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D Day June 6

The meme created by country music star Robert Edwards puts the D-Day Landing into perspective free of the victors spin. The graphic depicts a scene from the Normandy Landings. The Allied invasion of Europe began at 6 am on the 6th day of the 6th month (1944).  Much has been made of the timing of the landings translating into 666 as being the mark of Satan.

The prominent Jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal, before he was assassinated by MOSSAD, reminded Jews everywhere: ‘Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we are his Chosen People’.

The Robert Lloyd meme’s content states: June 6, 1944, the allies had 156,000 troops, 7,000 ships, and over 11,500 aircraft. The Germans had 500 men on the five-mile stretch of beach dubbed Omaha. So, who were the real heroes of the day?

The 500 German defenders figure is drawn from the verifiable number of German gun ‘nests’ situated along this five-mile stretch of beach. The cumulative manning of these nests amounts to roughly 500 defenders. Some contend the German figures were higher but these troops were situated much further inland.

The casualty figures during the Normandy Landings suggest German fighting superiority. Total German losses along the entire 50-mile battlefield came to 1,000 whilst the Allies lost 10,000 men.

The profits from movies, docudramas, and books on the D-Day landings, whilst falling far short of the shekels raised by the self-styled holocaust, are impressive.


The Longest Day movie based on the Cornelius Ryan book of the same name was released in 1962. The author trousered $175,000 dollars for the rights, the movie cost $7.5 million and earned Richard Zanuck $30 million. One imagines that in box office returns each of the men who died storming Omaha and the other beaches in the box office and book royalty terms must be worth a cool $1 million. 

The distance from Calais to Aachen in Germany is 342 kilometres or a four-hour pleasant motorway drive. It took the combined armed forces of the British Empire, the United States, and the Soviet Union 11 months to overwhelm what had been before the D-Day Landings a peaceful, prosperous and contented Europe.

It had taken the heavily outnumbered armed forces of the Reich only four months to reach the gates of Moscow situated 1,800 kilometres distant from Berlin. Using the Allied criteria it would have taken the armed forces of the Reich five years and incalculable losses to reach Red Square.

The Longest Day was a book and movie epic but the genesis of the Capitalist-Communist enslavement on Europe D-Day aka Normandy Landings was an epic fail. The corporate media account of the D-Day Landings as so often is a complete fantasy.



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  • Mike, thank you for once again, reporting the truth. Europe today is such a shocking sight!

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  • We do not get the truth about the D-Day invasion, and we do not get the truth about the “miracle” at Dunkirk” (which was only allowed to happen by Hitler’s Halt Order). About 95 per cent of what we have been led to believe about World War II is bull. Western historiography is as corrupted as most journalists today are, sorry to say.

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  • Today I listened to ten minutes of total B……t on how the Allies liberated Europe from ‘tyrannical regime.’ Ten minutes was all I could take. The problem is that all the empty heads unquestioningly accept this rot. The older I get and the more I learn, the more I realise that the whole of the twentieth century up to this moment in time is just Allied propaganda re-packaged as fact.

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  • Freifrau Gabriele

    D-Day was part of the satanic war plan by the Illuminati oligarchies that cost the precious life of tens of thousands of young White men, who thanks to the brainwashing and mind control machine by the very same enemy of all humanity fell to the endless, never ending lies of ‘Mass Propaganda’. Read ‘the Committee of 300’ by former British MI6 Dr. John Coleman and it will become very clear how the endless conditioning of the public through endless ‘brainstorming’ through the controlled media turned the ordinary citizen into supporting the long planed wars of the 20th Century and all other wars that followed. Wellington house was a big part in the conditioning of public opinion, financed by the Rothschild bankers and their international brethren. The two major World Wars of the 20th century were nothing more but the next stepping stones for the Illuminati on their way to world dominance. It is interesting to know that the same conditioning played a very big part in ‘The French Revolution’ as well as the Napoleonic War. Follow the money trail and interconnecting bloodlines. All will lead to the same ole’ stockpile of a handful of interconnecting families.

    It is high time to point to the real criminals,and stop pointing fingers at one country or another to blame for the ills on this planet. Time to point out and go after the real enemy of mankind who are hiding behind their secured hidden ivory towers and places, dictating to us when to fight their next war. They do not belong to any nation or creed and are independent. They are members of one organization or another, just to hinder any research, to confuse the curious, the awakened, to sent them on the wrong track. They use all institutions for their objectives. They use the Capitalists, Socialists, Fascists, Christians, Muslim, Zionists, Atheists, Satanists, the poor and the rich, the intelligent and the dumb… …Everyone. Most of all they use the ignorant, the lazy, the uninterested and the uncritical.
    We are at the cross road, and we cannot turn back, but are faced with the unthinkable. As the old boys club is dying away, they already are replaced by the new ones which are much more brutal and tyrannical, using modern technology to reach total world control over mankind. It is them over us, or us for a world without tyranny. Your life, your choice, your future. The very Best to All who are out there connecting to fight for the same cause.

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  • Hi Mike,
    Thanks as always for your great history lessons. One thing immediately pointed out by nay sayers will be: “If the total German presence was 500 men, how do you then say the German casualties were 1,000 men?” Please explain.
    All the Best!

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  • The events of 75 years ago were disastrous for ethnic Europeans regardless of nationality, had the landing failed we wouldn’t have mosques, grooming, gay marriage or the wholesale murder of our future generations via abortion, those lionised by today’s events are not only responsible for the aforementioned ills, but complicit in handing over Easter Europe to the murdering red bastard, Stalin.

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    • Bryan O'Driscoll

      Unfortunately Germany and Europe were doomed by 1944. (In fact Hitler lost the war in May 1940 when he let the BEF escape.) Remember, the Yankees were developing their hell bomb at this stage. The jews involved in its development were all depressed when the Germans surrendered in May 1945 before it was ready to be deployed. It had been developed to be used on the Reich. Instead, the Japanese got to play the guinea pig for these monsters and their demonic toys. It was remarkable that the Germans lasted as long as they did. All the heroism and despairing courage they displayed defending our race and civilisation was for naught in the end. I get annoyed watching those British and American veterans being paraded at these ‘victory’ celebrations. You would think that they would have realised by now that they fought on the wrong side. How can they imagine that they fought for freedom and our way of life when they look around themselves and see what has become of all of our countries? They destroyed the true defenders of all they valued on behalf of the world destroyers and this is how they were rewarded.

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  • I try not to watch the main news channels but it is inevitable at some point you will see or hear something. It appears self evident to me that this contant ‘celebrating’ of some event or other – a ‘royal’ wedding, victory in some uninspring football match, the Eurovision song contest, the virtuous victory of the Allies over the forces of evil, etc – is an attempt to hide the fact that the West is falling apart and is in terminal death spiral. For the moment, it is still bread and circuses for masses to keep them sedated and indulgent. But if look through the haze you will see the bread is running out and the circuses are losing their appeal, and that future ceremonies and commemorations will be more in keeping with the ‘Donnybrook Fairs’ than the current self-satisfying, back-slapping celebratory pageants the elites inflict on us.

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  • “This is a salute to the memory of those “blind sided patriots”, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh who factually” Yet, unknowingly fought under the auspices against “hate and racism” for the criminal banker families in order to sustain their (((Usury))) system” over the advancing interest free banking system advocated by those who knew race mattered/s to the (((misleader’s))). This is the compound debt based Usury system that we saved which is now the guaranteed inheritance we are leaving for our children to live their entirety in debt slavery.

    Solution! We need to demand” or more so force forward a “Gottfried Feder economic system” for our use or if we don’t an inevitable disaster is pending.

    Lets give a big thank you to the Marxists/communists, mislead patriots and bleeding heart liberals for securing all our loans and mortgages into infinity for Zio-democracy = Marxism = Judaism … Didn’t we do well !!!

    Obviously when denouncing one side …. you must offer solutions in the other or else the public, without solutions will just mosey on by….Fact!

    The heckles heel of the J’sh criminal banker families “The Gottfried Feder economic model” all done without gold!!

    It will be the end of the (((banker crime families))) once the public understand the “Gottfried Feder” economic model. …….
    Say no to the “Shetar” ……..
    Say yes to “Interest free banking” ….
    The Feder economic model works …..
    Voice, and demand it out loud or the public will remain ignorant of the “ultimate remedy” for “world peace”.

    Lets hope it’s true “Once the cost of lodging, food and fuel hits a certain point the public will be universally galvanised by the force that builds up from the pressure of their arses against the wall” Snordster 2011.

    The ideology is in the last throws of the inevitable implosion. The Jw’sh criminal bankers, unable to sustain the illusion of stability need, and so are continuing to draw us into chaos and disorder.

    Remember… WWII was fought over who would control the monetary system after the war ….the choice was either the retention of Jw’sh Usury burdened with “infinite compound interest” which the (((Allied powers))) fought for, against the Axis alternative who were holding the ultimate remedy for world peace… their “interest free” system (labour and production), inspired by the moral economist Gottfried Fedar which would have halted the dispossession and what we now see today as the racial genocide of the Europeans.

    We fought for Shetar Usury to burden our country and ourselves with “infinite compound interest” to have it personally loaded onto us, the preferred stock and guarantors. It was a Yiddish sleight of hand…. Didn’t we do well!!

    So the only way the (((money changers))) can sustain their forever control over humanity is through their manufactured immigration deluge against their ultimate enemy ‘Europeans’ which continues to herd us all into a race, religious and gender war. A Yiddish toxic mix of Goy/gentiles objectively to kill off diversity and eradicate what remains of our European kin.

    ‘I would like to thank the German people for the sacrifice their grandparents made during the liberation of Europe from the Jewish criminal bankers families who had to send forth their Bolshevist and communist military to take back control and have Usury foisted back onto us. I’m so sorry for the burden you have carried since 1945’

    Be alert to anti white symbols of hate! (((✡ ☭w’s)))”


    § 9. Through intensive enlightenment of the people, it is to be made clear to the people that money is and should be nothing other than a voucher for completed labor; that while every highly developed economy of course has need of money as a medium of exchange, the function of money also ends with that, and in no case should money be lent a supra-mundane power to grow of itself by means of interest, at the expense of productive labor. GOTTFRIED FEDER (point 9 of his Program for the Abolition of Interest-Slavery)
    Peter Quiggins #KillerCulture – The Antithesis – Part 2/5 – Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business …..

    #littlerevolution #VoteLittleWinBig
    #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL
    #newzealand #Christchurch #patricklittle #Dday

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  • I discovered this video on youtube. It appears not all the French rejoiced at the prospect of their liberation from the ‘Boche.’

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