socialism.

    Like most ill-informed people I swallowed the Allied post-war propaganda hook, line and sinker. Of course, this was all pre-internet, and apart from hearsay it was difficult to find counterstatements to the victors narrative. Even today with the enemy in control of the media a block is put on truth discovery. But we all have a starting point and mine was a visit to the Great Synagogue in Budapest. It was a pristine day and I found the whole experience fascinating. So fascinating that on returning home I decided to do some research into the ‘historical facts’ presented to me while there. Four hundred thousand of the Hungarian Jewish community sent to Auschwitz to be consumed in the inferno? Hmm, the more you delve and the more you read the more you discover. The road to enlightenment and consciousness is slow and sometimes hazy but in the end you arrive.

    Hungary is a small country with a turbulent past. Few countries have experienced what the Hungarians have experienced in the last 100 years, rampant inflation after WW1, one third of Hungarians live outside the state borders, Bela Kun, WW2 defeat and occupation, the Uprising and West’s abandonment. Few countries have suffered as much. Victor Orban gives hope to all of us without a voice in the West. He walks a tightrope. If he falls off so do we.

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