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There were expressions of relief when on the German media’s newsroom desks landed manna from heaven.  At last some reports of native German tourists involved in a violent sexual crime. But it now turns out that German media misrepresented the facts. Four media ‘Germans’ accused of gang rape in Mallorca turned out to be Turks. This information was revealed by the more honest Spanish press; Spaniards have had Islam and the Moors up to their ears for hundreds of years.  

According to German media, four “Germans” have been accused in Mallorca of the gang rape against a female compatriot. Media’s leftist journalists had orgasms over the the fact that there are actually ethnic German perpetrators of a crime of a nature most reasonable people immediately associate with non-European migrants.

But whatever interferes with the leftist world view must not be allowed to be distorted by facts. The leftist owned Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH (DPA) press agency simply ignored a decisive detail in its report on the incident.

Spanish media, however, reported what German and other news agency had so carefully concealed: The perpetrators of this horrendous crime against a German woman are German-Turks. The accusation of fake mainstream news has once again been confirmed.

The original source cited by DPA was Ultima Hora, the largest newspaper on the Balearic Islands. And the news agency’s source before the blue pencils came out had clearly stated the origin of the perpetrators. Instead, the DPA had to add that the German perpetrators came from the German city of Frankfurt am Main.

Very few readers of the report would argue that the origin of the perpetrators did not play a role in the act.  Thus German media carefully placed their emphasis on citizenship in their headlines. News weekly Der Spiegel headline read: “Four Germans arrested for rape allegations.”

The text accompanying the picture read: “Four German tourists arrested.” Daily Die Welt similarly chose the headline: “German holidaymakers on Mallorca accused of gang rape.”

However, as reported in the Spanish press, the four Turks armed with German passports were arrested at Palma airport, suspected of having gang-raped a German teenage girl in Cala Rajada. According to the Guardia Civil, the incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning. She is said to have violently resisted as two Turks raped her, their Turkish accomplices filmed the appalling incident on their smartphones as it took place.

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The victim reported the gang rape right away and was rushed to Son Espases Hospital to be medically examined in the early hours of the morning. The results of the medical reports indicate that she had suffered injuries compatible with violent sexual aggression. The local community and council in Cala Ratjada expressed deep shock at the news.

Many other editors however simply copied the text. They blindly printed what the agency had reported, which is clearly not just inept journalism, it is fraudulent manipulation of the news to pursue mainstream media’s anti-White racist agenda.

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