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In a private conversation with one of the world’s best known political party leaders a senior police officer once warned of the consequences of excluding the conservative right from society. Ignoring such wisdom, the liberal-leftist scribblers of the BBC and corporate-owned media are enjoying orgasms following the Facebook ban on any individual or group the Silicon Valley tribe view as a ‘hate group’.

To qualify as a hater or a hate group one has only to express criticism of globalism, immigration or leftist ideology. Facebook has imposed a ban exclusively on a dozen ethnic-European ‘far-right’ individuals and organisations that it says “spread hate”.

Ironically and hypocritically none of the so-called ‘hate groups’ have ever been subject to so much negative publicity as mainstream media and the news platform itself. Both media and Facebook are characterised by their sinister slobbering over globalism, sucking up to uncontrolled immigration ~ and blatant fraud and corruption that borders on the grossly illegal. Both closely collaborate with the equally corrupt political elite which boasts the highest concentration of multi-millionaires in the UK.


Former BNP leader Nick Griffin and ex-Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen are among those affected

Facebook has never been out of the headlines for cheating on its advertisers, selling its customers intimate details, and unwilling to pay its taxes morphing into an insidious parasite sucking what little wealth there is in its hard-pressed clients. The BBC is so alarmed at the volume of criticism ~ all of it upheld by these so-called ‘hate-groups’, that it welcomes the Facebook gag.

The ban includes the British National Party and Nick Griffin, the English Defence League and the National Front. These political parties are copper-bottomed legal organisations and unlike Labour and Conservative parties are free of criminal behaviour.

Nick Griffin is a well-established politician. The former Member of the European Party (MEP) views are sought and published by international news organisations, including SPUTNIK International and Russia Today ~ but a taboo figure in his own country’s media.


The pages of some organisations named were still present on Facebook before the announcement

He is now deemed a ‘hater’ by the Palestinian-hating Jewish extremist Facebook platform. Mark Zuckerberg’s friends include crooked embezzler Polish born Prime Minister of Israel, who thinks hating non-Jews is perfectly normal.

The list of Facebook proscribed parties also includes Britain First, which was already banned, but this latest action will prohibit support for it on any of the US firm’s services. It said (tongue in cheek no doubt) it had taken the action because those involved had proclaimed a “violent or hateful mission”.

The ban includes: The British National Party and its ex-leader Nick Griffin. Britain First, its leader Paul Golding and former deputy leader Jayda Fransen, the English Defence League and its founding member Paul Ray. The Knights Templar International and its promoter Jim Dowson and National Front including its leader Tony Martin. In addition, praise and support for the groups or named individuals would no longer be allowed.

The latest move comes soon after Facebook said it would block “praise, support and representation of ethnic-European sentiment on its main app and Instagram.

facebook blocking and eleting cost 3_8 billion

Former leader of the British Movement, Michael Walsh-McLaughlin recalls a conversation with a senior Special Branch police officer. Having asked the officer if there was possibility of the British Movement being declared an illegal organisations the police officer smiled.

“That would be against our advice and would be our worst nightmare. If the British Movement and National Front, parties like it, were prevented from legitimately expressing their views they will express them illegally. It is far easier to control an organised party than it is to police a fragmented embittered, scattered membership angry at their being excluded from society.”

Anti White media


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