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The term ‘page turner’ describes a novel so captivating that readers find it too good to put down.  But often when reading I would chance upon a passage that stopped me in my tracks. I would stop turning the pages and I would read that magic passage again and let the wisdom of what I had read take root.

Imagine being able to share a moment or two with mankind’s real achievers, the wisest men and women who ever lived. What a privilege that would be, and of course impossible ~ or is it.

More years ago than I can remember I began to occasionally chance upon a passage that literally stilled the page.  Then, having found such nugget of pure wisdom I found it difficult to relinquish. After all, civilised men do not put discovered diamonds back in the earth and so began my collection.

Ever since, I have gathered and used these quotations to great effect wherever appropriate. As a consequence, the words of wise men that passed this way before my time continue to educate and inspire.

Looking over my shoulder I saw the Grim Reaper closing the gap between us. It then occurred to me that my vast collection of wise quotations would go to the grave with me. Bright as a soldier’s button, my lady wife suggested I publish these hundreds of great quotes as books live far longer than we mere mortals.

The result is waiting to be discovered in INSPIRE A NATION  Volumes I and II by Michael Walsh and available only on Amazon. Obviously, purchasing both copies is recommended but those on a tight budget will wish for a little guidance.

INSPIRE A NATION Volume I whilst highly readable is an encyclopaedic and lavishly illustrated collection of wise words from the great men and women of history. Covering many topics, I promise you that time after time you will pause to ponder as you chance upon a quotation so revelatory that you may find it life-changing in the nicest sense of the word. After all, Benjamin Franklin wisely wrote: “We are all born stupid but you have to work really hard to remain stupid.”

Let us then take his words to heart and for a few dollars or Euros discover a world of wisdom that you have never before been invited to see.

INSPIRE A NATION Volume II is more of sensual and sentimental ~ but not of a saccharine nature. Here you will find romance, again many points to ponder, the words of truly great men and women as they ruminate on life, romance, wisdom, reincarnation, purpose in life, death, war, and romance (Yes, I know I repeat myself).

Little did I realise back in the days of typewriters and carbon paper that in 50 years or more my expanding compilation of great words by the wise men and women in history would continue to nourish the souls of those who follow them.

Take your time for neither volume is intended to be read like a novel. Pick a copy up whenever you’re at a loose end, need something to pass the time with or you would like to have your thoughts stimulated before you snuggle down for the night. Just one last thought, don’t shoot the messenger.

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Michael Walsh is the author of 58 book titles, which include WITNESS TO HISTORY, FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK, IMMORTAL BELOVED, THE ALL LIES INVASION, INSPIRE A NATION Volume I, INSPIRE A NATION Volume II. These illustrated best-selling books are essential for the libraries of informed readers.


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