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Disturbingly, there is a growing trend to sentence to death by starvation those no longer able to pay taxes. See also SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS.

State benefits are not a charity. In Britain, just under 50 per-cent of every person’s earnings are directly or indirectly taxed. Put simply, of a typical £20,000 earned £19,900 will go to the unpopular Westminster regime. Put in another way, every Briton spends half his or her life as a government slave.  Like cattle, when they can no longer be milked they go to the knacker’s yard.

A British grandmother, with terminal cancer, is left with just £6 ($8) a week for food after her state benefits were cut four months after her death diagnosis. Denise Bates, whose cancer has spread to her colon, spleen and liver, has gone 10 weeks now with little money. Her family say a palliative nurse sent a Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) note saying Denise is terminal and claim they appealed decision six weeks ago but have heard nothing.

Denise Bates thought she’d pulled through her battle with ovarian cancer four years ago. But at Christmas time last year, the 50-year-old became ill and was given the devastating news the disease was back. Denise fell into a depression when weeks later doctors told her there was nothing they could do.


The grandmother-of-five with her family (Photo: Terri Bates)

Since then, Denise and her family have been trying to hold it together and make the best of the little time she has left. But 10 weeks ago she was dealt another blow. After a face-to-face assessment, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) ruled that her disability benefit be removed, leaving her struggling to pay her bills and next to nothing for food.

Her daughter Terri, 28: “It’s a disgrace, she’s in a very fragile state. It’s deeply unfair for my mum to be worrying about money during her final days. “The day the assessor came out she was in her pyjamas. She’s on morphine for her pain and in a wheelchair. Her palliative care nurse has provided a note to say she is terminal. What more do they want to see to allow her the benefits?”


Denise doesn’t want to know how long she has left to live (Photo: Terri Bates)

At the assessment in February, Terri,  who has moved in with her mother to care for her, says she cannot fathom why she hasn’t scored enough qualifying points. In May she was meant to get her money on Wednesday and it didn’t arrive. On Saturday she received a letter to say she’d been assessed as fit to work and she could either appeal the decision or apply for Universal Credit.

Terri said her mother’s health has deteriorated rapidly over the past month.  “She is suffering enough and we want her to enjoy every minute with her children and grandchildren as much as she can without worrying about money.”


Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has come under fire to change the benefits system for terminally ill people (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The Government is under pressure to scrap the system that means terminally ill people must only have six months or less to live to get fast access to benefits. A damning report earlier this month hit out at the rule, which it is sai was invented by politicians, and has no clinical evidence to support its use.

It is impossible to know the precise number of people affected, but government figures for 2013 to 2018 show that more than 17,000 people have died while waiting to hear whether their claim for disability benefit had been successful, it emerged in January. In the same five years, 73,800 people died within six months of registering a claim.

Amber Rudd Head of he Department of works and Pensions

! 14 million live in poverty

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