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Hans Schmitz-Wiedenbrück: Familienbild von 1938, u. a. ausgestellt in der Großen Deutschen Kunstausstellung (GDK) 1939 und der 22. Venedig-Biennale 1940

First of all, I am much indebted to Gerry Frederics. Gerry and I have been very good friends for near fifty-years. My friend is rightly classed as the ethno-nationalist expert on fine art in general in and National Socialist artworks in particular. For this reason, he takes the podium to explain the true nature of German art both National Socialist and Blud und Boden (Blood and Earth) artworks.

Gemälde "Erntedank"

“Erntedank”, Gemälde von Jürgen-Wegener-Weimar auf der Großen Deutschen Kunstausstellung 1943 im Haus der Deutschen Kunst zu München. “Thanksgiving”, painting by Jürgen-Wegener-Weimar at the Great German Art Exhibition 1943 in the House of German Art in Munich.

“My task has been made very difficult by the taboo nature of German art in the history books as well as by the craven attitude of post-WWII German art museums, galleries, and critics. I have made a sincere attempt at giving a general overview and most of all, to represent these things in a manner which does not kneel to the odious and demonstrably dishonest `politically correct´ view. I have researched this subject matter for some time and all opinions credited to me herein are mine alone.

Adolf Wissel, Kalenberger Bauernfamilie

Adolf Wissel, Kalenberger Bauernfamilie

The Third Reich concept of Blut und Boden is used to defame all things German, the criminalisation of German culture, demonstrably one of the most fertile ones that ever existed. German art throughout the centuries has been intricately involved with the soil (Die Scholle), with the forests, the animal world and the people of the soil are an integral part of all these wonderful creations of our God.

Kirmes in Neustadt, 1938-48

Fair in Neustadt, 1938-1948

“Peasant art is the expression of the divine through blood,” says Adolf Babel, 21st-century furniture, ceramics, and industrial designer.

I had a hunger for knowledge, I read voraciously and because I loved art since childhood I visited every museum everywhere whenever I could; The Chicago Museum of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan in New York, the Uffizi in Florence, the Pinakothek in München, the Städel in Frankfurt, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Getty in Malibu, the Norton Simon in Pasadena, the Prado in Madrid, the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of the Vatican in Rome.


Did you know the Vatican owns one of the largest collections of antique pornography? The Museo Bella Artes in Santiago Chile, the Arms Museum in Lima Peru, the Museum of Latin Art in Long Beach, California; I have been to them all, never in a hurry but deliberately studying their magnificent treasures, or as in the case of the Guggenheim, exhibits presented to the gullible masses as art.


F.G. Waldmueller, visit of the grandparents

There have been many others, small ones almost unknown such as one in California featuring traditional California artists and their landscapes. One of my favourite past times was to go to Laguna Beach in California with my artistically talented wife and saunter through the myriad of art galleries and whenever an art show was advertised.

My extensive personal library includes nine volumes of the magnificent Time/Life series The Age of Goya, of Titian, etc. Tellingly, a man like Homer receives his Age of Homer, but Dürer, or David Caspar Friedrich, incomparably greater artists are almost ignored.

Despite this, the various art, classical music and jazz music recording collections by Time / Life are to be recommended. It pays to remember, that Time / Life an American-Anglo-Jewish publication is well-known for prejudice publishing.


The Time/Life musical collection of the early 20th century tellingly excludes German modernist Hindemith while enthusiastically including `constructors´ rather than composers such as Schoenberg. That is de rigueur in today´s subterfuge and institutionalised dishonesty.

Ausstellung "Artige Kunst"

Das Bild «Bauernfamilie» (vor 1944, Öl auf Leinwand) in der Rostocker The picture «Bauernfamilie» (before 1944, oil on canvas) in the Rostocker

As for wartime looting, I have in my possession a letter from the official historian of the Louvre in Paris in which he states unequivocally that no German soldier plundered French or indeed any other art museum. Furthermore, I quote the American Major General Le Roy Lutes in a Stars and Stripes newspaper interview of Oct 1944:

“I am told the Germans neither plundered homes, factories nor art museums. In fact, we are told by the French that the Germans treated them fairly and correctly.”

The internet has been hugely helpful, for none of the publications above, and some of them are truly magnificent, show anything whatsoever about the quintessentially German art movements, Blut und Boden, a Leitmotif of German Art for 300 years, and Neue Deutsche Sachlichkeit, none of them mentions even one name of the myriad of great artists who participated in these movements, art movements of the German people for the German people and in fact originating in the very soul of these people. ~ Gerry Frederics, Art Historian.

A highly skilled and dedicated team devoted much unpaid time to produce this unique world-class feature for The Ethnic European. It is hoped that this will be reflected and rewarded by story shares and re-blogs. ~ Michael Walsh. 



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  • Amazing art, beautiful in its simplicity and rusticity if, perhaps, somewhat idealised and romaticised. Eveyone has disgnified role and a place in society, unlike today in the western world where men do not know they are men and women do not know they are women. And, moreover, children are taught they can be either, merely a matter of choice. Next week I am attending a Volkisch summer solstice festival in the Czech Republic. For a short while, at least, I will be away from this insanity.

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  • Fantastic article, Mike. A triumph. It may in fact be your ultimate masterpiece.

    Liked by 2 people

  • Dear Michael,

    As certainly one of the few world’s pure heroes, we praise what you have accomplished. We’ve been saving to be able to send to you at least something, and so far it’s mostly disappeared before being sent to you. It will happen, through determination to show a caring person to a caring hero.

    Thank you so very much for your efforts which support the best of man kind!

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  • Great article, thank you Mike. But WHY the 2 awful “Art in the Reich Pt.2 and Pt. 4”. These are terrible jewish produced anti German slander films. Why??

    Thanks, when as so often happens, they are the only ones available, we rely on our supporters / readers to keep this in mind when viewing (Viewers Discretion Advised).

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