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The shaking and rattling of the African’s begging bowls are now louder than at any time in history. The noise is so intense one can hardly think; think to reason why the richest continent on earth, a prosperous continent when managed by Europeans, is now in far deeper poverty than at any time in its colonial history.

Michael Walsh, a veteran traveller whose African odyssey took him through many nations of the Dark Continent, says, “Given a moment’s thought, this can be easily explained by considering the undeniable: Colonialist Africa was betrayed. De-colonisation was nothing of the sort; transfer was the handover of the continent to the international banking houses aka the globalists.  In effect, African de-colonisation was an African version of the 1017 – 1922 regime change in Imperial Russia. This too effectively transferred governance from the legitimate elected government to the insurgent Bolsheviks acting as the bankers’ rent-boys.

Walsh, the author of four books on Africa, says: “The millionaire mercenary-revolutionary Leon Trotsky had in 1919 dubbed Russia’s enslaved peoples as ‘White Negroes’. TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES Michael Walsh. 

Bolshevism Saved Better

The action replay that struck Africa from 1945 turned Africans into slaves as effectively as had the first slave owners of the New World, but under far worse conditions than those experienced by the cotton-pickers of the Southern States.

The intrigues of the Capitalist-Communist stitch-up today grind their relentless way towards the fulfillment of the dreams of the banking dynasties in partnership with corporate media. The nations of Africa became slavish hand-maidens of the colonialism of the corporate west.

Michael Walsh’s AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS is a masterful and lavishly illustrated exposé of the deceits practiced by Europe’s then political elite, corrupt media, and church.

Killing Fields 1

Deliberately contrived chaos created in post-colonial Africa provided fertile soil in which rapacious asset-stripping capitalism thrives. Tanzania is since secured; Kenya too. Angola, Mozambique, Congo Republic, Malawi, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa are financially controlled by the global banking elite.

Each country’s natural resources are drained into the coffers of the global elite leaving the mugs on the streets of Europe to fill the begging bowls. Africa is not poor; it has been impoverished by conscienceless corporations that are rapacious until the doomsday clock strikes its knell.

None of Africa’s great wealth in natural resources reaches the tens of millions of Africans who today live a life of misery and slave-like conditions until premature death, with many Africans nostalgic of the days when they were better off under European management.

The African transfer of assets from European colonialism to the global banking elite was sold to the trusting gullible British as ‘The Winds of Change’.  This was the globalists’ way of selling the handover as the inevitability of moving on from a centuries-old period of colonialism to an ushering in of African liberation and independence.

RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL by Michael Walsh has earned the author tributes from all over the world. Discussing the situation in Rhodesia so betrayed by its mother country, General Sir Walter Walker spoke softly;

“Here is a breed of men, the like of which has not been seen for many a long age. It made one feel almost ashamed to be British in these squalid and shameful times in which we live. As for Dr. Owen and Lord Carrington with their travelling circuses, they are held in utter contempt by the Rhodesians.”

Rhodesia's Death General 2

MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include best-selling RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL, AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS, and THE LAST GLADIATORS.

Book. Gladiators 2

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    When you really look at the impact of European influence in Africa, the continent by far benefited from all the development and technology that whites brought with them . For Africans, the European colonial experience was generally benign.

    Have a look at the former European colonies in Africa today. Are they better off having shed all European presence in favor of rule by Wall street bankers. The answer is definitely no. Africa today is an impoverished collection of shithole nations that run to the UN to supply food aid.

    The problem is that white people believe their lying media about white guilt for Africas suffering and allow their governments to fork out billions to prop up black dictators. There is no white guilt!!!!!

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