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We are all familiar with the expression ‘one out all out’ call to down tools when workers are badly treated by employers. Had Julian Assange been facing deportation and several lifetimes in prison merely for doing his job, his co-workers would have cleared their desks, trade unions would have called their members out, and the public rallied to the flags of protest.

! There goes our free speech

Unfortunately for the Australian, whose arrest nails the myth of a free press forever, he is an imprisoned journalist. Not a single journalist has cleared his desk in protest and not one newspaper has campaigned on his behalf.  In fact, the spineless tribe, who have the audacity to call themselves journalists, has joined the witch-hunt against their colleague and the consequent threat to their profession.

Assange Arrested

Every journalist now knows that he faces the same fate as Assange should he or she risk reporting a NATO war crime, writing negatively about Guantanamo Bay, exposing or criticising the deep state.

Assange and shitheead

From this moment on, every media story you read, watch or listen to, has your regime’s stamp of approval.  Are you happy with that? Good, you deserve Capitalist-Bolshevism and may God and Truth forgive you.

All the war propaganda

As an award-winning journalist (Writer of the Year 2011) writing for 35-years, this journalist can tell you that I would rather wash sheets in a brothel than share the same room with a journalist colleague.

Dubbed presstitutes, held in universal scorn, shamed by their own tools, revulsion for corporate media journalists exceeds the loathing usually reserved for politicians, streetwalkers, drug addicts, beggars and thieves.


The power of the pen is mightier than the sword, especially when the hand holding the pen is the hand of the deep state, corporations, and state-complicit corporate press barons.

Accused government whistleblower Snowden is seen on a screen as he speaks via videoconference with members of the Committee on legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

“Many journalists now are no more than conduit and echoes of what George Orwell called the ‘official truth’. They simply cipher and transmit lies.” ~ John Pilger, Australian Investigate Journalist.

meme. hacks become journos

“Ownership of the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

“The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” ~  Former CIA Director William Colby, who died suddenly after freak canoe accident.


“it is not surprising that no British mainstream media resource challenged London’s dubious reasoning (The Skripal case): Journalism in the mainstream media today is about merely reporting on what government officials say rather than analysing why they are saying it and even more importantly investigating what they don’t say.” ~ Geopolitical analyst Adam Garrie, director at Eurasia Future.

NOTE: Where is Sergei Skripal and his daughter today one year following their disappearance. The two have become non-persons, stricken from the records, their home demolished, and all records held in secret. Is a single journalist brave enough to ask this one simple question?

TV today

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.  Everywhere you go, chaos is left behind”. ~ Russia’s UN envoy to the US.

Tulsi Gabbard Meme

“The presstitutes are worse than the whores that they are. They never question the path to war; they only amplify it. Washington’s craven, cowardly, moronic vassal states in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the rest of the EU/NATO idiots are, by their cooperation with Washington, begging for their own destruction. Nowhere in the West is there a sign of intelligence.” ~ Glenn Greenwald, American attorney, journalist, and author.

story denying 4


! Taking it easy

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  • Nayaswami Shankari

    Dear Michael,
    It pains us who see our heroes of the era suffering with little finance and health issues. This includes Michael Walsh and all my friends who have been fighting bravely for the existence of good for many, many years!.

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  • Regardless of whether you believe Assange is guilty or not guilty of charges in the Federal “indictment”, the legal merits of extradition to the United States are now paramount questions. What many Americans and almost all other people of our world do NOT know is the evidence proving a lack of jurisdiction in current Federal district courts. In 1948, the U.S. Congress attempted a “Sea Change” from constitutional courts to legislative tribunals. However, the manner in which they attempted this fundamental change was unlawful: they tried to allow the U.S. Supreme Court to make retroactive changes to laws conferring original jurisdiction, by means of amendments to Rules of Court. However, that same Supreme Court has ruled — correctly — that rules of court may not expand or restrict original jurisdiction previously conferred by prior Acts of Congress. As such, that “Sea Change” violated the ex post facto prohibition, and Separation of Powers, both of which are Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and by 2 Human Rights Treaties. One such treaty, the ICCPR, guarantees courts of competent jurisdiction and qualified executive and judicial officers. However, the U.S. Senate tried to render that treaty “not self-executing” in a Declaration that violates the Petition Clause in the First Amendment, and the Bicameralism Clause: the U.S. House of Representatives never voted on that “not self-executing” Declaration and consequently it can NOT have domestic legal force or effect without a YES vote by that House. There are also several more reasons why Assange’s “indictment” is fatally defective e.g. Rules governing who can attend grand jury hearings and who must sign grand jury indictments are routinely violated by U.S. Attorneys who lack the requisite credentials. And, the Jury Selection and Service Act is also unconstitutional for discriminating against the same State Citizens who are qualified to serve in the House, Senate and White House. If you believe this situation is a BIG LEGAL MESS, you would be entirely correct in that conclusion.

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