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A Warsaw district court has rejected a demand by Sweden to expel Russian national Denis Lisov, who took his three daughters back from a Muslim family and sought asylum in Poland. The judge described the Muslim family, where the Russian’s daughters were placed, as a culturally and mentally alien environment for the Christian girls.

In his verdict, judge Dariusz Lubowski noted that the European arrest warrant for Lisov, issued by Sweden, violates the Russian’s civil rights, Polish Radio reported. According to the ruling, Lisov was put in a hopeless situation, because his children had been taken away with impossible conditions for their return.

Lisov’s three children were seized by the Swedish authorities solely under the grounds of their mother’s mental illness. As Lisov himself emphasised, the social services never accused him of parental negligence. The judge also noted that children are emotionally attached to their father and are safe with him, as opposed to the foster family.

“With their actions, the Swedish authorities directly violated the rights of the children, depriving them of fatherly love”, the judge said. He described the Muslim family, where the children were placed in Sweden, as a “culturally, mentally, and religiously alien culture”, which could adversely affect their health. According to Lubowski, the threat of deportation and new separation from the father was a heavy burden for Lisov’s eldest daughter, Sophia.

Lisov himself stated that he has done everything possible for his daughters’ well-being. He described the perspective of being separated from his girls as the worst thing that may ever happen.

The court’s decision has been welcomed in both Poland and Russia. “Good decision by the court in the case of Mr Denis Lisov, everyone remains in Poland. The ethnic and religious identity of children is key. Thanks to the Court. Thanks to the Prosecutor’s Office! The children’s welfare has won. Nice to be Polish”, secretary of state in the Polish Justice Ministry and MP Michal Wojcik tweeted.


Anna Kuznetsova, the Russian children’s ombudsman, welcomed the Polish court’s decision, thanked the Polish side for assistance, and stressed Russia’s readiness to support the family. She also wished for stability in the Lisov family.

The Lisovs lived in Sweden. In 2017, the girls’ mother was taken to a hospital with a mental breakdown, whereupon the children were sent to a Muslim foster family from Lebanon 400 kilometres from home on the premise that their father was unable to provide the necessary care.

In April, Lisov and his daughters aged four, six and 12 respectively were stopped at the Warsaw Airport while attempting to board a plane to Moscow. Sweden issued a European arrest warrant, accusing Lisov of kidnapping and demanding his extradition. The Russian father subsequently applied for refugee status in Poland.

Lisov previously announced his intention to find a job and arrange kindergarten and school for his daughters. By his own admission, he has already received several job offers. His eldest daughter currently goes to school at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw.

In Sweden, social services are empowered to forcibly place children and young people up to the age of 19 in custody at a moment’s notice owing to legislation in place that allows intervention in order allegedly to “protect” children or youths in an emergency situation.

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  • It’s hard to imagine a country where the jewish social experiment on a population has been as extreme in its effect as in Sweden. The people are actively working towards their own destruction and extinction, especially Swedish females. It could be stated that a significant segment of the population is actually insane. Of course, the demonic creatures behind the scenes who have brought this about are the real problem. Filth like Barbara Spectre and others of her tribe who have influence vastly beyond what their actual numbers are in the country. If the Vikings of a thousand years ago could see what has become of their land they would be stunned. It’s interesting that it is the nations and people that suffered most under jewish Bolshevism, those of Eastern Europe and Russia, who are now much more resistant to the poison of liberalism and multi-culturalism than the nations of Western Europe who enjoyed all that freedom and consumerism after the disaster of 1945..

    Liked by 3 people

  • geraintpendragon

    It is easy to be critical of the Swedes. It appears to be a lunatic asylum run by lunatics. Swedish women appear to be on hallucinatory drugs. But then I look at some of the people around me and I see the same attitude. Sadly it is easy to understand when every advert, every news item, every film, is packed with anti-european propaganda. One example – I was looking at purchasing some walking equipment. All the models were ethnics of various shades. If you go hill walking in Europe you have more chance of being hit be lightning than coming across these people.

    Liked by 2 people

  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Very insightful comments Brian Boru. I have no doubt that the Swedish population are the guinea pigs for massive mind control and social engineering. The point is that with the advent of the internet and alternative media ,we, that is white people are only recently finding out about the melting pot agenda and the Kalergi plan to mongrelize and destroy European people, through immigration and forced intergration.

    This has been a plan that has been conceived in the 1920s by Richard Coudenhove Kalergi and his jewish backers and yet only recently now are a growing number of people aware of it. For a long time ,white people were cluelsss. Now there is no excuse.

    Those who want to find out will find out.. We should regard all the western governments as accomplices to the kalergi plan and our enemies. As for corporations that promote race mixing, dump them and let them go broke.

    Liked by 1 person

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