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Sexual crimes committed against children (under-16s) in England and Wales have rocketed to almost 62,000 in a year, a report has revealed. The National Audit Office (NAO) said the figure had increased by 9 per cent in 2017 to 61,646 last year, as the human cost of serious and organised crime is laid bare.

The body found that the government was flying blind while trying to tackle mostly migrant or paedo groups who groom and blackmail children into sexual acts, upload indecent images online, physically abuse children and sexually exploit victims abroad.

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Meg Hillier, chair of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, said there were significant gaps in British authorities’ understanding of the complexity and scale of abuse. “The cost of serious and organised crime is huge [but] the human cost is far higher: criminal gangs target and prey upon the most vulnerable in our society for the purposes of child sexual exploitation and abuse, modern slavery, human trafficking and organised immigration crime,” she said.

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“It is disgraceful that the Home Office and the National Crime Agency are effectively flying blind as neither have any idea whether their efforts are working or not or genuinely alleviating the misery and suffering of those who they should be protecting.”

The NAO found significant shortcomings in the government’s bid to tackle serious and organised crime, which also includes money laundering, fraud, corruption, cybercrime, illegal firearms and drugs. When combined, the threats kill more people every year than terrorism in the UK and cost the national economy an estimated £37bn every year.

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The NAO report said more than 4,500 organised crime groups are operating in the UK in changing and unpredictable ways, often using violence and intimidation and working with international networks. The use of modern slavery and human trafficking is believed to be increasing, with the number of potential victims identified increasing by a third in 2018.

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The government estimated it spent £2.9bn on tackling serious and organised crime in 2015-16, but the NAO criticised officials for spending 79 per cent of the budget on pursuing offenders and just 4 per cent on preventing the crime in the first place. The NAO said a new strategy unveiled in 2018 aimed to improve the response after a Home Office review, but there was no “well-evidenced justification” of the approach or an estimate of how much it will cost.

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