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Recently resigned Theresa May MP is said to be the worst British Prime Minister, certainly its most unpopular premier, since WWII. “Cheer up, it could be worse.” So everyone cheered up and sure enough things got worse, in fact far worse.

Boris 7

NOTE: In Britain the electorate has no say in who is to be their Prime Minister, who is selected by their party members;  typically a Soviet style of fake election. 

When on July 24, old Etonian Boris Johnson became Britain’s latest Prime Minister, hopelessness cast its long sinister shadow on Britain. International media mocked the buffoonery of a career parliamentarian whose only claim to fame has been his highly publicised clownish japes.

Having been born in New York, Boris Johnson is first and foremost an American citizen ~ by birthright. The professional journalist describes himself as “one-man melting pot” – with a combination of Muslims, Jews, and Christians as great-grandparents.


An ex-student at the elite independent boarding school in Eton, his friends were largely from the wealthy upper-middle and upper classes. Johnson was associated primarily with Old Etonians. He joined and was a prominent member of the Old Etonian-dominated Bullingdon Club, an upper-class drinking society known for its member’s rampant vandalism.

House of Benefit Scroungers

Brace! Brace! It does get worse. Within hours of his becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson went to work on forming the new government’s cabinet (of ministers). This was described as the most brutal overhaul of the cabinet in history.

There is little or no room on the cabinet for a minister identifiable as representative of the British people. Tellingly, dual-citizen Boris Johnson immediately appointed non-indigenous Britons to the nation’s most powerful positions.

Amer Rudd parasite

BRITAIN’S NEW MINISTER OF FINANCE Britain’s new Chancellor of the Exchequer is Sajid Javid. Javid’s shopkeeper parents were born in a rural Pakistani village. Having gone into banking he became notorious as the banker for being involved in a £135 million tax avoidance scheme. A matter that will not be lost on millions of Britons who diligently pay almost half their earnings in direct or indirect taxation.

Home secretary 3

The holder of Britain’s purse strings voted to make sick and disabled people £30 worse off. Sajid Javid also voted against a law forcing rogue landlords to make sure rented homes ‘were fit for human habitation’. He is, by the way, ~ a landlord so no surprises there.

Home Secretary 1

BRITAIN’S NEW HOME SECRETARY  is Indian Priti Patel whose parents were born in Gujaret, India, but moved to Uganda, before their being expelled by President Idi Amin.

According to an investigative article published by The Guardian in May 2015, Patel was one of the seven Shandwick employees who worked on British American Tobacco (BAT), a major account. Her team had been tasked with helping BAT launder the tobacco company’s public image during the controversy around the Burma factory being used as a source of funds by its military dictatorship and slave wages and conditions of its factory workers. The crisis eventually ended with BAT scurrying from Burma in 2003.

Priti Patel 1 Home Secretary

Indian Priti Patel

Though a majority of Shandwick employees were uncomfortable working with the public relations company’s remit to clean the image of the tobacco company, Priti Patel’s group was fairly relaxed about their sexing up the company’s image.

BRITAIN’S NEW FOREIGN SECRETARY Dominic Raab, a career politician, is as far removed from being British stock as a Bar Mitzvah knees-up. The minister now in charge of Britain’s foreign policy is the son of Peter and Jean Raab.

Raab’s Jewish father came to Britain from Czechoslovakia in 1938 following the Munich Agreement, which Britain reneged on and which led to World War II and the rescue of the Soviet Union (1917 – 1990).

Dominic Raab Foreign Secretary

Dominic Raab Foreign Secretary

Depressingly, within hours of the resignation of Britain’s worst Prime Minister, the British people were wringing their hands and saying, ‘come back Theresa May, all is forgiven.’

! 14 million live in poverty

Living in an upside immoral state

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Well its going to be more of the same circus in the UK government. As we have a “one man melting pot ” in charge,appointing non indigenous British persons to key cabinet posts, expect the war on white British people to escalate. That means no end to the third world immigration into the UK.; exactly what inspired British people to vote to leave the EU.

    Liked by 3 people

  • geraintpendragon

    If you speak to average British boomer they have no concept of what is happening. Most conservative shire voters still believe Margaret Thatcher is Prime Minister and have pictures of Churchill on their walls. I speak to them they are totally clueless and gutless. Britain in too many respects has the same modus operandi as corrupt Third World government. I think the Mafia has a higher code of honour.

    Liked by 2 people

  • (And also as a reply to Sturmgewehr stg 44). E X A C T L Y!!! (And really the code of honour of the real Mafia isn’t quite what would normally qualify as an example for probity… but then again… From the beginning, there were very few true Italians in the real, historical, non-‘Hollywoodian’ Mafia… when one comes to think of it.)

    Liked by 2 people

  • Britain deserves what it is getting. It is harvesting the seeds that it planted long ago. What is sad is that the rest of Western Europe is also suffering these consequences. I wish that good English people could be saved, but the entity that is “Great Britain” deserves to die.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I think that you have precisely hit the nail on the head: “entities” rightly desserve to die… our peoples will survive and shall rebuild themselves. And because this is now beginning to happen, the figures are carefully hushed. This is also precisely the reason why “entities” and their ‘agents’ are doing their very best to dissolve our peoples. Pitty for them that it does not go well with the laws of Nature. The coming fifty years are going to be interesting and full of surprises.

      To Mike: nice pic of the „Kehlsteinhaus“… the antennas are a disgrace to a magnificent site and should be disposed of… anyone having been once to the Roßfeld and taken a look at the landscape cannot but understand the „Anschluß“.

      Liked by 2 people

  • I belive that this first comment got lost in the ether…

    Would it help, Mike, if I confirmed to you that what is happening to the English people (and other original peoples in Great Britain) is actually happening to ANY people on the European AND North American continents?

    Because many truths are now – like oxygen bubbles – relentlessly coming up to the surface of our putrid marshes, the rodents have keyed-on the parameters on their notebook keypads and suddenly realised that no “WWIII–The sequel” will this time save their bones… only a massive civil war on both sides of the Atlantic. As for our peoples; they have been successfully tamed under a suitable combination of debts and consumerism. The fine tuning for the cheap rogues selling us short at the top of our “governance” (small g) is to deliver in due time: fodder (cheap, low quality food, PLUS expensive nutritional supplements); life by proxy (easy-to-grasp, soapy, low-cost Hollywoodian dreams); plenty of SOMA… and a full tank.

    Ah! I almost forgot… NO BOOKS (“note to Sajid: ‘make sure they can’t buy any’ ”).

    Liked by 2 people


  • Spot-on as always, Mike. I continue to advertise your efforts in The New Thunderbolt, best I can do for now. I can’t spell out the obvious action that needs to be taken, not here at least, but by damn I hope somebody gets the message.

    Liked by 2 people

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