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MADRID: Tulsi Gabbard says that the media only supports US President Donald Trump when he talks about military actions towards other countries. “Neocons and mainstream media all sing from the same song sheet: War, War, and War!”

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”, agreed former CIA Director William Colby, who died suddenly after a freak canoe accident. 

The Democratic candidate words echo those of her Republican rivals, who before their election made the same anti-media anti-war points. What she says is what George Orwell described as: “Political language designed to make lies sound truthful and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

However, the reality is that the political contender has hit the nail on the head. Michael Walsh, British-born Irish journalist is one of growing numbers of dissident journalists.


“The status of journalists during any conflict is clearly defined. The problem is how this definition is applied when to all intents and purposes the NATO West is clearly at war with the world and mainstream journalists sing from the same song sheet, in promoting war against Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela et al”.

I was reminded of the Venezuelan general who led a coup against the democratic government in 2002. “We had a secret weapon. We had the media, especially TV. You got to have the media.” Dissident Australian journalist John Pilger, The Guardian. 10.12.2010

In Michael Walsh’s view, mainstream journalists should now be categorised as belligerents and treated as are uniformed troops. “Mainstream journalists clearly act as war correspondents, thus removing the protected status accorded to conventional journalists. Humanitarian law distinguishes as war correspondents journalists accredited to the armed forces, comprising specialised journalists who, with the authorization and under the protection of a belligerent’s armed forces, are present on the theatre of operations with a view to providing information on events related to the hostilities.


Of course, the claims that Russia poses a threat to Britain are absolute baloney. As are the claims that Russia threatens the Baltic States. There’s more chance of Count Dracula being elected Prime Minister of Romania than a Russian invasion of Britain, or indeed Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia”, says dissident journalist Neil Clark.  

This accepted definition reflects a practice followed during World War II and Korean War, when war correspondents wore uniforms, enjoyed officers’ privileges and were placed under the authority of the head of the military unit in which they were incorporated.


Attending an international symposium of journalists held in St Petersburg, among many similar appraisals, a delegate conceded “There is now no such thing as neutral journalism”.

Members of the German media are paid by the CIA in return for spinning the news in a way that supports US interests, and some German outlets are nothing more than PR appendages of NATO.” ~ Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who soon afterwards died prematurely and unexpectedly.


Another prominent journalist explained that journalists are today’s soldiers of communication – with the emphasis being on the term soldiers. One of the best remarks was made by an erudite delegate who reminded the audience that ‘the internet and digital media are the battlefields of the 21st Century.’


Michael Walsh says, “Whilst there will undoubtedly be a settling of scores when international peace is restored, it is important to consider that all mainstream journalists are war correspondents. There is no longer journalist objectivity, therefore it is reasonable to say that mainstream journalists should be regarded as mouthpieces for their government’s War (Defence) Department and their media reports treated accordingly.”

Political Elite Live Here

MICHAEL WALSH is a British born Irish journalist, author, and broadcaster whose father Patrick fought with great distinction in the Spanish Civil War. His 52 books include best-selling FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK, RISE OF THE SUN WEELEUROPE ARISE, TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES, MEGACAUST, DEATH OF A CITYWITNESS TO HISTORY, THE BUSINESS BOOSTER and THE FIFTH COLUMN VOLUME I and II, FORTY SHADES OF VERSE, and 50 other book titles.

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