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Winston Churchill was far from being as popular as palace historians make him out to be. The half-American dilettante’s image is repeatedly laundered by mainstream media. The brainwashing worked well: in a list of 100 Great Britain’s contenders for the title the notorious unelected warmonger was voted No. 1, a triumph for naked propaganda.

If those who voted for Churchill were aware of the Churchill as he actually was rather than the myth he has been made to be one doubts if Britain’s nemesis would have made 99th position.

Being human, most erudite historians will inevitably apply spin to their writing. For some biographers, many a great or notorious man’s memoirs present a laundering challenge. However, the most sycophantic admirer of Winston Churchill cannot deny irrefutable facts. Being of Jewish-American parentage, Winston Churchill was far from being ethnically British, which would of course disqualify his endorsement.

! Churchill on why we want the Germans to bomb UK

A notorious paedophile, the dilettante frequented gangster organised gay orgies at which every conceivable and inconceivable debauchery, with adults and children, took place.

When during a session of BBC Television’s University Challenge the quiz programme’s host, Jeremy Paxman, asked, ‘Which statesman during the 1920s found he was in debt because he liked to buy women’s pink silk pantaloons’.  The normally erudite students were stumped for an answer.  There was considerable consternation when Paxman revealed that the culprit was none other than Winston Churchill.

Keith Moss, a member of the International Churchill Society ‘gasped at any suggestion that his idol could have been a fetishist.’  Historian Kenneth Rose said that it might have been a reference to Churchill investing in firms that made women’s clothing, in which case the question was perhaps indelicate.

Both palace pundits might have been better informed by referring to the book, Winston Churchill, as I Knew Him, authored by Violet Bonham Carter.  In her biography she concedes that ‘Churchill’s pale pink underclothes were made in very finely woven silk.’

She added that he spent something like £80 on each pair.  The average man’s wage in 1935 was £1.10 pence for a 50 hour week.  Questioned, by Miss Bonham Carter, Churchill had replied that the ‘garments were essential to my well-being.  ‘The delicate skin on one small part of my anatomy demanded the finest covering.’  Such then is the ‘man’ so many gave their lives for, whose decisions and calamities brought unimaginable misery and death to untold millions.

Britain’s greatest Briton was a regular visitor to Marrakesh in Morocco; ostensibly so that he may paint pictures in solitude and take advantage of the climatic hues of North Africa. Yet, during the entire war during which Winston Spencer Churchill frequently visited the Moroccan city he painted only one painting.

The wartime leader earned no Nobel Prize for Productivity but insiders know that the location was off the media radar and an exotic hideaway where he could indulge his taste for easily available pre-pubescent boys. The greatest Briton was often guest at private gay orgies organised at the Cote d’Azur villa owned by novelist Somerset Maugham. At such events anything other than nakedness was taboo; everything else was on the table ~ including naked youths.

Poison Gas

A notorious drunkard, Churchill once remarked that “the only other political leader who could hold his own with him was ex-banker robbing Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. The dwarfish despot once threatened to shoot anyone who could out drink him.

Many of the wisecracks and witticisms attributed to Churchill are in fact recycled music hall quips. His personal wit fell short of music hall standards. On hearing that the German armed forces in May 1945 had surrendered, he exclaimed: “Wait! We won: Really? How the hell I pull that off?”

However, Churchill was self-effacing on his addiction to alcohol. By way of explanation he retorted: “I’ve found that being both too American for tea and too British for Cola I am left to rely upon alcohol and alcohol alone for refreshment. At least, that’s my excuse.” Alcohol was also his stated reason for winning the war: “Looking back now I was drunk on power and alcohol.”


Having prostituted himself to what is now known as ‘the deep state’ and to denizens of media and publishing, Winston Churchill could be certain that the laundering of his image would prevail long after he was to meet his maker.

Scepticism about Churchill was far more widespread than it is today. On hearing of the autocrat’s death, an insurance company promoting its Winston Churchill Savings Account issued a tongue-in-cheek offer to lure clients whose spouses needed life insurance cover.

! Hitler started the war

“Your Winston Churchill will run smoothly and effectively with the proper lubrication and when kept in the right conditions. Your Winston Churchill can be kept properly lubricated by feeding it alcohol. While it will eat most food it encounters, its real fuel is high-quality alcohol, and a good amount of it. It prefers gin (usually in gin and tonics or Martinis), but it will also drink rum, vodka, whisky, and the blood of its slain enemies (served preferably in the bleached skull of said enemy) and champagne.

It should be kept away from Billy Whizz.* If quality alcohol is provided, your Winston Churchill can properly maintain its own level of lubrication, and there is no need for you to measure out alcohol for it. Simply refill an empty glasses or replace empty bottles in its cage.

Churchill story header

The proper conditions in which to keep your Winston Churchill is best described as ‘adversity’.  However, most general adversity won’t yield optimum results. The best adversity for your Winston Churchill is wartime. However, if here is no war for your Winston Churchill to be in, you have two options:

Make a war to keep your Winston Churchill occupied. Send it to English boarding school, where it will have to face adversity to avoid being beaten and sodomised by his schoolmates.”

Know your enemy

Ironically, the only time Churchill was elected was in 1951 after alcohol had taken its dreadful toll. Despite anti-Soviet rhetoric aimed at fuelling America’s arms corporations, the pederast remarked that he wanted one last drinking session with Josef Stalin, already responsible for tens of millions of martyred Christians.

When in 1953 Stalin was found dead on his bedroom floor Churchill was in despair. In the wartime leader’s room was a large framed photograph of the major leaders of World War Two. Churchill, under his whiskey breath, muttered, “He (Stalin) was the last of the few.” Churchill would then sit in his chair and stared morosely at the ceiling.

Holocaust troika

The 91-year old Winston Spencer Churchill finally and reluctantly threw off his mortal coil in 1965. It was said that his last wish was to be buried in alcohol like the great naval hero, Horatio Nelson. Refused on grounds of taste and expense it was said to be unnecessary as Churchill was already 99% alcohol and only 1% human.

* Billy Whizz was a children’s comic character. He was so named as he constantly got into mischief but always outran those he had cheated or hurt.

Drunk, coward, traitor etc


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  • Excellent article, Mike. I knew Churchill was gay but I wasn’t aware of  his “Jewish American parentage” – No wonder he hated Germans so much! That reminds me of Eisenhower – half-Jewish as well – responsible for the death from exposure of a million German prisoners of war. Talking about hatred!Michelle

    Liked by 4 people

  • It is interesting to note that Amazon banned the sale of Mike King’s book from 2016, The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill. It covers much of the same material as above in your post. The Establishment will not let these myths be debunked in the minds of the commoners. They will fight tooth and nail to preserve their propaganda narrative. But, Mike, you already know that. Sorry for preaching to the choir.

    Liked by 3 people

  • Geraint Pendragon

    According to some recent drivel articles in a British daily newspaper the Royal Family and QE2 greatly admired the charlatan and were in awe of him. According to a famous/notorious WW2 historian the Queen Mother(then Queen) hated him and sought to have him removed from office. Now who is telling the truth? It doesn’t really matter as the British sheeple are so brainwashed into believing as fact anything the propaganda machine tells them they are incapable of independent analysis. Also, interestingly, as Mike says Churchill was less popular in his day than most scribblers (sorry journalists) would have you believe. Despite the innumerable truth revealing internet articles, the man’s popularity remains at a constant high and articles demolishing the myth are easily brushed aside by the propaganda machine. ‘Big Brother is Watching you.’

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, there have been very critical and unflattering accounts of Churchill’s life in print. I am thinking right now of Franic Neilson’s “Churchill Legend” and Emrys Hughes’ “British Mad Dog”, both from the early 1950s. We can see from the present legend he has become and the formerly not uncommon view of him that reality can indeed be engineered.
      In the long run, I am certain that Churchill will be hauled down from the undeserved place on the pedestal, for it is primarily his will that has led to the present steep decline of Europe, European man, and the collapse of European/Whie civilisation. He might not have wanted to pass what is passing, but that is the same as saying that the arsonist who sets the orphanage ablaze didn’t want to hurt the children.
      Thinking ahead was not his thing, he wanted his whisky, his nicotine and his blood rush of excitement when cities fell into ashes, men, women, children died, soldiers were fighting, and he was the choreographer of this gigantic theater production. He really did not think of the consequences of a war – even as he recognized that there was no reason for this war and that it could be ended at any time. But neither Rudolf Hess, nor good sense, nor the ever-expanding vista of death and destruction could persuade him to express his wish to end it. Rather, he agreed to the insane goal of total annihilation through unconditional surrender.
      He was a truly horrible man, and I hope that the British people will recognize this and expel him from their midst into the darkness.

      Liked by 3 people

  • ‘History will be kind to me as I intend to write it.’ Churchill.

    I thought I read somewhere that he also said that ‘History will be unkind to Neville Chamberlain as I intend to write that as well.’ But I couldn’t find the quote.

    Liked by 2 people

  • Tarquin Fin Tim Lim Bim Wim Bim F'tang F'tang Ole Biscuit Barrel

    I knew that Churchill was a possible homosexual but a peadophile ?

    This is new to me.

    A drunkard – yes.

    An exhibitionist to, not only his female secretaries, but also Roosevelt himself. “See, I have nothing to hide from the President”.

    I am also intrigued that he ‘may’ have been ‘the fruits of the loins of Edward VII’ as his mother, Jenny Jerome, was a ‘bit of a goer’ and did indeed have a longstanding affair with ‘Edward the caresser’. She had affairs with many other upper class men, both single and married.

    Churchill was the product of a very upper class Victorian background that could not even run a bath. And certainly did NOT go on an Underground train for inspiration, as ‘idealised’ by a recent film with Gary Oldman playing Churchill.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi,
      Possible homosexual ? read from an article : “It was suggested to me some years ago that Churchill was blackmailed over a homosexual affair with his secretary into a pro-Zionist stance”…
      Pedophile ? From same article : “Churchill’s biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert discussed with several people including Churchill’s doctor Lord Moran, Churchill’s many, many visits to the teenage, ‘gay’ brothels of Morocco”… Convinced?

      His mother was known to be promiscuous. Her name Jenny Jacobson/Jerome

      Liked by 2 people

  • I vote Mr. Mosley as a much better Briton!

    Liked by 2 people

  • I do vote for him, too !

    Liked by 1 person

  • So Churchill was an arse bandit & a paedophile now why don’t that surprise me.

    Liked by 1 person

  • What a thoroughly depraved monster! The thought of it wearing womens knickers while it was getting pissed with Stalin is quite nauseating!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Yes it is extremely nauseating that the evil mass murdering chatterer & drunk was getting sloshed with uncle Joe while wearing ladies knickers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were crotchless & had a bra to match 😉.

    Liked by 1 person

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