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EXCLUSIVE TO ETHNIC-EUROPEAN NEWS The last thing Westminster’s migrant-infested Britain needs is a return to The Troubles.  From the late 1960s, the world watched in despair as Northern Ireland unravelled into unrest and violence. This period is known as the Troubles.

Trouble had in fact been brewing in Northern Ireland for generations for Britain’s occupation of Ireland had endured for 700 years. United Kingdom ruled Northern Ireland was a society plagued by tension and division. On one side of the divide stood Unionists: staunchly Protestant introduced to Ireland to displace the indigenous Irish, loyal to their British heritage and determined that Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom.

On the other side were Northern Ireland’s Catholics, a minority that had endured decades of political and economic stigmatisation and marginalisation. The Westminster regime was keen to achieve peace but was unsure how to achieve this.


Paramilitary groups on both sides, like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) operated outside the law, using violence and terrorism to gain the upper hand or exact revenge. For three decades these groups struggled for ascendancy as the Troubles in Northern Ireland raged. Their actions resulted in the deaths of more than 3,500 people, 35,000 injured, many of them civilians and innocent children caught in the crossfire.

Now, in July 2019, IRA paramilitary groups parade back into the open, ready to resume armed struggle. On Sunday afternoon, about 80 people from the paramilitary groups of the new Irish Republican Army (IRA) were walking around, surrounded by several hundred supporters.

For the first time in 20 years, paramilitary groups of the New Irish Republican Army (IRA) met in uniform on the afternoon of Sunday, July 7th. They found themselves around the grave of a founder of the Irish independence movement Wolfe Tone, west of Dublin, as they did every year before the 1998 peace accords.

Black beret and smoked glasses that mask part of their faces, they do not speak to the British media and remain anonymous, but very visible. Nearly 80 of them march among an accompanied by hundreds of supporters to Bodenstown Cemetery and Wolfe Tone Memorial Stele.


“It’s important to see people in black and white uniforms”, as the fighters of the 70s, believes Conor, in the middle of the procession. These men of the new IRA do not recognize the Good Friday Peace Accords, signed on 10 April 1998 by the main political forces in Northern Ireland to end a 30-year-old conflict that has claimed more than 3,000 lives.

The 24-year-old explains that these uniforms, banners, parades,  “is the legacy of the people who sacrificed their lives to be free, and if we succeed in succeeding, we can change our lives. Destiny, even if it means that we must take up arms, I will do it without hesitation again, to repulse the imperialist forces out of our country”.

Considered a terrorist by the British authorities, the new IRA calls for the resumption of the armed struggle against the United Kingdom and demands the reunification of the island.  In fact, violent actions are already there. The group placed a bomb in June under the car of a police officer. In April, a journalist, Lyra McKee, died as a result of the separatist fire in a clash with police in Derry, Ireland’s second-largest city.  Earlier in the year, these parcel bombs were sent by mail to several British army recruiting centers.

“Unfortunately, we had to continue fighting against the occupation of our country,” says Brian Kenna, head of the political showcase of the movement Saoradh, carefully choosing his words. For this former member of the historic IRA and close to the paramilitaries, “the only way to do it successfully is by taking up arms, although the group is relatively small in number, it really has an impact. It makes a real difference in terms of propaganda”.

Another event makes the difference and makes the independence movement more and more visible. This is Brexit. “This is a real opportunity because whatever the outcome, the Brexit highlights the fact that there is a border in Ireland.”

The question of the future border between the British province of Northern Ireland and its neighbour the Republic of Ireland, which has remained in the European Union, is at the heart of the Brexit negotiations.

“The UK government is looking for solutions, but that does not take into account the fact that the Irish should decide their own future,” says Saoradh’s leader. Moreover, the group of paramilitaries promises new actions in the fall, modelled on the Brexit calendar.

If violence on a scale reminiscent of The Troubles again flares up, weak political leadership in Westminster and the regime’s own troubles relating to the migrant invasion and growing public unrest could consume Britain in a conflagration similar to that of Dresden (February 1945) and Hamburg (1943).

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  • The so-called “Irish Republicans” are simply Left-wing tools of the Globalists in Brussels who run the E.U. – the same people who are flooding all European nations with third world migrants. Also, the majority of Irish voted against joining the E.U., until the traitors in Dublin forced another vote to make Ireland a vassel state of Brussels. Therefore, the border issue need not be a problem, but for the continued subservience of the country to the European Overlords who dictate policies to Ireland. The “Nationalists” are friendly with the Red A.N.C. (South Africa), and the international anti-white Left. Let us hope the new extremists who are tied to the old terrorists don’t try to attack their white Protestant neighbours. For it will lead to much unnecessary unpleasantness on both sides. No more brother’s wars!

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