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I saw him, the way they dragged him down the steps, the coppers, he didn’t look good. I’m 74 and I look better than him and he’s 47. It’s such a shock. For months and months he has been living like a high-security prisoner, he can’t even go to the toilet. There have been cameras watching his every move”. John Shipton, father of Julian Assange.

If ever there was an opportunity for journalists to show they have more spine than a jellyfish it was with the released images of handcuffed fellow journalist Julian Assange being dragged by Britain’s burly secret police from his betrayed sanctuary.

This was the God-given moments when all who work for the Press had the opportunity to protest against Soviet-style state interference in the broadcasting of news. In any self-respecting country boasting a genuinely free press, journalists would have cleared their desks and announced they would not return until their colleague’s release. Instead of clearing their desks media’s journalists hid under their desks.

As the shocked world now knows we now live in a dictatorship with is no more democratic than was the Soviet Bloc’s East Germany, dubbed the ‘German Democratic Republic’.  In the Soviet Bloc and in Britain no one dare tell the truth for fear of losing their well-paid jobs that comes with Soros supplied perks.

Today, journalists have become hacks and hackers have become real journalists.

When the award-winning Australian journalist, Julian Assange, released footage of a U.S. Army helicopter gunship hovering over a Baghdad city street as its chortling crew machine-gunned defenceless women and children. Those killed in the gratuitous slaughter included two Reuters journalists. Washington DC went ballistic whilst media, who had just lost two journalists in the slaughterhouse provided the silencers.  Indeed, instead of shooting the horrifying news the state’s hacks shot the messenger, the leaker’s goose was cooked ~ by his fellow journalists.

This single cowardly massacre was a blatant war crime, one of a great many committed by American and NATO forces. This atrocity should have been headline news, priority for television and radio news bulletins. In reality, there was just one real investigative journalist, Julian Assange who had the principles to say enough is enough and turn his guns on the political elite. His breaking news release news leak riddled the U.S. war machine and its obedient journalists with bullet holes.

“You cannot hope to bribe or twist, thank God a British journalist – But seeing what the man will do, unbribed, there’s no occasion to.”   – Humbert Wolfe (1885 ~  1940)

When Julian Assange learned of his imminent arrest at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London Thursday, he wasn’t even allowed to go back to his room, because authorities feared he would hit a reported “panic button” with potentially disastrous effects, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Jose Valencia said.

As in the Soviet Union, the ‘gentlemen of the press’ obediently did all what they could to keep the damning evidence out of the newspapers and off the television screens.  Had it not been for the uncontrolled internet their readers would have been blissfully unaware of crimes being committed by Washington DC, Westminster and the European Union.

In fact, Julian Assange had heroically gone where plastic journalists fear to tread. His rolling news exposé humiliated the fakers of plastic state journalism, exposed it for the sham it is, and removed the credibility of Western journalism.

For this reason, there will be no mass walk out from news desks but the journalists guns instead will be turned on Assange. When the only journalist with guts and principles shot American foreign policy down in flames the media’s credibility ended up in the wreckage too.


A curse for England, false and base

Where nothing can prosper but disgrace

Where crushed is each flower’s tender form,

And decay and corruption feed the worm,

The winner’s shout, the loser’s curse

Go with Old England’s black funeral hearse.

William Blake

(1757 ~ 1827)


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  • A loathesome, criminal act. And alas, just the first high-profile one. Truth is the new “hate speech,” there should have been a hundred journalists there for the occasion, screaming their heads off. But, no. “I didn’t complain when they came for the journalists, because I’m not a journalist,” etc. etc ….

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  • A pity these masonic British cops aren’ts as attentive to the daily London stabbings as they are to a lone, unarmed, mild journalist.

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    If you have any doubt about who the masonic cops in the UK really serve then the arrest of Julian Assange should solve the matter. They are filth.

    Agree with Seth Tyrsson that this is the first of many people who will be rounded up. Britain is a jewish /masonic dictatorship. Whenever things get a bit sticky for the establishment they do the roundup.

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    • The rottenness of UK cops goes back a long way. When I was under 10-years old…. so the 1940s, my mother told me a policeman would arrest his own grandmother without qualms. A Liverpool joke goes like this:

      Perturbed by children’s general animosity against the police an inspector turned up at a primary school. There, he asked the pupils what they thought of the police. The children chorused, “The police is bastards.’

      Determined to fix things, the cop returned the following week and handed out a bag of sweets (candy) to each of the children. The following week a cop colleague went to the school and asked the assembled children, “What do you think of policemen?”

      The pupils chorused, ‘Policemen is crafty bastards.”

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      • Britain has fallen deep into the abyss. The police in Britain was set up by Sir Robert Peel, a good man who helped repeal the Corn Laws and banned women and children from working in mines with the Mines and Collieries Act 1842. The tainted movement of liberalism has liberated us from civility into the sinking sands of degeneracy.

        I’m reminded of one of Sir Robert’s 9 guiding principles of policing when I look at the state of Britain today (apologies to my European cousins who can’t read English, use translate.)

        No 9: To recognize always that the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, and not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them.

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