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When Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur bound Malayan airliner MH17 was destroyed on July 17, 2014, the aircraft was carrying 298 passengers and crew. The flight was brought down 50 kilometres inside the Ukrainian border.

There was some comfort in knowing the flight recorders would be analysed in the incorruptible West.  Dream on.  Never in the history of flight investigation has there been such post-tragedy muddying of waters. The relevant and appropriate information went off the radar screens faster than did the doomed airliner.

False Flag 2

The Russians, initially blamed for the destruction of MH17 without there being a shred of evidence, were unstinting in their co-operation. The red herrings and smokescreens applied by Western media to point the finger at Russia were later found to be without substance.  But, gullible media junkies were by this time convinced that the outrage had Putin’s fingerprints all over it.

The Russian side begged for analytical data that the Ukrainian authorities are legally obliged to keep. This information was withheld and never been released. Data controlled by Washington DC was likewise refused on ‘security grounds’.

False Flag Explanation

With the Ukrainian anti-junta rebellion going badly Kiev desperately needed a reason to demonise Russia, inspire anti-Russian sanctions, psyche up the peoples of the West to be more anti-Russian and to justify a NATO response.  If responsibility for the airliner’s destruction could be pinned on Russia all these prayers would be answered.

Neither the Russians nor the Ukrainian separatists had anything to gain by targeting MH17. The latter, as has been proved, did not have the means to destroy an airliner flying at over 30,000 feet but the Kiev regime did.

False Flag Tonkin

The Dutch inquiry’s much delayed (and ridiculed) findings have been described as unprofessional, incomplete, and deeply flawed. Furthermore, the so-called self-proclaimed inquiry was denied Ukraine and U.S. data normally available after such an incident.

False Flag operations are acts of war carried out to justify conflict.  America and Britain have a long and disgraceful history of arranging such operations.  The sinking of the U.S. battleship Maine in 1898 was never a Spanish provocation but an act of American sabotage. It doesn’t matter now and the truth can be conceded but the subsequent U.S. conspired war relieved Spain of Guam, the Philippines, and Cuba.

Daily Mail

The Cunard passenger liner Lusitania was torpedoed in 1915 after the German consul is New York was sneakily informed that arms valued at £6 million had been illicitly loaded. This illegality removed the ship’s neutral status.  The subsequent loss of 1,198 passengers, of whom 128 were American citizens, helped bring the U.S. into the very profitable World War One.

In September 1939 the British liner Athenia was torpedoed with great loss of British and U.S. lives.  This inspired ruse to bring the U.S. into the war failed to get the backing of the American peoples.

False Flag US records

The later Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour was instigated by U.S. Naval Intelligence. Drawing up an 8-Point plan to sanction Japan into oblivion (Iran today) the Japanese responded by fighting their way out of the U.S. trade embargo corner.  Due to its unfortunate defensive alliance, Germany was obliged to side with Japan.  Their doing so conveniently brought the U.S. into yet another highly profitable European War activated by half-American warlord Winston Churchill.

False Flags do work

The Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which American warships were allegedly attacked by the Vietnamese, was later conceded to be a U.S. inspired operation. That bogus outrage brought about public acceptance of yet another highly profitable Vietnam War. The Vietnam War also cost the lives of 55,000 young Americans. Multiply this horrendous roll-call of the dead by ten to arrive at the consequential maimed and the damaged servicemen and women.

False Flags

False flag operations activated by the West’s gun-democracies are predictable. They are as foreseeable as is the simultaneous response of the orchestrated media. This deeply corrupt media invariably sings to the Washington DC hymn sheet. Perhaps it is time for False Flag operations to be renamed Cui Bono (Who Gains) Operations.

False Flags Don't Work

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