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British Prime Minister Winston Churchill conspired with Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to hand over Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union as early as 1944, newly-released secret documents have confirmed.

The Churchill-Stalin pact was drawn up in secret during Churchill’s October 9 – 19, 1944 visit to Moscow. It has now and for the first time been displayed to the public in a new exhibition by the UK’s National Archives, titled “Protect and Survive: Britain’s Cold War Revealed.”

The handwritten document in Churchill’s own handwriting also contains a tick mark made by Stalin, showing the latter’s agreement with the surrender of Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union. Previously, Churchill had mentioned the document in his World War II memoirs, but only in passing and omitting all detail.


According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, Churchill himself described the pact as “naughty document” and said that it would “come over as ‘callous.” Furthermore, Churchill said, his American allies would be “shocked if they saw how crudely he had put it.”

The exhibition’s chief curator Mark Dunton told the Daily Telegraph that this “was the result of late night discussions between Churchill and Stalin, they both had a fair bit of whiskey.

“I think it’s important that this document is going on display because there’s so much significance in that little square of paper. “It’s potentially incredibly significant, the fate of millions and over a core of independent nations being decided with the stroke of a pen as a result of a casual meeting.”

The note begins by saying that it was written by Churchill during a meeting with Stalin at the Kremlin. Impudently, the Soviet Union seized even more territory with only Greece remaining free of Soviet occupation and included Poland, Czechoslovakia, eastern Germany, and the Baltic States.

During the Red Army’s occupation, tens of millions of people were displaced, enslaved, killed and tortured under Soviet rule during the next four and half decades in Eastern Europe.

Was it Karma? Poland was handed over to the Bolsheviks yet it was their pre-war leaders goading of the Workers Reich, egged on by England that had led to the unelected Churchill declaring war on Germany on September 3, 1939.

On February 1, 1945; Poland’s General Anders accused Winston Churchill for not adhering to the English guarantees. “What shall we say to our soldiers? Soviet Russia is now confiscating half of our territory and wants the remaining part of Poland to be managed according to her own fashion. We know from experience where that leads.”

Winston Churchill replied: “You yourself are to blame for that; we did not guarantee your eastern frontiers. Today we have enough soldiers and do not need your aid. You can remove your divisions. We are not using them anymore.”

“You did not say that during the last few years,” replied the Polish General. Winston Churchill conceded that Poland was cynically used to provide Britain with the justification for declaring war on Germany.


By 1945, tens of millions of people across multiple nations occupied by the Bolshevik empire had been enslaved, starved, enslaved or slaughtered on an industrial scale. At least three major uprisings against communist rule followed: In 1953 in East Germany, in 1956 in Hungary, and in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. All three were suppressed with force by the Soviet army whilst the West looked on.




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  • Churchill was a thief of souls in the true sense of the words. Churchill was an oportunist, a false, a hypocrite and a cynic and because of that he betrayed the soveignty of several countries and the independence of its peoples. Churchill was a traitor to his own country and to his own people. Churchill, it is already proven without doubt, was a violent murder. Because of Churchill’s tortuous mind millions of innocent european citizeans, mostly germans, were assassinated and that without any regret or the minimum remorse neither after the end of War – to supplicate forgiveness to the british people and to all europeans as well – nor during the years he still lived until the day he died.

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  • Hi Mike, Such a revelation! I would have never imagined that two drunkards would dare decide on the fate of millions of souls, with a stroke of a pen… So many people, in the West, praise the name of Churchill, still today, even though his fame was built on lies and propaganda. The same with De Gaulle who didn’t hesitate, in order to stay in power for a while, to put communists in his government,in 1945, causing a lot of hardship in the population, Almost two decades later, he committed perjury, failing to keep his word toward thousands of people who had put their trust in him. So much blood on theirs hands!  Despicable creatures! Michelle

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  • He was certainly an evil man,. The seemingly amused distance with which he oversaw the destruction of Europe as the center of modern civilization, his brutal utterances and evil ideas he produced (just think of his idea to saturate German cities with anthrax) make it clear that he was either criminally insane or possessed by a demon.
    The lack of remorse even after the Second War, which he was instrumental in bringing about, but also after the First War in the outbreak of which he had also his hand, also in the Dictate Peace of Versailles, the Russian Civil War, the suppression of unrest in India, in Iraq, even in England with his shooting order against striking miners; all rounded off with his speech In Fullerton/Missouri in 1946 where he said (quoting from memory): “In 1939, we could have prevented the war from breaking out without a single shot being fired, but we didn’t want to.”
    What a childish statement! Didn’t want to! That’s just what a child would say.
    He just enjoyed mayhem, the most if committed through his will.
    This is truly sick.
    He has been made into a hero and shows in an astonishing way how the press can manipulate intelligent people by simple distorting, suppressing, making tendentious statements, leaving out crucial facts, presenting lies as truths and truths as lies, and so on.
    His last words are supposed to have been: “What fool I was.”
    Perhaps that’s true.
    In Germany, he was called the Undertaker of Europe, and that’s the most accurate description of him to this day.

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    • Excellent statement, you said it all, Fox !

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      • Thank you. I have never liked Churchill, at first because of falseness I perceived in his tone of voice, his false pathos. Then I learned about his life, in small bits, and realized that this man’s passion was destruction. He really enjoyed choreographing the downfall of mankind surrounding him.
        And then I realized that he fulfills an important role in today’s negative world. He is all blackness, an manifestation of evil, not just a little murderer or arsonist, but a destroyer of love and future, of happiness and hope, of liberty and meaning..

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  • Winston Churchill’s portrait is on the reverse of the new British 5 pound note, along with the caption “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” Hilarious, he offered none of these things. He lived till he was 90 in the opulent Chartwell estate, consuming thousands of bottles of champagne whilst enjoying his private lakes. He was chauffeured about everywhere and it’s hard to imagine old Winnie crying.

    A better caption would be “I have nothing to offer but drunkenness, perfidy, cold-heartedness and snobbery.”

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  • Geraint Pendragon

    David Irving does an excellent expose of this malignant man in his books, on youtube, and in his round the country talks. The one fact I recall the most is that he never spent a night in London during the Blitz. Always forewarned by Bletchley Park of an imminent Luftwaffe raid on the capital, he bolted off to some country mansion outside the city to return the following day to say ‘we can take it.’ The man was a charlatan and most probably a pyschopath. The cover up of and the eulogizing of this man by the worthless British Establishment is sickening.

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  • I always find it difficult to even look at a picture of this monster. Of course the creatures who rule us glorify him. He, probably more than any other single individual, is responsible for the world left to us in 1945. There is little doubt that he was a psychopath. Those are the morally bankrupt types of people who are selected to be the face of the powers who really rule us. Despite the efforts of honest historians and others who seek the truth millions of people in the west still regard this villain as a hero and the ‘greatest Englishman’ because of the never ending propaganda of the controlled media.

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  • Churchill was homosexual, he was also at least partly Jewish, when you take these factors into consideration his career and his malevolent agenda makes sense.

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  • Yup unlike FDR, Churchill didn’t do a thing to improve the lives of the British soldiers after the war. Where FDR work to pass and signed the GI Bill letting thousands of GIs from the poor class to go to vocational school and college to improve their lives. Churchill didn’t do a similar thing after the First and Second World War.

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