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Despite their being intruders and alien to Christian civilisation very few mosques are violated. In most cases, those responsible are trailer trash children of a failed and corrupt regime. The criminal political and media class is not well placed to lecture petty criminals on morality.

When on occasion a mosque or synagogue is desecrated one can guarantee that without a scrap of evidence, media will point the accusing finger of damnation at the ethnic-European community.  The headlines and news broadcasts will denounce ‘white racists’, ‘white haters’ or ‘white supremacists.

Seemingly, there is no such thing as an ‘Islamic hater’, ‘Jewish supremacist’ or ‘Asian hater of Christians’ as these ‘simply don’t exist’ ~ according to media.

In 2019, in just one European country 870 Christian churches were desecrated whilst there were 129 reported thefts from the Christian sacred places. An MP earlier claimed that at least two churches in France get “desecrated and profaned” every day.

The Ethnic-European picked up these horrifying crime reports and statistics from a non-European source.  Freedom of the (Western) Press is an illusion.

These near 1,000 attacks are under-reported by a media that protects the non-Christian faiths by ignoring anti-Christian desecration or blaming unidentifiable ‘vandals’.  The red-top tabloid the Sun referred to attacks on Christian places of worship as ‘militant secularism’. We can imagine the smug college-spewed student scribe who dreamed that one up.

This is the same newspaper that is shunned throughout Liverpool~Merseyside for its wrongly blaming Liverpool fans for the tragedy of Hillsborough (1989) when police incompetence was judged to be directly responsible for the deaths of 96 people and 766 injuries.

Even when there is compelling evidence that the attacks on Christian places of worship and Holy relics are motivated by religious hate and intolerance, the ethnicity or religion of the culprits is ignored.  In fact, media has been specifically ordered by the State to never disclose the ethnic origins of attackers. In all cases attackers are dismissed as ‘vandals’ or ‘hooligans’.

Picture for a moment that in 2019 alone 870 non-Christian places of worship were similarly desecrated. Imagine the political and press uproar, the demands for action. A clampdown on conservative opinion, declaring legal populist parties illegal, lengthier prison sentences, children taken from parents, laptops to be seized, etc.

Do you still believe that you live in an equal society?  Are you sure that as an ethnic-European you are an equal citizen with equal rights?  If so, don’t forget to place a tooth under your pillow; I assure you, there will be a bright and shiny sixpence underneath it in the morning; a visiting fairy bought it. “People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Saint-Sulpice Church in Paris Caught on Fire (VIDEO)


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  • Thank you Mike for that revealing article and Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote, so true : “People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” Poor Fools!Michelle

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  • Dear Mike,

    Thank you for another outstanding paper. However it saddens me that you appear to have lost or misplaced the s of « ESPRIT DE CORPS ». Not a major mistake, mind you; and one which reminds me of this sorry habit I had to pronounce „Afrika Korps“ “Africa corpse” as funnily enough 99.9% of the French commentators on historical broadcasts still currently do, never realising that as one more tribute paid by the Germans to a once impressive French army, the Wehrmacht – and many others of the trade before this institution – had the courtesy to pronounce the many traditional words that they had adopted from the French… the French way (quite an homage).

    Thanks god I owe it to a South African young lady that over twenty years ago she put me on the right track so that I now correctly pronounce it “africacor”. Such details have the virtue of becoming lenient when hearing some enthusiastic would be francophone people of English-speaking stock informing you proudly that they have been regularly attending the improvement courses of the “Alliance fronsay” – for « Alliance françaiSE » that is.

    PS: I have good hope that in the next century, thanks to their fine upgraded form of schooling and education, what will be left of the French people shall be pronouncing correctly typically essential French words in foreign languages such as “Allahu-Akbar” and “Auschwitz” (they still do not understand that the Germanic w is pronounced v).


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