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Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini has proposed a bill to fine those who rescue refugees at sea up to €5,500 (£4,800) for every saved person. The bill, which was announced by Mr. Salvini on Friday, would present vessels with fines between €3,500 and €5,500 for each “foreigner” they deposit on Italian ground.

In the most serious cases, Italian vessels caught transporting migrants would see their licences revoked or suspended. Third-sector (liberal-leftist) organisations blasted the bill as Italy’s “umpteenth attack on human life”, “bullying” and “bending of international law”.

But others doubted that part of the bill would become law precisely because it contradicts international maritime conventions.

“We don’t expect it to become any kind of piece of enforceable legislation,” says Frederic Penard, director of operations at SOS Mediterranee, which used to run the Aquarius boat together with MSF.

“Captains doing rescue at sea do not have a choice, it is an obligation,” he said, citing the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982.

Riccardo Gatti, head of mission at people trafficking Open Arms, told The Independent he was “neither alarmed nor worried” about the bill.

“It would be a defeat of search and rescue missions and EU values,” he said. “But we have learned that Salvini’s objective is often to make some noise with some huge declarations that turn out to be false after some time.”

“Consequences would be severe but we wouldn’t stop SAR operations because of this. We’re acting in accordance with the law,” said Ruben Neugebauer of people trafficking Sea-Watch, the aid group in charge of one of the only remaining rescue boats in the Central Mediterranean, between Italy and Libya.

The bill would need to be approved by the Italian cabinet before being turned into a decree. The decree would then be voted in the Italian parliament before it becomes law.

Mr. Salvini’s party, the nationalist League, forms a government coalition with the Five Star Movement, and the bill includes provisions to give Mr. Salvini some powers currently held by a Five Star minister, which could hurt its chances of becoming law.

The bill also includes other measures to give more powers to the police and to introduce harsher penalties for resisting or offending officers.

Last year, Italy and Malta stepped up efforts to prevent third-sector rescue vessels from operating in the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, many groups involved in trafficking have had to terminate their search and rescue operations.

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), some 17,000 refugees have reached Europe via the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of 2019, compared with some 32,000 during the same period last year. The death rate has risen dramatically, especially in the Central Mediterranean.

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  • I’d strafe the vessels with machine-gun fire… and if that didn’t get their attention, a torpedo would. And the leftists are long-overdue for gulags themselves! When are WE going to crack down on THEM?! Why are right-wingers always on the defensive? They censor us, slander us, deplatform us, throw us in prison even… and we are constantly on the defensive, terrified of being called “Nazis” and “Fascists”. It’s high time that we TAKE BACK our societies and to hell with what we’re called!!!


  • These “rescuers” are in fact people traffickers and should be treated as such. Ie imprisoned and their vessels impounded.
    The “rescues” are pre-arranged by mobile phone contact with the North African part of the operation.

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