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Whilst Renaissance Russia in alliance with the Peoples Republic of China goes from strength to strength, the Europe Union’s defence capabilities can at best be described as senile. In Germany, only half of the potential recruits are suitable for service. Others are reportedly unfit or they don’t have a German passport. No, this is not fake news.

The bad news about the failings of the Bundeswehr are coming regularly. It is revealed by ‘German’ media that only half of the 760,000-strong pool of potential recruits is eligible to serve. The rest of young candidates have no German citizenship, fail to meet minimum fitness standards or being pacifists they reject the idea of military service at all.  Take a deep breath: the German army tells the newspaper Bild: “We are on the right path.”


The right path reveals that around 25,000 army jobs are up for grabs due to the lack of available personnel whilst every fifth civilian position in the Bundeswehr remains vacant.

IT professionals and doctors are urgently needed in the Bundeswehr. Clearly, Angela Merkel’s migrant militia are as useless as a chocolate fireguard. Bild cited a strategy paper compiled for Defense Ministry, which said that only one in four applicants was able to get through what is already the most slipshod hiring procedure in Europe.


Genuine German citizens are reluctant to join the army of their own free will. No problems; the Bundeswehr is now considering the recruitment of non-Germans as an option. Obviously, many non-nationals do not understand German.

The plan was met with little praise by other EU nations, particularly in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria said it was concerned with the prospect of its youth being lured into joining the Bundeswehr, while Poland’s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz also criticized Berlin’s plans by saying that any military service is traditionally “closely related to nationality.”

That aside, Bundeswehr is also struggling with major problems regarding its weaponry. In November of 2018, the military admitted that out of nearly 100 pieces of equipment delivered to it that year, only 38 were fully operational.

Never mind, Uncle Sam’s arsenal and fighting manpower will come to the rescue of Europe should Washington DC’s arms industries and hawks get their way. Not so fast.


Outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in Eastern Europe are linked to the US is testing biological weapons in preparedness for a third world war, Latvia columnist Alexander Khrolenko writes. In his opinion, the United States assigns a special role in this system to the Baltic countries, which act as the main testing ground.

The dissident journalist says in June, African Swine Fever was found in 165 pigs in Latvia; subsequently, twenty thousand animals were destroyed, which led to huge losses for farmers. In Lithuania, farms are invited to abandon pig breeding because 41 outbreaks of US-sourced African Swine Fever have been recorded in the country.

! NATO out of LATVIA

According to Khrolenko, the ASF virus is not resistant to the conditions of northern latitudes, and could only be created in laboratory conditions.

Outbreaks of ASF almost simultaneously occurred in many states under Washington’s control; Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, the Baltic countries. The journalist connects this advent of the wide network of Pentagon biological laboratories in these countries of Eastern Europe. According to him, the United States is developing and studying the impact of the newest types of viruses on people in different regions.

Khrolenko also believes that over time, the danger of biological incidents will increase. Why, because such biotechnologies make it possible to clear living space as cheaply as possible, simplifying the struggle for the planet’s natural resources, whilst bringing huge profits to the creator of viruses. Sleep well.

! Sheep Cant Handle the Truth

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  • geraintpendragon

    The European Union is lucky that Vladimir Purtin is in charge of the Russian Federation and not Josef Stalin. Putin, as the only grown up in the room, has no desire to occupy an overcrowded piece of real estate with all the expense and attendant problems. Josef Stalin, on the other hand, had ways of reducing the overcrowding and solving the attendant problems

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    You cant make this stuff up. NATO could not defend a parking lot on a quiet day. Russia under Vlad has no need to launch a conquest of Western Europe , NATO and the EU are defeating themselves.

    Sorry ladies , but if you put women in charge of nations and defense organizations It is not a good fit at all.

    As for Washington DC’s mercenary army, they cant even stop illegal migrants from crossing the southern U.S border. What hope do they have against a fully armed and motivated Russian army, if push comes to shove. The Russian army is experienced ,professional, and well led.

    Liked by 2 people

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  • Well this is what happens when you have half of your population not interested in becoming citizens of the country even though they enjoyed the benefits of good education, free/affordable education, etc. Maybe it is time to enforce the immigration laws.

    Liked by 2 people

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