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Michael Walsh historian says, “Pay attention not to what corporate TV shows you but what they are afraid to show you”. Despite access to hundreds of TV channels and tens of thousands of programs documenting the Third Reich and WWII, one never sees sub-titled repeats of the German President-Chancellor’s speeches because time has proved conclusively Adolf Hitler right time after time.

During a keynote broadcast address to a Nuremberg NSDAP rally, Adolf Hitler clearly laid out his reasons for Germany opposing international Bolshevism, now known as globalism.

Communist Holocaust

“We do not deny the grave concern which we feel at the thought of other nations becoming a victim of Bolshevism towards which we are deadly antagonistic. This deadly enmity of ours is not based on an obstinate refusal to recognise any ideas that may be contrary to ours. But this hostility is based on a natural feeling of revulsion towards a diabolical doctrine that threatens the world at large and Germany.

The first phase in the fight of National Socialism against Communism did not take place in Russia.  Soviet Communism tried to poison Germany between the years 1918 and 1920, and its methods of penetration into this country was much the same as its present-day military efforts in moving the Bolshevik military machine closer and closer to German frontiers.

Defeated the Wrong Enemy

We have stamped out Bolshevism, which Moscow’s blood-fiends such as Lewin, Axelroth, Neumann, Bela-Kuhn, etc. tried to introduce into Germany.  And it is because we see day by day these efforts of Soviet rulers to meddle in our domestic affairs have not yet ceased, that we are forced to regard Bolshevism beyond our frontiers as our deadly enemy.

We have fought Bolshevism in Germany as a philosophy that endeavoured to poison and destroy our people.  And Bolshevism will continue to be fought if it attempts to introduce its sordid Spanish methods into Germany (Spanish Civil War).

Churchill admits 1

It is not the aim of Bolshevism to free nations from their ailments.  Its object is to exterminate all that is healthy and replace the same by depravity and degenerate elements. We do not want a situation here in Germany, as in Russia, in which 98% of official key positions are held by alien Jews.  Under no circumstances do we want our national intelligence debased.

Communism, however, cannot deny that in Russia today 98% of all official positions are held by Jews who not only can never be classed as members of the proletariat, but who have never earned an honest penny in their lives.

We have fought Bolshevism because its leaders had planned for us a slaughter house on Russian and Spanish lines. Such is the difference between the Bolshevik and the National Socialist revolutions. The one transforms prosperous and peaceful countries into a waste of ruin and devastation, whilst the other, re-builds a broken-down and poverty-stricken Reich into an economically sound and prosperous state.

The German people were familiar with the true nature of Bolshevism whilst the peoples of Britain and the United States were kept in ignorance. Censorship protected Jewish-owned finance houses and corporate interests that were investing in Bolshevik USSR.

We believe that it is a bigger task to put five million people back to work than to burn down houses and churches and allow hundreds of thousands of workers and peasants and others to kill each other.  We have also fought Bolshevism on general economic grounds.


From time to time, the world hears of hunger famines in Russia.  Since, 1917, that is, since the victory of Bolshevism, there is no end to this form of distress. This self-same Russia, starving for close on 20 years, was one of the richest grain countries in the world.

When compared with Germany, Russia possesses eighteen times more land per head of population, and yet what a sorry form of economic policy this country must have to deny its people a decent form of livelihood. If Bolshevism in Russia, however, does not succeed in getting nine farmers to produce sufficient to at least support one non-farmer what then would have happened in Germany, where two and a half farmers produce sufficient to support seven and a half non-farmers?

What would have happened to Germany and the whole of its economic structure if Jewish-Bolshevik economic malpractice had ever been allowed to take root here?

Bol 7. Soviet Leaderrs all Jewish

We have fought Bolshevism because a victory for it in Germany would have spelt starvation for perhaps 50% of our population.  If Russia were incapable of supporting not even eight people per square kilometre, then in Germany under Bolshevik rule, not even ten million would have had the necessary minimum standard of living.  For here in Germany, our 68 million people occupy the same area, which in Russia would not support more than 5 million.

stalinselecting (1)

Bolshevism preaches world revolution, and it would use the German workers as cannon fodder for the attainment of its goal.  We National Socialists, however, do not want our military forces to be used for forcing upon other nations something that they do not want.  Our Army does not swear an oath that it will carry our National Socialist ideology to other nations.

British politicians in England have so far not had the opportunity of learning what Communism in one’s own country stands for.  But we have.

As I am the one who has fought against this Judeo-Soviet teaching in Germany and stamped it out, I flatter myself that I possess more understanding of the true character of Bolshevism than those armchair critics who at most have read up on the subject a little.

Germany, Aggressor or Victim plus link

Today, I follow the spread of Bolshevik poison throughout the world just as assiduously as I followed its poisonous trail years ago in Germany, and never lost an opportunity of warning the country. The abhorrent mass-murders of nationalists, the burning alive of wives of nationalist officers after soaking them in petrol, the revolting murder of children of nationalist parents as for example in Spain, should serve as a warning to help to break down resistance in other countries.”

Michael Walsh is the author of 58 book titles, which include ADOLF HITLER UNCENSORED and THE HOLY BOOK OF ADOLF HITLER. Both illustrated best-selling books are essential for the libraries of informed readers.

The foregoing is the reason why corporate media suppresses and will never countenance the publication of the speeches made by the twice-elected German President-Chancellor.

I warned you

Bolshevism Saved Better



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