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BORIS JOHNSON is preparing to grant an amnesty for at least 500,000 illegal immigrants, insisting the Government will take a new “look at it”.

Speaking in the Commons yesterday, the new PM, elected by party members, said he had raised the idea of an amnesty when he served under Theresa May, “and it did not receive an overwhelming endorsement”.

He said the Windrush scandal had shown the difficulties that can be caused by a mass expulsion of people who “may have been living and working here for many, many years without being involved in any (known) criminal activity at all”.

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Chillingly, Britain’s latest prime minister, elected July 24 by party stalwarts, said, “We should look at it,” he said:

“And the truth is the law already basically allows them an effective amnesty.”

Shocked Brits were horrified when he pointed out that he separately confirmed that Theresa May’s net migration target of 100,000 a year would go.  This means the removal of a ceiling, which was never adhered to anyway. The PM’s official spokesman said Johnson “wasn’t interested in a numbers game”.

Anti-migrant campaigners, already harassed by police and press, immediately warned an amnesty could fuel an explosion in migrants crossing the Channel from France in a desperate bid to reach the UK.


Alp Mehmet (you couldn’t make it up), chairman of the Migration Watch think tank, said: “The idea of an amnesty for illegal immigrants is a non-starter. Such a scheme will reward people with no right to be here, encourage future illegality and will be costly.

“It is absurd to link this gambit with the Windrush debacle which was about a Home Office cock-up that led to people with every right to be in the UK being wrongly targeted.  “Windrushers were not illegal immigrants.”

Old Etonian Boris Johnson, an American citizen having being born in New York to wealthy English toffs, has a notorious record on matters of illegal immigration.

The new premier called for an “earned amnesty” for as many as 400,000 illegal immigrants when he was Mayor of London. He said that anyone who had been living in the capital for more than five years could show their “commitment to this society” and be given the right to stay, so they could then pay taxes. (Ed: Of course they will? It will also free them up for claiming substantial benefits).

Announcing the unpopular move in 2008, Johnson agreed it would be better if illegal immigrants were “taken and sent back to their place of origin” but added ominously “it is just not going to happen”. In fact, it never happened as it was beyond his powers as mayor.

Ministers were then accused of operating “in practice an amnesty” for illegal immigrants in 2011. It emerged that 161,000 asylum seekers, part of a huge backlog of almost half a million cases discovered in Home Office files, had been allowed to stay in the UK because they had been here so long it would breach their right to family life to remove them.

Britain’s newly installed Home Secretary is Pritti Patel, Indian daughter of Ugandan immigrants. Immediately upon his being elected to high office, Boris Johnson also installed Pakistani dual passport holder, Sajid Javid to Chancellor of the Exchequer, the holder of Britain’s purse strings.


Michael Walsh, former leader of the British Movement, says it is increasingly difficult to sympathise with the plight of the evicted British people. “Their heads have been firmly rammed in the sand for decades. Time after time the British have been made fools of by what former Liberal leader David Steel described as ‘a rotating dictatorship’. I doubt that Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler or Napoleon, a combination of all three could save them from their self-imposed dark future.”

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