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Occasionally, it pays to take a step back and consider the situation as it is rather than as one would wish to it to be. This can be a sobering experience so we passed the poser over to Michael Walsh.

Britain was still ethnic-English when in 1968 Michael took out membership of Colin Jordan’s budding British Movement. Even then, the deceitful Westminster regime was using seized German ocean liners to import West Indians whilst offering £10 tickets to ethnic-English to leave and settle in Australia. The harbingers were self-evident but people slept then and they sleep now in a resulting highly-combustible multi-racial degenerate nightmare.

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If you are asking me for an analogy I would say, picture a Roman arena in which the crowds enjoy gladiatorial fights. The spectators are so distracted by the ‘entertainment’ that they’re blissfully unaware that in the rear terraces other sheep-like spectators are being led down to the dungeons before their being pushed out into the arena.

This is where all the audience are destined and they’re no longer spectators but martyrs in the blood-letting arena. Globalism is just a code word for corporate Bolshevism and we know that drastic depopulation is their main aim, it was always thus. “Three-quarters of mankind may perish in order that the rest experience Bolshevism” (Globalism). ~ Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Recently, Claude Juncker, the unelected president of the European Union paid tribute to Karl Marx.

End Game


Had our news gateway been the Ethnic-Asian or Ethnic-Hebrew it would have been a great success. No shortage of factions, even ethnic-European supporters would get behind it both financially and ancillary.

Last Supper with Soros as Jesus


Frankly no; its global readership ran to tens of thousands but donations in any one month was less than a barman earns in a week; just four in April that might just cover a restaurant meal. I had no choice but to turn to commercial work to make up the shortfall.



Not quite; in addition to providing stories which cost an average $40 each in time, I also promote the Ethnic-European and books to help make ends meet. The meagre book royalties (my earnings) were used to keep things going.

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My gambit was to invite volunteer ‘citizen journalists’ to help with the grunt-work but my pleas fell on deaf ears and website visits plummeted in my absence. Basically, it was a one-man band and most were content to let others do the rowing.


I think Duncan O’Finioan summed it up best:

“You’re not going to wake up anybody anymore. We’re basically at end game. There are things that are about to start happening everywhere that’s going to freak the shit out of people.

Back away from trying to wake them up, they’re comfortably asleep; they are where they want to be. And unfortunate, as it is, when the crap does hit the fan, they’re going to look around and say; ‘why didn’t someone say something.”


It is not my defeat for I am 51-years in the struggle undefeated. But, it is now eleven years since I passed retirement age at 65; I am broke and running on a pacemaker. If there’s defeat, it won’t be mine but the failing of later generations.

Like many other ethno-nationalists who fought before my time, I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. “People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

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At least we stopped the Nazis

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By financial necessity I am returning to book writing, publishing, and ghost-writing. I will keep the Ethnic-European on the life-support machine for the occasional book advertorial story. I still write for The Barnes Review, but they do pay.

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! Today they ring their bels

Rise Europa

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Europe Love it or lose it


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  • Hi Mike, No, you’re not a defeatist neither are the ones of us, standing at the gate. We’re realist and we hold the key and know that will be our strength when things start to happen. That’s too late for those fast asleep, they should have listened to us. They’ve lost all sense of dignity and don’t remember where they come from. F. Nietzsche was right : “People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”. But unfortunately, they have nothing left! As for us, chin up!Michelle

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Very disappointed to see you decide to retire from the fray Mike . I really enjoyed your articles and you have done the work of a thousand men. I salute you . Yes, you are right its always a handful of white people who are prepared to roll up their sleeves, and the rest ,well they only care about themselves and their illusion of normality.

    Let me tell these apathetic fools and lefties in the West whats going to happen to them in a very short space of time. Our hidden masters the jews and their freemason friends are preparing a mass bloodbath for white people across the world, to complete what they call “the great work.”

    This means putting muslim against Christian in a war until both sides are exhausted ,and of course in step the jews to pick up the pieces. There is no excuse for not knowing what’s coming!!!.

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  • I understand completely, Mike. I, too, am astonished that my efforts to set up a GoFundMe site to help feed starving White South Africans resulted in all of two donations. Of course, my own readership (The New Thunderbolt) is not huge, but the list runs about two pages long, and I’d hoped for better. Had it up on Fluffbook when I was still there, and achieved zero. And of course, the genuinely rich White guys in SA like Johan Rupert are too busy playing golf to help their kinsmen in any way. Viewed one way, we are, all of us, screaming at a brick wall. Viewed another way, we are, all of us, “drops of mist in the fog” (a reference to “Leaderless Resistance” ) which can never be destroyed, as monolithic organizations can. Alfred Schaefer, imprisoned in Germany for PROVING the lie of the HoloHoax, remains amazingly positive and upbeat; and White Nationalist demonstrations are occurring all over Europe, both in the East and West. No, we will not awaken anyone else, not really, but it’s worth the effort anyway — because otherwise, the younger generation will believe only what’s on their Jew-run computer sites, and the Boob Tube. I’m fortunate in knowing a few 20-something folks who ARE waking up. The problem, particularly among us geezers, is that very few dare to think of “creative, outside-the-box” methods of finance, nor will they agitate for all-out revolution. All the polite, legal “demonstrations” and petition-signing adds up to NOTHING. As long as we restrict ourselves to playing by the enemy’s rules, they’ve already won. We must take out verifiable enemy personnel, like George Soros to name only one; enemy lines of communication, like the array of towers in New Jersey that all the banks use; and it must be done by lone wolf individuals or tiny “cells,” not organizations, not “movements” that aren’t moving anywhere, since such things are already infiltrated and tracked. When police refuse to even prosecute non-Aryan scum that gang-rape an Aryan woman, those scum must be exterminated. And where government has become your enemy, active in the destruction of our Race, they must be destroyed — not “voted out,” for as one wag wisely said, “if elections really mattered, they’d be illegal.” In addition to the famous 14 Words, I heard this last month on “Ragnarok-n-Roll,” and I present and promote the 8 Words: THE SURVIVAL OF OUR RACE IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. Anyone that wants to hear more from me, get a free sub to the new Thunderbolt, or request a free copy of the Manual of Resistance, from TheNewThunderbolt@gmail.com. The Ethnic European isn’t dead; like everything else, it’s in a transition phase. It may well be some currently-unknown youngster that picks up the banner. Remember what the Fuhrer said about tactics! When one fails, discard it and use another! The time for preaching is done. The times when one could actually make money as a bookseller is done, this is the age when people have a 30-second attention span and keep their faces glued to a screen, everywhere they go. The Sheeple are worthless, and deserve whatever they get. Most of ’em can’t even spell any more, and don’t bother to actually read. They will be just as content to be ruled by us, as anyone else. And the only way we can put ourselves into that position is to move from the educational phase, to the phase of White Revolution World-wide.

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  • I just got a few minutes to sit down. Like many I am so busy dealing with so much to preserve and sustain my family , to teach the grandchildren to keep them out of the terrible public schools , to help my children so they can have more children, its just insane what hoops we have to jump thru to have children and grandchildren. Oh, I have moved out to the foot of the mountains over these last 6 months, where my children can survive one day just fine away from the decadent cities. Oh I see a great die off on the horizon, so out multplying us wont do them any good.. That was an excellent talk. You said it ALL! i WANT TO PLAY THAT TO EVERYONE i COME IN CONTACT WITH! tHANKYOU MIKE, We are homo sapien sapien sapien! Already to rule and take our world back!

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  • frederikefrieden

    Thank you so much Mike for all you have done. We have learned so much from you. And I did read books from you and showed them to my German Brothers and Sisters. There is Hope for us, because we have a strong God. I can see God is everywhere. Otherwise nobody would know truth today. That so many people are interested in truth, Truth about world wars, Health, Education, governments……..that actually is a miracle only God can do. Because when you find out Truth, you change life. And that feels uncomfortable. People usually dont like uncomfortable Changes..

    Am Ende wird alles gut. Und wenn es noch nicht gut ist, ist es noch nicht das Ende. Oscar Wilde

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  • Your stories and books reach far more than you think Mike, don’t lose faith. I have most of your books, and they remain f forever. We face epic times , only God can save us and from what it says in Revelations, he will. The most remain asleep, and want to stay that way. Until they get a kick in their fat asses noting will change, and it may be that only the strongest survive from here on in. God Bless for all your hard work and knowledge for waking up the ones that matter.

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  • Geraint Pendragon

    I was in a British city over the weekend visiting family. It doesn’t matter which city as the people are much the same in Britain wherever you go. Except that in this instance football emotion was at fever pitch. The ‘Team’ and the ‘ Result’ was all in important and was the only topic of conversation and the only local news item. As an emotionally uninvolved alien, it was interesting to watch the ‘bread and circus’ concept at full throttle. I tried to gently redirect the conversation to other matters. Blank. Nothing else in the world mattered but the game and the result. I share everyones despair on here at the apathy of my fellow Europeans. Has it always been thus?

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  • What you have experienced over a weekend, I did myself over three decades in South Africa. At a time where sanctions were rough, the country reacted sanely towards adversity. Then, the change appeared significant when the NWO’s architects included Sport in general, in their agenda. Stupidly, some people couldn’t take the fact of not being able to compete outside their country and resolved to accept the unacceptable – to our despair !
    Having had to leave the country, I little by little, notice about the same phenomena : In Europe, through sport, people have become ‘colour blind’ which lis eading to miscegenation and they give more value to insignificant football players and others than men saying NO to enslavement and indignity!

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  • Tarquin Fin Tim Lim Bim Wim Bim F'tang F'tang Ole Biscuit Barrel

    Pan et Circusem !

    It has been thus for 2 millennia.

    There is one section of British society that really is ‘waking up’ though . British Armed Forces veterans.

    Over recent months they have been able to mobilise tens of thousands of people onto the streets of the UK. They are mobilising again against the BBC on the 18th May 2019 .

    It is the prosecutions of fellow veterans that has ignited the ‘blue touch paper’ here. In particular, the Northern Ireland veterans who are now being prosecuted almost 50 years after incidents that they have previously been exonerated over. These men are now old men, most in their very late 60’s or some even almost 80 years old.

    Even on the ‘race issue’, they come out with stuff that would make old time nationalists blush on their own forums. And there are a lot of them.

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