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An elderly woman whose pension was wrongly stopped by the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) took her own life by throwing herself into a quarry when she ran out of money. Joy Worrall, from Flintshire, had just £5 left to her name when she stepped off the side of a quarry near to her home.

The 81-year-old had been left reliant on her savings when the Department for Work and Pensions stopped paying her pension. Britain’s pension’s service is headed by ex-banker Amber Rudd. When Home Secretary (2016 – 2018) she was forced to resign due to her incompetence and was appointed the head of the Department of Works and Pensions. The ex-investment banker is in a long term open marriage to sub-Saharan Kwasi Kwarteng.

After elderly Mrs. Worrall had gone through her life-supporting £5,000 savings, she had just £5 remaining in her bank account, she took her own life. Mrs. Worrall had received an inheritance in 2014 and told the notorious department about it.  But in 2017, her pension situation was re-assessed. Instead of only freezing the pension credits Mrs. Worrall received, the department froze her life-supporting basic state pension. She was left with no income whatsoever and faced death by starvation.

An inquest into her death heard Mrs. Worrall described as too proud to tell her family about her financial problems. The inquiry heard she had previously said she would throw herself off a quarry if she ended up with any major health or financial worries.

On November 19 last year, her son Ben Worrall spoke to her for the last time. Two days later he went to her cottage after someone had contacted him asking him where his mother was. When he reached the property, in Church Terrace, Rhes y Cae, he could not find her or her car.

Mr. Worrall, who normally spoke to his mother three or four times a week, raised the alarm. A search was launched and on November 22 her body was discovered at the bottom of a 40-foot face of the Rhes y Cae quarry. A statement by Mr. Worrall, said her death was a shock and there were so many unanswered questions.

It was only when he started to investigate his mother’s affairs that the true picture of what had happened in the run-up to her death began to emerge. The inquest was read a letter from Suzanne Mitchelson, from the Department of Works and Pensions who said that Mrs. Worrall’s two pension payments should have been de-combined. “I am sorry that due to an administrative error this did not happen.”

Coroner John Gittins recorded a verdict of suicide. Speaking after the hearing, Mr. Worrall said the department had been “guilty of a failure of duty of care”.  He added: “It’s a disgrace how this can happen and what concerns me is that this could happen to someone else.”

The shocking case of Mrs. Worrall is one of a number where the despised and feared department, dubbed Ministry of Death have been found to have made mistakes. The local media has repeatedly reported on the failings of the department in the case of Stephen Smith who was wrongly denied benefits on several occasions, despite suffering a number of serious health conditions. Mr. Smith died last month and there are calls for an inquiry into his treatment by the Death to Workers and Pensioners.


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  • Notice that the woman involved was white. One doubts even had she tried she would have received help. If she were a minority, that’s something else. Indeed, how many in Britain receive money who aren’t even British.

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  • How heart-rending but not untypical of a working class person of her generation and earlier. I’ve seen it before in others viz. pride, ethics, and self-reliance. They don’t understand the ‘gimme’ society. Of course, she could have gone to her local MP who I’m sure would have taken up her case (well at least when it made the newspapers and provided him with a photo opportunity.) As for Amber Rudd, privileged, supercilious, condescending, a product of wealth and metropolitan elitism. I doubt if she was ever had to stare at a blank bank statement and wasn’t she the one who brought in the anti-British hate laws. I could go on but I’ll stop. Outrage!

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