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Manuel Gomez reports from Paris: “Districts of Paris, capital of France, have become areas of lawlessness, areas where you can be attacked, robbed, drugged, raped and even murdered, and that in the sight of everyone. Neighborhoods in the boroughs of the XVIII e XIX th and northern X e and are warned not to leave the suburbs Seine-Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne, Essonne, etc.

Paris is no longer in France. The Parisians are scared. They do not go out after dark and takes risks only during the day. You can no longer drive through these neighborhoods without being constantly molested by hordes of hooligans hitting your doors in an often aggressive way to claim a few euros that will allow them to afford the drugs they need daily.  Dealers are everywhere, sellers of contraband are everywhere, thieves are everywhere, assailants are everywhere!

! New Europeans

New Europeans

Adult and under-age clandestine migrants clog the ring road, roadside embankments, hundreds of huts, tents, tons of rubbish on the ground and, as if that were not enough, daily fights, clashes bloody between them.  Drugs, insalubrity, diseases, no, we are no longer in the Paris region but in African slums.  Women’s petitions have been circulating for years, denouncing constant harassment in the public space, permanent insecurity, and the only answer is the immobility of the public authorities.


People are slaughtered in the street under the eyes of the few passersby.  Witnesses say: “They (assailants) are not afraid of the police and why would they be afraid? Our justice gets away, when they are arrested, they find themselves free after a few hours of custody.”

And during that time, a dozen Muslim women, supported by the association Alliance Citoyenne, subsidized by the city of Grenoble for a sum of 6,000 euros, forced the door of the municipal pool to go swimming in Burkini, considering their having the right, despite the regulation which strictly forbids it, to bathe in such bathing suits.


The spokesman for the movement, named Taous Hammouti, believes it is a discriminatory and threatening regulation, just as it justified the massacre of Charlie Hebdo by stating:  “Never forget that is Charlie who has drawn the first. That is to say, the Islamist killers who murdered Charlie Hebdo’s journalists had the right to do so, since they had dared to first blaspheme the prophet!  Is this not this a call to murder? An apology for terrorism?


And are they not calls to murder, racism, rape, the words of a bastard rapper “who fucks France”, “who strangles a girl blonde and white” and who enjoys the clemency of our justice, which only sentences him a fine of 5,000 euros instead of sending him singing in prison for a few years, at least, and for the better to expel him from this country “that he sodomizes”!

How can we accept to be so insulted, burned by these thugs of color who vomit on our flags? Thugs who disguise the country that welcomed them, who fed them, who allowed them to live, to exercise their worship freely while the different cults are massacred in their countries of origin.  We can no longer close our eyes, clog our ears and be silent in the face of such hateful behavior, insulting, defiling.


When Frenchmen agree to be treated in this way, when women agree to be insulted in this way, it is because dignity no longer exists and they deserve such insults.  If I had the courage to write really what I think, I would certainly be condemned for “call to murder”, while all this scum who calls daily to murder is never worried!

! Ironic

If I were President of the (French) Republic, head of government, minister, deputy, magistrate of this country that became France, I would have no reason to be proud, I would even dare to say that I would have shame to have such authority and to allow, to be silent, to suffer, like the citizens of this country who revolt for the price of fuel, for the purchasing power, and for a lot of other reasons, but who are silent in front of those who frighten them, in front of those who insult them, in front of those who dominate them, in front of those who want to make them slaves, before those who screw them. ~ Manuel Gomez.

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  • Unless Europeans regain their willingness to fight and die for their freedom they will continue to lose it. Our enemies hate us and wish to destroy us and all we value. They need to learn to fear us again. That ultimately means violence. Violence and strife between races and different groups has been the norm since we lived in caves and it will continue far into the future. Unless we are willing to fight and die for what is ours we will lose it to our enemies.

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    I agree brian boru . This article is obvious proof if you need it that the leaders in western countries do not serve the people that supposedly elect them. They are answerable to higher masters .

    Puppets like Macron have been ordered to keep going with the globalist agenda to flood Europe with non whites and mix the white people of Europe out of existence.

    Thus we see growing chaos across Europe where third worlders have literally taken over and are attacking whites.The western traitor class don’t care about the unfolding disaster as they are safe in their guarded compounds.

    When the hammer comes down and the economic system is crashed , Whitey will be on the front line against the other races that have been brought in whether he or she likes it or not.

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