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! Ironic

The destruction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame appears to symbolise the putting to the flame Western Europe, its culture, and its civilisation. Only terrible war, such as that wreaked on Europe from the English Channel to the Urals in 1945 by the combined forces of the British, Soviet and American empires, has caused as much damage to the world’s smallest continent.

France is in such a shocking state as a consequence of globalism, the name adopted by Bolshevik-Capitalism, that it is likely that unless President Macron resigns then revolution might be the only solution.


Michael Walsh, says this inferno has remarkable similarities to the Reichstag (Parliament) Fire of February 27, 1933.  The journalist and historian says “The date was precisely four weeks after the German people elected Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). A Dutch Communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, in open court attended throughout by international observers, admitted his guilt, which was proven beyond his admission. van der Lubbe was afterwards executed. Typically, media has since exonerated the Dutch Communist. (Witness to History, Michael Walsh).

Whilst at this stage the cause of the destruction of the Cathedral Notre Dame is unclear, the amount of security and care during renovation should have been as thorough as it would be in, for example, The Vatican or Buckingham Palace.

“May God allow this tragedy to be a sign which shakes up the French nation, not just regarding the reconstruction of the church but also in terms of their own national self-esteem, their own history, their own Frenchness and their own Christianity,” ~ Hungarian deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen.


The French government is desperately trying to keep its exhausted police force onside following weeks of violent protests demanding economic reforms, improved living standards and the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron.


On Wednesday, French officials met with police trade union leaders to work out a deal to soothe anger in law enforcement ranks regarding overwork, unpaid overtime and difficult working conditions, Le Monde reported.

Many are calling on police to walk out on government negotiations, close down police stations and join the “gilets jaunes” or yellow vest protesters with whom they have been facing off since November 17.

Macron fiddles while Rome burns

Negotiations between three unions, Alliance, UNSA-Police and Unity-SGP-FO, and Interior Minister Christophe Castaner on Tuesday failed to reach a settlement.  As talks resumed, France 24 reported that activists were calling on forces across the country to commit to a “slowdown” and only respond to emergencies until the dispute had been settled.

Macron leads to Muslim invasion

Police have accumulated some 23 million hours of overtime that is yet to be paid. According to Local France, police union leader Frédéric Lagache explained, “Faced with this irresponsibility of government, we are forced to be irresponsible in our actions.”

The Alliance and Unity-SGP-FO unions called for a “black day for the police” on Wednesday. The Alliance is using Twitter and Facebook to rally support for what it calls Act 1 of the police protests, using the name given to the on-going demonstrations held by the gilets jaunes. The group has also threatened to hold “Act II” and “Act III” if required.


The Holy Cross above the altar was untouched by the flames

Unions have already warned the government over a newly proposed budget set to be adopted Thursday, which Alliance said would cut around $70.8 million from the national police budget.

Such a blow would further degrade conditions for police amid their most pressing deployments for years. Denis Jacob, a spokesperson for the Alternative Police union, said the police are already “at breaking point.”

Macron Notre Dame meme

The government is offering a one-off bonus of around $342 to each officer deployed to face the gilets jaunes protests, totalling around $37.7 million. But this may not be enough to placate a force that claims to have been overworked and underpaid for years, unpaid overtime, for example, totals around $313 million nationwide, Le Monde reported.

Macron must go

Secretary of State Laurent Nuñez told the RMC radio station Wednesday he would work on a payment schedule to address the government’s debts, though he warned that the exact details remain under discussion with the unions.


Good news! Among the sacred objects that have been in the cathedral, there is a crown of thorns of Jesus Christ that was brought back in 1239. This was stated by the press representative of the Cathedral Andre Fino. According to him, “all the sacred objects are located in the sacristy, they are not in danger.”


! Today they ring their bels


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