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A MICHAEL WALSH EXCLUSIVE:  Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler had much in common. The first was Italian born yet he liberated and led the French nation. The latter was of Austrian birth but fought for, freed and championed Germany and the German people.  Napoleon put an end to abuses by revolutionaries, early Bolsheviks.  Adolf Hitler, after thwarting a Bolshevik seizure of power, brought an end to the corruption and cruel deprivation caused by the unfair terms of the Versailles Treaty inflicted upon defeated Germany after World War One.

Both great revolutionaries were of humble origin, were filled with revolutionary zeal, had the common touch, were adored by their people, possessed immense courage and fortitude, and experienced rags to wreath military prowess.

The peoples of France and Germany adored their leaders and fought to a standstill their enemies. On the other hand, the privileged classes and aristocracy with their vested interests trembled before Napoleon and Hitler. After Napoleon’s final defeat, first weakened by Imperial Russia, the French social revolutionary was finally defeated by the vast armies of the British Empire and Prussia.  Napoleon was cruelly demonised by victors’ propaganda.

Napoleon on usury

In May 1945, Hitler’s Reich, which according to British historian A. J. P Taylor fought a defensive war,  was overwhelmed, destroyed and plundered by the combined forces of three world empires; British, Soviet and American.

The twice-elected President-Chancellor was likewise demonised by the victors’ propaganda. Ironically, Adolf Hitler was the only elected national leader at the close of World War II.  Neither UK premier Churchill, a notorious paedophile an homosexual, nor Soviet ex-bank robbing tyrant Josef Stalin were elected; at the time neither was the US masonic President Harry Truman.

Story 2

Neither Napoleon nor Hitler had a requiem or funeral march composed in their honour. When Ludwig van Beethoven was asked if he might be inspired to write a funeral march for Napoleon Bonaparte, he gruffly replied: “I have already composed the proper music for that catastrophe.”

He was referring to the second movement, the funeral march of his Eroica (Heroic) 3rd Symphony. The composer removed the honour when he learned that Napoleon was to crown himself emperor. However, Beethoven relented and he later re-dedicated the funeral march to Napoleon.

Napoleon Bonaparte was respected and admired by Adolf Hitler. Upon the surrender of Paris on June 22, 1940, Adolf Hitler forbade the playing of the Paris Entry March composed during the Napoleonic Wars.  His order was that throughout Germany, Church bells would be muffled and knelled in tribute to the surrendered French.


The genius of Victory by Adolf Wamper

During his brief visit to Paris in 1940, the German Leader paid homage to Napoleon at the French revolutionary’s tomb.  The two great leaders did part company when it came to personal glorification. It is inconceivable that the Fuhrer would crown himself emperor. The highly decorated Germany leader was humble, never had a bank account, and wore his military service medals only at events relating to servicemen’s associations.

Hitler at Napoleon tomb, Paris, June 23, 1940

Hitler at Napoleon tomb, Paris, June 23, 1940

Hitler was inspired by the works of Richard Wagner. Those familiar with the composer’s operatic sagas and the Fuhrer’s life will be fascinated by the parallels drawn from the mystique of these heroes of Germanic folklore. Were these early manifestations of German’s past translated through Wagner to then be relived by Adolf Hitler?


Adolf Hitler at the opera in Vienna, with Josef Burckel, Joseph Goebbels, and Martin Bormann

The Ring of the Nibelungen recounts the titanic struggle between the Forces of Light led by Wotan, Brunhilde, Siegfried and Sigmund against the bacillus of evil and darkness. The Nibelungen were swarthy misshapen dwarves who dwell out of sight and steal the Rheingold (Germany’s wealth).

Wagner Birthday

In another quirk of history, Das Lied der Nibelungen is said to have been composed by Wagner in the evocative Kurnberg Castle set on the Danube Plain. This imposing edifice is situated a short country walk from Adolf Hitler‘s childhood rural home and located not far from the grave of his parents. As a schoolboy, Adolf Hitler, with his schoolbooks and pencils, stroll in the shadows of this ancient fortress.


Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods Frontispiece. “Nothung! Nothung! Conquering sword!”: Siegfried forges his sword. ~ Arthur Rackham (19 September 1867 – 6 September 1939)

Had Richard Wagner been asked if he was inspired to compose a funeral march for Adolf Hitler, he would undoubtedly have replied, “I have already done so: Siegfried’s Death and Funeral March.” It is doubtful if a more fitting funeral tribute could be found for the former German social reformer and statesman.

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  • Thank you for your courage and for bringing the truth of these ugly wars wars to light Mr Walsh!!!

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Isn’t it interesting that both Hitler and Napoleon viewed bankers as vermin and criminals who had no motive other than to make a profit at the expense of the vast majority of their fellow human beings. both could see that bankers preyed on nations and dragged them into war against each other when there would normally be peace.

    Both leaders tried to free their people from the slavery of international finance and both were destroyed in the process. By 1945 ,Germany was reduced to rubble to make the example that any nation that operated outside of the bankers control would be destroyed. Nothing has changed

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