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They were robbed of their childhood by a gang of Asian paedophiles and the girls were dismissed as ‘White trash’ by people – including the police. This week, Amber told me that one of her abusers works in a takeaway close to her home in Rochdale. Her worst fright, though, came last year, when she allowed her daughter to play outside a friend’s house with some other children.

Later, after saying goodbye to her friend, Amber turned and found one of her abusers in front of her, staring at her little girl. Smirking, he walked calmly to his car and drove away.

Oh, he knew who Amber was, all right. He was also fully aware that he’d escaped justice, like so many of his mates, who’d also raped or sexually abused the two sisters. They, too, still freely walk the streets of Rochdale. So why weren’t they prosecuted? As the former police officer who was once at the centre of the Rochdale sex‑gang investigation, and as the whistle-blower who exposed its appalling flaws, I believe I know the answer. It’s politics.


Fighting their corner: Former police officer Maggie Oliver, who was once at the centre of the Rochdale sex‑gang investigation

Politics appear to drive policing decisions. This is the story of what happened to Amber and Ruby, and to the paedophiles that preyed on them and so many other innocent White children.

When I graduated from Police College in 1997, I was 42 and the mother of four children. A few years later, I landed my dream job as a family liaison officer with Greater Manchester Police. Then, at the end of 2010, a detective chief superintendent summoned me to his office and asked me to join Operation Span. It was being set up to investigate the serious sexual abuse of vulnerable White children by men of Asian origin which had been going on for a long time. And he needed me to interview the two sisters at the heart of the investigation.

‘If anyone can gain the trust of this family, we know it’s you,’ he added. ‘But because of their previous dealings with the police, the family is extremely hostile (to the police).’

What he went on to tell me almost defied belief. Rochdale police had launched an investigation into the town’s sex gangs a couple of years before. Yet, despite powerful evidence against them, not one man had been charged. This was, at least partly, because their child victims had been written off as ‘unreliable witnesses’ who, according to the Crown Prosecution Service, had made ‘lifestyle choices’ to become ‘prostitutes’.


The 2017 TV drama about the scandal, Three Girls. The abuse of young girls by Rochdale sex gangs is one of the great scandals of our time

The police hadn’t interviewed Amber as one of the victims. Instead, they’d arrested her, on suspicion of procuring a child into prostitution. Yet at 15, she was an under-age victim herself, groomed by paedophiles and in no sense a ‘madam’. Rochdale police never charged Amber. By arresting her, however, they managed to traumatise and alienate her entire family.

Meanwhile, her sister, Ruby, had been raped by a married Asian man at the age of 12, and subsequently had an abortion. Unbeknown to her, the police had taken the foetus, which was currently stored in an ‘exhibits’ freezer. My stomach lurched. Surely that was illegal?

Yet now, not only was I expected to break the news about the foetus to Ruby, but I was somehow supposed to win over two sisters who’d been badly let down by the police. That didn’t worry me, though. What did, very much so, was the thought of gaining the trust of vulnerable girls, only for the police to betray them yet again. As a police officer, I’d already taken part in a similar investigation in 2004, and all the men had escaped scot-free.

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The mother-of-four (pictured at her home last month) persuaded girls who were being sexually abused to talk to the police

Early on (in my career), I’d been astonished to discover that social workers had compiled lists of dozens of these abused children, and repeatedly called in the police, but nothing had been done.


Pictured left to right: Children Danny, daughter Vicky, son Steve and son Matt with mother Maggie Oliver in 1989

The evidence was shocking. White girls, as young as 11 and all in care homes, had been approached by Pakistanis in their teens and 20s, who then became their ‘boyfriends’.  After coercing them into sex, their abusers would pass them on to older men for sex, using cash incentives or threats of violence, or both. There were sex parties involving up to 20 Asian men and one White girl, who was expected to have sex with them all in return for a few quid.


Maggie (pictured) resigned from police force after claiming victims had been failed by officers

One day, I drove with a victim around the area where the men operated. On spotting a man emerging from a black 4 x 4, she suddenly covered her face with her hands. ‘He’s one of them who’s been abusing us. I’d recognise him anywhere,’ she said.

Back at the station, I did a check on the vehicle. Within minutes, I had a phone call from an officer who specialised in police corruption. Why I had just run that registration check, he asked.

After I’d explained, he told me: ‘He’s a serving [police] officer, so let us deal with him, OK?’ So, it wasn’t just take away workers and taxi drivers involved. If this was an organised ring of abusers, its tentacles appeared to have spread even into the police force. By spring 2004, we had an initial list of almost 207 Asian men who we believed had been abusing at least 26 children. And we knew this was the tip of the iceberg.

When I finally returned to work that September after my husband’s death, I asked for an update. No one had been charged, let alone convicted. All that work, and for what? It just didn’t make sense. I tried to speak to my bosses about it, but hit a brick wall. By shutting down the operation, the police could avoid accusations of Islamophobia. To my mind, it was more convenient for the government to ignore the plight of a few girls from the so-called ‘underclasses than to tackle the crimes of their abusers.

From the information we already had, I learned that she’d (Amber) repeatedly told the authorities, police, social services, sexual health, council and education representatives, that her girls were being sexually abused. Nothing had been done.

‘I kept banging on doors, but no one would listen. Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, they (the police) arrested Amber. They put her in a police cell for seven hours. She was 15 and terrified out of her wits. It left her scarred.


Former Police Detective Maggie Oliver pictured at her home in Altrincham, Cheshire

Over subsequent interviews, Amber named 33 Asians many of whom picked up young girls in their cars and raped them on the moors. She also described the moment a man pulled a gun on her and Ruby because they’d refused to have sex with him: ‘That made him mad, so he told me he’d kill me, shoot me. I was really scared.’

Amber’s sister Ruby refused to cooperate at first, but that April I had a break-through. ‘People have let you down,’ I told her. ‘I’d like to speak to you so that they don’t put other children through what you’ve been through.’ She sighed, and suddenly agreed to talk.

‘There’s a man who picked me up from school,’ she said. ‘I’d have sex with him. He took me to another house; where there were ten men sat in a circle. They passed me around like a ball and took it in turns to have sex with me.’

There was a lot of boasting from the abusers about ‘chilling with White girls’. Indeed, looking back, I believe strongly that we should have brought in a ‘racially aggravated’ element to the investigation. There was no doubt these girls were being targeted for their ethnicity, and the perception that White girls are ‘easy’.

My heart ached for Ruby as she named the men and identified where they’d taken her. At one address, they kept a list of 20 names on the back of the door. Each man would tick a box to say he’d had sex, and then leave cash in a paedophile ‘honesty’ box for use of the premises. Only one White girl was abused at a time, no doubt because a lone child is more vulnerable and easier to control. There are also no witnesses should she one day decide to cry rape.

At 12, was often being sick in the cars that took her to other northern towns to have sex with strangers. So why was it, then, that when I delivered all this spectacular news to my bosses, I sensed something wasn’t right? They should have been ecstatic. Instead, it felt like someone had died.

As I pondered over this, a senior officer turned to me. ‘Maggie, let’s be honest about this. What are these kids ever going to contribute to society?’ he said. ‘In my opinion, they should have just been drowned at birth.’ For once in my life, I was rendered utterly speechless. What was going on?

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  • Utterly despicable, I can’t write the rage I fell right now.

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  • geraintpendragon

    The British Establishment, the British Parliament, the British Police, the British Media, All Political Parties, and the British Public are all despicable. This was known to be going on for years. It was flag up on several sites ( I won’t name them but you know them) In fact, I’m sure certain well known Nationalist figures were drag before the courts and prosecuted for raising these issues several years before. The prime mover behind these prosecutions was the BBC. The worst offender on that list is the British Public. They just don’t give a damn. Election after election they von’t for the same politicos who ignore this criminality. If enough people had the moral courage to put an X on their ballot form for someone other than for the main stooge parties then these crimes would never have arisen. Joe Public take a look in the mirror at yourself.

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  • Police seem to be the same in the USA too. Who do you complain to? The district attorneys work only for the state (city, county, state). The media is control by jews. Again, what can we do?

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