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The Baby Killers: The horrifying death toll stands at 200,000 over the past 12 months. It is happening out of sight in Britain. Not that these are recognised as the deaths of infants, because the Herod-like slaughter of the innocents is not accorded human status. They are, to use the fashionable term among abortion campaigners, mere ‘clusters of cells’.

I guess we could all be called dense clusters of cells. But it is as strained a description of a 12-week old foetus that by that stage a human already has a developing brain, eyes, and ears. The only reasonable definition for the beginning of human life is conception. To terminate a pregnancy at any point is to take a pre-destined human life. It is, to put it bluntly, killing a person.

There are instances where the right to life of one person must be balanced against the other. This was the basis of abortion when it was legalised in 1967. It was to be allowed on the grounds of protecting the mother from serious harm or on the grounds that there was a serious risk the child would be born, in the language of the time, “seriously handicapped”.

But we have not had 200,000 pre-natal medical emergencies in the past 12 months that could reasonably be said to meet these requirements. The reason that we have reached that figure is that the practice of abortion in Britain is completely at odds with the 1967 law.

We have in Britain alone 200,000 abortions a year because we effectively have abortion on demand. A shocked father writes: “What was the first thing the GP said to my wife when she visited the surgery to say she thought she was pregnant with our first child? It was “do you want the child?”. Termination is a service routinely offered in Britain as a matter of lifestyle choice.

It is yet another case where the left-liberal establishment has interpreted the law as it sees fit, regardless of what the law actually says. It does so in utter contempt for democracy. The public has never been consulted on, and our legislators never passed, a law allowing social abortion.

The practice of abortion shows contempt for the rights of unborn humans. Bizarrely, many of those most contemptuous of the idea that babies in the womb are humans, with rights to go with it, are among the strongest defenders of the rights of humans already been born. As former US President Ronald Reagan quipped: “I notice that the pro-abortionists have already been born.

When it comes to the issue of abortion, that the unborn human might have rights, too, is callously dismissed, by pretending there is no human being in the womb at all, just the personal chattels of the mother.

Opposing abortion ought to be championed by people who want children to be allowed to grow to their full potential, equal and free of discrimination. I have a feeling that one day it will be, for the simple reason that it is intellectually unsustainable to contend that an unborn child is not a human being.

Once we can get over seeing abortion as purely an issue of women’s rights, today’s statistic, that 200,000 human lives have been taken in the space of 12 months, will be looked back upon with utter horror.


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  • Yes, the dehumanization of the child in utero is not based on science, but solely on ideology. It is as bad or even worse here in the US. Sadly, abortion on demand has become ingrained in the culture.

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