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As everyone knows history is the propaganda of the victors. As a consequence the home libraries of most people are composed of fiction and none more far-fetched than palace publishers spin on the Workers Reich and World War II.  In respect of the Allied bombing campaigns raining hell down not just on Germany but on France and the Low Countries, the most ill-informed retort is that ‘they started it’ and ‘they did the same to us.’

To put things in perspective, during World War II more bombs by weight were dropped on the city of Berlin than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire course of the war.

All German towns and cities above 50,000 populations were from 50% to 80% totally destroyed. Unprotected Dresden, dubbed the Florence of Northern Europe, was incinerated with up to 500,000 civilians burned and buried in the ruins.

Hamburg was totally incinerated during which holocaust up to 200,000 living civilians, women, children, the elderly were cremated whilst alive. The City of Cologne was turned into a moonscape. The only surviving building was the Cathedral; saved not because of its spiritual significance but because it served as a guiding beacon for wave after wave of allied carpet-bombing. All this and more was conceded to be “absolutely contrary to international law’ by the ousted British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

Of course, apologists seek to hide their shame by claiming their German brothers and sisters started it. Why not, therefore, ask the warlord most likely to put that lie to bed?

“Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly three months after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets.  Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter.  Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones.” These words were penned by J. M Spaight, CB. CBE, Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry and published in Bombing Vindicated and in Michael Walsh’s best-selling illustrated WITNESS TO HISTORY.

There was no disagreement with his honesty, just lies, and cover-up, censorship and bluster from a media notorious for spinning fake news.  There was no disagreement with the Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry: “We began to bomb objectives on the German mainland before the Germans began to bomb objectives on the British mainland.”

The Luftwaffe’s bombing of Coventry is often cited when justification for the Allied bombing holocaust of millions of Germans civilians is sought.  It has since been admitted that Coventry was targeted only after being deliberately set-up up by the Churchill war clique as ‘a means to an end’.

Coventry lost 100 acres through bombing during the entire period of the war. Compare these 100 lost acres with the holocaust endured by Hamburg in just ten nights of hell.

“In those terrible ten days of mid-1943, British bombers gutted more than six thousand acres of Hamburg,” says American expert Martin Caidin. Three hundred times as many people died in the German city of Hamburg during the ten-day blitz as died in Coventry during the entire course of the war.

A sad irony of real history is that it was afterwards conceded that Germany lost the war because the Reich adamantly refused to use the same diabolical methods on their foes.

“Air Marshal Tedder made every effort to be a worthy pupil of his superior, Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  The Marshal told high British officers that Germany had lost the war because she had not followed the principle of total warfare”.

This statement was reported in the New York Times, January 10, 1946. Therefore, because of Hitler’s reluctance to follow the example of the Allies several million British lives were saved. Those of integrity will surely use this story link to inform many others lied to and deceived by corporate media.

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  • Thanks Mike for this post above. These were terrible atrocities, war crimes. Surprisingly, a British philosopher, A C Grayling examines this Allied terror bombing campaign in his book, Among the Dead Cities. His conclusions were correct: that this bombing campaign did not hasten the end of the war, and Bomber Command knew this at the time; and that it was immoral. But, this was more than 50 years after the end of the war. The generation who fought the war were so brainwashed that they could not be reached by the truth. (One of the indictments at Nuremberg defined war crimes as purposely waging war on non-combatants and specifically cited the bombing of civilian population centers. How ironic, and hypocritical!)

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  • Who don’t have evilness and cold blood for the war, must abstain that…


  • I read somewhere that the Germans had substantial stockpiles of chemical weapons but Hitler refused to use them, It was said, due to his own experiences with gas during WW1. If that drunken pyschopath Churchill’s instructions to drop anthrax bombs on German cities had gone ahead, even Hitler would have had to retaliate in kind. What price Europe then? We would all be mutants or worse today

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    • Europe would be like Gruinard Island off the coast of Scotland: It was used during the war to test anthrax on animals by dropping bombs laden with anthrax spores. Even today, the island may not be entered without protective suits, all animal life is dead, i.e., even after 80 years the spores persist and pose a danger. This is what Europe, perhaps the whole of Eurasia would be: A toxic desert, devoid of life and inhabitable.
      But Churchill was willing to pay every price, to go to any extreme to secure his victory. I don’t know what prevented the anthrax attack, it was probably not good sense, but rather deemed unnecessary because of the rapid advances the Allied forces made in late 1944 and 1945. The anthrax bombs were to be manufactured in Terre Haute in the United States, the facility existed already. (This can be read in the MS Thesis of Curt Maynard titled “Incident at Bari”).
      When will the day come and Churchill will be deposed and recognized as the all-time lowest point in human development?

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  • I think I recognised some of those women on the Reeperbahn? Now there’s a confession!


  • Vince von Lamburg

    Stalin is credited for murdering just about 66 million people more than 4 times the number of deaths attributed to Hitler, yet Stalin’s crimes are never mentioned.

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