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Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers movie upon its release came under withering fire and received numerous direct hits fired by credible critics.  Still living WWII veterans and military historians supported the disapproval. Many of the lurid claims made in the movie were denounced as ‘a fantasy. Other critics warned, “a total travesty from beginning to end, a pack of lies and a vainglorious re-writing of history.”

Their candid comment exposed the Jewish producer’s fantasy depiction of World War Two in which the conflict is brought to a successful close by freedom loving Americans.


Spielberg is notorious for his fantasy epics.  As a prime example of his view of World War Two, there is no mention of the real theatre of operations where the outcome of the war was, in fact, is decided.

The German war of survival was lost not on the Western Front but on the Eastern Front. The Wehrmacht and Waffen SS fought desperately to prevent the Soviets overrunning Europe with the US-sponsored onslaught of Stalin’s Asiatic hordes.

Charles Wheeler, the BBC analyst, was a veteran of World War II. On September 29, the veteran broadcaster protested vehemently at the distortions depicted in the Band of Brothers movie:

“Contrary to what viewers had falsely been told in advance, the battle depictions were highly exaggerated.  The concentration of sound, gunfire coming from every damned direction was unrealistic.”

He added that he found Band of Brothers hateful and was astonished the BBC had paid an incredible £6 million for the broadcasting rights.  Other veterans protested that the film offers a very narrow contrived view of the war with the British appearing only rarely an as a form of comic relief. The Brits are invariably depicted as bumbling amateurs grateful to be rescued by the heroic Americans.


Band of Brothers has been described as ‘ludicrous in its suffocating air of reverence.’  The title of the film itself is tacky and the opening credit sequence nauseatingly repellent.  It opens with a syrupy musical score backed by a wordless choir soaring over strings and horn accompaniment. The sepia stills (shades of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) of the cast are intended to provide an evocative nostalgic atmosphere. That form of vintage photography was inappropriate for a period when colour film was routinely used.

One learned academic described how he felt nauseated with disgust at the distortions, the phony special effects, the contrived ‘atmospheric’ embellishments, and fanciful distortions.  Every trick of cinematography was used such as speeding up the movie then slowing it down; shaking the picture with random-looking shots.


Spielberg, a major benefactor of Israel, avoids mention of countless cases of rape and looting carried out by the invading American forces.  When U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower heard about the scale of depravities being practised by U.S. troops he suggested that the public hanging of the worst offenders was the only way to restore order and discipline. He was more concerned with the collapse in a discipline that the crimes themselves.


A field of the dead in Normandy, by Robert Capa | ©

The appalling behaviour of many U.S. troops towards the French civilian population was such that fifty-five years later many Americans are despised in northern France.

Finally, there was an incident in Steve Spielberg’s Band of Brothers version of events that is utterly disgusting ~ although this sort of summary execution was commonplace.  A group of young German prisoners-of-war are shown talking to a group of U.S. soldiers in an apparently friendly manner.  The German captives are offered cigarettes and American captors light the cigarettes for them.

At this point in the movie, the camera shifts to reveal a nearby U.S. soldier approaching a sub-machine gun and soon afterwards a sudden burst of fire is heard. From this clip, one draws the conclusion that the surrendering young German troops had been shot down. Such depravities and war crimes are now entertainment?

tenor (2)

Certainly, such incidents were not unknown and were carried out by various allied armies.  On the other hand, there was a grudging admission made by the British that, “The Germans will always take prisoners.”

The Spielberg fantasy was filmed in Berkshire, one of the southern counties of England’s green and pleasant land.  Apart from a few professional actors the cast of hundreds appears to be composed of deadbeats, losers, halfwits and failed ham actors, beggars, and professional thugs; a fitting epitaph to a monstrously cheap film.

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