Immigration and emigration have always been considered by government as a normal means of population control. Dispersal and resettlement were practised by most countries and England set the examples.

The Bolsheviks from 1917 followed the centuries-old strategy of the English elite. Millions of innocents from all over Europe were shipped out to work in the Gulag to develop the Soviet Union; the British beforehand or simultaneously used their dominions.

Bolshevism Saved 2

Britain’s African slave trade was preceded or accompanied by the selling of English, Irish and Scottish ‘felons’. From the 17th century, Britain was depopulated by London’s dealers in human trafficking. This practice was invested in by bankers and laundered by media. In negotiations with African chiefs, English, Irish and Scottish deportees were exchanged for recently captured Negro slaves, who were then shipped out and sold on American markets.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Britain’s Merchant Navy reaped vast profits from government-subsidized emigration of British nationals to the United States and Dominions.

British emigrants, economically exiled or indentured, included 130,000 British children many of whom were orphans.  Babes in arms were seized and taken from orphanages and care wards. The charity Dr. Barnardo’s has since apologised for the disgraceful part it played in the export of orphans. Despite protest and often without the knowledge of estranged parents children and teens were forced to leave their British homeland.


Children were often told they were going on a day-trip, only to be shipped to Australia or Canada

Thousands of grieving children were settled in institutions abroad where they were to suffer deprivation, slave-like conditions, physical and sexual abuse. Before being taken ‘into care’ untold numbers of these youngsters were lied to and told that they had no parents. These young children had only brothers or sisters as family yet these too were separated and rarely saw each other again. In Australia, there are to this day charitable foundations working to bring separated siblings together again.

Needless to say, there will be no movies about this ongoing state-sponsored holocaust of the innocents. Nor will you read mention of their plight in the press, which acts as the state’s watchdog.

During the 1950s, by a combination of deception and financial inducements such as £10 assisted passages, Britain’s youngest and finest were persuaded to leave their homeland.


In 1961, I visited an Australian resettlement camp purpose-built to house England’s exiles. The reservation reminded one very much of a vast army camp. As far as the eye could see were serried rows of Nissan Huts.  The interiors were subdivided to house separate families. Families could wait years before being properly rehoused.

Whilst Westminster drained orphanages of unwanted British children the same English elite were filling the gap in depopulation by recolonizing Britain with West Indians and non-Europeans from a defunct empire earlier pawned to pay for Churchill’s war against the Workers Reich.

The ship that pioneered non-white immigration to Britain was the MV Empire Windrush. The 13,000-ton luxury liner was the former German cruise liner, Monte Rosa. During the Workers Reich, this cruise ship provided German workers with holidays abroad. Such a lifestyle was beyond the wildest dreams of ordinary Britons and Americans.

Jamaican immigrants arriving at Tilbury Dock in 1948 on the Empire Windrush.

In 1945 England seized this super cruise liner and other shipping that were claimed as ‘prize of war’ (loot).  British servicemen and women, civilians too, who served, died or were maimed in the fond belief that they were fighting to preserve Britain’s way of life were woefully deceived.

Before England’s dead were cold in their graves, the political and banking elite, serenaded by the mainstream media, used ships seized as reparations from the defeated Reich to spearhead the Caribbean invasion of Britain.  Thus, the destruction of the British way of life commenced.


The government-inspired expulsion of British children and adults is a shameful blot on England’s appalling history.  This enforced expulsion of British children continued until 1967. It was only recently that a formal apology been offered.

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No Surrender 2

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  • It leaves one speechless… Comments? There wouldn’t be enough room!

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  • geraintpendragon

    There was an article in TOO by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D (assume no relation to William Joyce) on the ‘Empire Windrush’ affair. It appears the Tribe was very much involved in the whole episode. His research reveals a web of intrigue involving people with names that don’t originate in Anglo-Celtic Britain. Anyone interested in the full story should go to ‘The Occidental Observer’ 12 July, 2015 – Andrew Joyce.

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    • Pass it on to the yanks… they are still payin’ and day-dreaming… not even conscious that they’re next on the list.

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    • Thank you for that precious link : Andrew Joyce – Occidental Observer’ 12 July, 2015 about “The Jewish Origins of Multicultural Britain”. I will surely translate it in French and spread it! Reading Mike’s article, I knew straight away they were behind it!

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  • All I can say is if ONLY people had known the truth. If ONLY the media were not controlled by the Zionests and white haters. If ONLY people had believed Hitler. Praying non stop for the white race to survive this global attack. Blessings Mike for your dedication and tireless work for truth.

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  • Hi Mike, These untold/hidden events, disclosed thanks to you, seem incredible! They are an excellent eye opener on the despicable behaviour of a so-called elite, preying on British children and poor White families. But not only. While we continue to hear  about Germany having to “compensate for looting done during the war”, little is said about the “prize of war”‘ seized by Churchill’s government, such as the German super cruise liner Monte Rosa, mentioned by Mike Walsh. Ironically, under its new name, the ship would ‘spearhead the Carribean invasion of Britain’… We know what happened next…                                          Alas, these facts won’t be told in school books but we, readers have the duty to propagate, spread them around ! Thank you, Mike!                                                                                                           …

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  • I think we as European people already lost, the non-white demographic is rising while our is falling, free speech is terminated and we can’t do sh*t about it… It’s terrifying even from the view-point of living in Poland

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    • I totally disagree with your lines.

      The concept of ‘free’ speech is an illusion delivered to us as a decoy to lure us and keep us comfortable. Speech, like the infinite, has no limits: you can either speak or you can/may not. I see two good antidotes to this carefully promoted illusion:
      1. To carry on speaking when there is a call for it;
      2. to promote humour… which is a cheap mass destruction weapon.

      Luftwaffe colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel had a saying: „Verloren ist nur, wer sich selbst aufgibt.“ (“Only the one who gives up has lost”). Obeying orders – as any true member of the Wehrmacht should have – col. Rudel surrendered his squadron to the Americans; he – himself – NEVER gave up.

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  • What a waste of human potential that could have helped Britain recover after two World Wars plus being an additional pool of manpower for the British armed forces. No wonder why the British introduce National Service during late 40s and 50s because they draining their own country of potential military recruits. Can you imagine where the British Army would be if famous British Garrison Sergeant Majors like John Lord, George Stone, Perry Mason, Alex Duman, etc., had been shipped off to the Commonwealth nations instead of being allowed to stay in the UK and join the British Army?

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    • Dear Gunther (capital G),

      Analogically take a look at the present sorry state of the Bundeswehr… Ask yourself the reason for such a sorry state and the intent behind it all.

      Personally, as a CO in an other army in Europe (if was still “Europe” then… not ‘Neurope’) I forgot about the Bundeswehr when, in the early Eighties (if my memory serves me well), members of the west-german (sorry… small g here) forces went on strike for a raise as they had “a profession with risks”. “With risks”?!!! – You don’t say?!!!

      These toddlers asking for professional protection must have sent their ancestors – starting with their grand’ fathers and fathers – roaring with laughter…

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      • Dear Ivernazza:

        There are some things that I would not like the Bundeswehr to go back to such as the harsh discipline it had on the enlisted personnel where it seems that anything and everything you did would result in the death penalty such as losing your equipment when a lot of times it wasn’t your fault. or you had no choice due to enemy action. If you are going to execute troops for losing their equipment, then execute the generals for making the decisions that cause the troops to lose their equipment in the first place.

        It would be nice for Germany to give their troops first-class equipment; however, much of the money would be diverted from public transportation, free/affordable medicine and education, job training and job re-training? In America, we have been giving tax breaks and subsidies to the corporations and wealthy people for the last 39 years and Americans continue to get shoddy, dangerous, and/or expensive products and fewer services for all the money that has been spent. We continue to have poor schools, the price of college has gone through the roof, wages have been stagnant, a broken transportation system, etc. and yet, the corporations and wealthy people continue to plead that they are broke, that they need more money from the government, need more tax cuts from the government, and less government regulation. It is downright pathetic.

        With regards to military pay, the USA is giving more incentive pay and bonuses to keep people in the military or give them the incentive to join the military. Retire Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson stated in an interview with Abby Martin that this will eventually consume 50% of the military budget and has made the US military a mercenary force since the people joining the military are only doing so because there are no good-paying jobs anymore. You can’t blame the German soldiers for asking for a raise since they have to buy goods and services like anyone else and particularly now because I have been reading stories about more and more German companies like the American companies avoid paying taxes while still having access to the government services (like the military) without paying for it.

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      • Dear G,

        Of course I can’t talk about the USofA as it has been such a long time since (etc.) but it seems to me that everything which you write makes sense.

        However, am I right if I sense a tinge of « imagerie d’Épinal » as an indirect result of the on-going “Black Propaganda” à la Sefton Delmer’s when it comes to – and I quote your lines – “harsh discipline [on] enlisted personnel” “where it seems that anything and everything you did would result in the death penalty” “then execute the generals” etc. – end of quotes – which, I believe, must apply to the „Wehrmacht“ – what else?

        In my point of view, armies – like weapons – are but a necessary evil and should preferably be used for self defence.
        I take it that you have read Guy “Sajer” ’s experience of the Russian front turned into a world best-seller “The forgotten soldier”? Guy Mouminoux (“Sajer” being his nom-de-plume) has been a personal friend ever since our first meeting in the mid Seventies and close to a mentor (with few other interesting persons). When I first met him – as a young second-lieutenant eager to gain first-hand experience from a PFC who had taken part at the lowest possible tactical level to the battle of Kursk within the ranks of the crack „Großdeutschland“ armoured division – he put to me an essential question which kept me busy for the rest of my military career: « Lieutenant… QUI servez-vous? ». It is quite untranslatable in English as « servir » means “to serve” but also “to take orders from” and Sajer was clearly playing on the ambiguity. It took me a very short time to understand the warning in the question and quite some time to come up with a viable global answer inasmuch as, for the rest of my military career I decided to try and identify whom it was (and to what purpose) – at the top of the chain of command – I was taking orders from and accepted that it was comparatively easier to try and lead people under my command as best as I could.

        I believe that – with the famous first question « de quoi s’agit-il? » (“What is the problem?”) – it is one of the least thought of question when attempting to study a situation as it should be…

        Now pause and think of how many people holding any position of responsibility are truly aware of the existence of both these questions?

        I know of a few people in Virginia who are still worried about unveiling the correct answer…

        This given and going back to the sorry state of the „Bundeswehr“ in particular and most of our western armies in general… here are a few points – four in all – which I deem noteworthy:

        1. Modern „kleinstdeutschland“ (small k) still isn’t under the benefit of a peace treaty with the victors (also known as “liberators”) and it can’t be as the only legal government – Dönitz’s Third Empire (also known as “Third Reich”) – was mysteriously dissolved by the winners… (Very similar to what happened to President Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Republic).

        2. Who is disarming our countries and to whose benefit?

        3. Who is dissolving our peoples and on whose authority?

        Finally – and contrary to the ongoing “globalization” madness (ὕϐρις?)… don’t you think that we should all revert to smaller, manageable, scales and start taking care about our own gardens at a reasonable human scale rather than play the hand of a pretentious and insane “World Government” to fatten a minute, insignificant, community of parasites comfortably stuffing themselves far above the clouds?

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      • Dear Ivernazza:

        I agreed what armies are needed for self-defense; unfortunately, armies have been by and large use for conquest in order to provide self-defense. We Americans have a say “the best defense is a good offense.” I have read the book The forgotten soldier” and for some reason that I can’t explain it, the book is not one of my favorites. You were pretty lucky to meet the author of the book and learn from his military experience. It was and still is hard for combat veterans to talk about their experiences and yet, many of them can’t seem to understand why many people are against war when you look at the terrible costs of a war bothy physical and mental. The books Panzer Commander by Hans Von Luck, Soldat by Siegfried Knappe and But Not For The Fuehrer by Helmut Jung are my favorites.

        It would b nice if we could take care of our own gardens; however, the business leaders and wealthy people of the world want to make this a large garden and take everything out of the garden for their own pleasures and leave nothing for the rest of us.

        The Allies had no right to dissolve the state of Prussia. They dissolve it probably they were jealous of it because they produce better soldiers, gave their soldiers more initiative, were creators of the general staff, and the war college. How would the people of Texas and Virginia feel that if they were told that their states were dissolved?

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  • Dear G,

    Quickly (as we are now out of the scope of Mike Walsh’s well chosen theme). Sajer – he is still with us – ’s experience is interesting because it describes combat at the lowest possible scale with much honesty and little artificial pathos. Including a – for once – real war-crime in which he had a part: flushing out and killing partisans… a very similar op to what the US in Viet Nam would have euphemistically called a “Search and destroy” op. When my soldiers were a trifle too prompt at passing judgement on the alleged war-crimes of other armies, I would swiftly cut it short telling them that within our ranks if a few potential heroes could possibly be found… there would certainly also be potential murderers, rapists, cowards and traitors; and a vast amount of… “undecided”. It was a tongue-in-cheek way of bringing the whole us back to sound humility. I do not fall prey to the guilt complex, mind you, but I can’t stand the holier-than-thou attitude of many… especially those who have never heard a shot fired in anger. Weapons are basically tools designed to punch holes inside human material – nothing exciting, really.

    On the bronze of the canons of Louis XIV was engraved the wording “Ultima ratio Regis” meaning that war should indeed be the last argument of the King. Clausewitz had a somewhat watered-down appreciation of the phenomenon.
    I hate wars as much as Hitler did. Precisely that “monster” who was heard to object to foreign diplomats (one of them being French ambassador André François-Poncet) at the Munich conference of 1938: “I have painstakingly brought out of misery a people and rebuilt a healthy youth and you expect me to have them slaughtered once more on some new battlefields?” (I quote from memory).
    This is why I think that we would all be far better off not mixing in any other people’s way of life – praying a lot for peace but acting as shameless predators – and concentrate on cleaning up our own gardens. Many conveniently targeted countries that I have known (Iran… Syria) appeared to me as rather peaceful countries with reasonably happy, amicable, hospitable peoples… a far cry from the image which I would discover courtesy of our Western media when I would come back…

    As for the time being I am much more worried about real civil-wars artificially triggered to “finish the ‘dissolving’ (as you so rightly put it) job” in our sorry countries (including the US) than by any immensely stupid ‘Hollywoodian’ WWIII disaster. We are being kept tame and sheepish by a clever combination of fear and terror… I would much prefer to see common sense being promoted.

    One should always bear in mind that – contrary to our youths who are at a loss as soon as their pocket calculators run out of batteries – the clever ones who do not wish us well have preserved their own ability for mental calculation. I see two things which we should recover in parallel as a matter of urgency: our balls and our brains…

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    • Glad you found a way to put your soldiers back in line regarding war crime. I heard of Clausewitz saying about war but never the one inscribed on the canons of Louis XIV. Thank you.

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    • “However, am I right if I sense a tinge of « imagerie d’Épinal » as an indirect result of the on-going “Black Propaganda” à la Sefton Delmer’s when it comes to – and I quote your lines – “harsh discipline [on] enlisted personnel” “where it seems that anything and everything you did would result in the death penalty” “then execute the generals” etc. – end of quotes – which, I believe, must apply to the „Wehrmacht“ – what else?”

      I read the book But not for the Fuehrer by Helmut Jung and Jung had a chapter about discipline in the German Army and he talks about how the German soldiers were executed for anything such as losing equipment or not having papers that stated you were allowed to be in a certain area as the war dragged on in 1944 and 1945 and if they were not executed, they would be sent to the strafbattalion which was a slow death sentence because they were given assignments that would certainly get you killed such as clearing minefields or being assigned to taking Russian strongholds that were too tough to take..


      • Always allow for a measure of exaggeration from any author, for effect. Most armies have disciplinary units and if you study the history of the Royal Navy up to the beginning of the XXth Century… the risks are high that you may be horrified. „Bewährungs-“ or „Straf-“ „Einheiten“ (probatory/disciplinary units) were the norm in the Wehrmacht. A famous such unit being the „SS-Fallschirmjäger Bataillon 500“ (later 600) under captain Rybka (later under captain Milius) famous for having been the main element of a raid to capture Tito (Operation RÖSSELSPRUNG) in his HQ, later defending with tenacity a critical position on the Oder. If you study the history of this unit you will find out that the officers, NCOs and rank assigned to it on various disciplinary grounds were reintegrated into their former status after showing gallantry. An equally interesting case is that of the Luftwaffe officer commanding the squadron in charge of defending the Tirpitz Heinrich Ehrler (see http://www.luftwaffe.cz/ehrler.html) there were also interesting cases in the Kriegsmarine. Such cases were in abundance in the Wehrmacht during WWII.

        I grant it to you however that in the situation that they were facing the military courts of the Third Empire were not excessively lenient towards non performers… who would have? Take the example of the conjurors of July 20th… as Skorzeny once quite correctly put it: “While these ‘gentlemen’ [all of them held critical positions within the German army – Italo] were busy complotting, they were also betraying the people under their command as you can’t altogether lead – a demanding task of every minute – and conspire all at the same time” – who will object to that?

        Experiencing wars through books may serve overall knowledge but it doesn’t help much in terms of realism.


      • “Always allow for a measure of exaggeration from any author, for effect.”

        I heard about what happened to Heinrich Ehrler from reading the book Horrido! Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe by the authors Toliver and Constable.

        I read the book Japanese Destroyer Captain by Capt. Tameichi Hara and I don’t believe he was exaggerating about the cruel punishment being dealt out to him and junior other Japanese officer cadets by the higher-ranking naval cadets which were allowed and encouraged by the regular Japanese naval staff. Hara stated that he was so affected by the beatings that he refuses to attend any of his naval graduating class reunions and he forbid any form of physical punishment when he commanded his own ship. He also felt that cruel physical punishment would prevent the men from taking any kind of initiative that would save their lives, and he gave an example where one of his men took the initiative to perform an act during that prevent his ship from being destroyed or cripple when they were fighting the American Navy during the battle of Guadalcanal.

        I have read books by the late Colonel David Hackworth and I don’t think he was exaggerating about his combat experience in Korea and Vietnam, dealing with ticket punching careerists military officers even in peacetime, and his life as a combat reporter in Yugoslavia and in the Gulf War.

        Then again, you have too many authors in the last 39 years, being so exaggerated about what they had done and forgot that if it wasn’t for the people under their command and/or who they met in their lives, they would not be where they are today.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I did write “a measure”. I believe that one should always try to keep in mind the four virtues of stoicism: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance… MI and history are by far not exact sciences. As far as I am concerned I stay well away from emotions when trying to assess anything. Especially when some people try to impose such emotions on me…


  • Although not quite in line with the discusion between Gunther and Ivernazza, but as books were mentioned, I would recommend some books by Jonathan Trigg, a former British Army Officer. And as French phrases was repeatedly quoted, I would particularly recommend ‘Hitler’s Gauls – The history of the 33rd Waffen-SS Divison Charlemagne.’ Some of last soldiers defending the area around the Reich Chancellory and the Fuhrerbunker, and fighting to the last bullet were French soldiers of the Division. There are also some excellent phographs of these men, including a photograph of a group of them before they were summarily executed by French general Le Clerc. I liked the quote from one of these brave soldiers when asked ‘Why are you wearing German uniforms?’ the man replied ‘Why are you wearing those American ones? I lament my own cowardice when I think of these heroes.

    The last defenders of Berlin get a fine tribute in my HEROES OF THE REICH Mike Walsh. Illustrated chronicle of illustrious men and women, some German, who sacrificed all for the Workers Reich. (click bookstore)

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    • Most of the surviving officers and men of the 33rd „SS freiw. Division“ were personal friends or well-known to me. Three took part in the battle of Berlin [Fenet who led the reinforced detachment mostly in charge of the defence of the Chancellery („Verteidigungssektors ZITADELLE“), Pignard-Berthet – who led a reduced coy and Rostaing who was a senior NCO and a candidate officer – both directly under Fenet] all have gone to the Walhalla. I believe that not one of the various foreign volunteers from Europe would have disagreed with the following:

      Even if the French, the Dutch, the Norwegians and the Spaniards who defended WITH the German forces in Berlin – let’s not forget it! – the last stand did superbly, the true hero of this ugly war was the simple common German „Ländser“ (the officers were doing as best as they could what they had been commissioned for which is a different story) who went for what this ordinary soldier believed to be in the best interests of his fatherland – and possibly for most of Europe – in a war which had been technically forced on him by coaxing bombastic Marshall Rydz-Śmigły of Poland (encouraged by false promises issued from Downing St). Yet another senseless butchery to weaken the white race and prepare the grounds to meet the agendas of the Barbara Lerner-Spectres of this world. After all, starting from the day that, from London, “Judea declared war on Germany” to May 8th, 1945… Germany found itself in a state of war for 4 428 days (namely 12 years, 1 month an 15 days – you may want to look up WHEN the Nuremberg “laws for the protection of the race” were passed by the German government, only to realise that the Germans weren’t in such a hurry to retaliate after all).

      Of course, I grant it to you that the war was seriously declared to Germany by Britain and France only on September 3rd, 1939…
      But then again Germany promptly found itself having to face the two greatest world powers:

      1. the USSR and its fighting manpower (as per July 22nd, 1941) and
      2. the all-powerful economy of the UsofA (as per Dec. 11th, 1941).
      3. …pretty soon against a good third of the industrialised nations of the Planet; the last declaration being that of the sovereign state of the Republic of San Marino (the brave and pugnacious Sanmarinesi issuing their war declaration on Feb. 21st, 1945; two hundred and twelve days after the last German soldier had evacuated the territory of the Republic).

      Joke aside; all these courageous European volunteers would readily agree with me that waging a war against such odds over such a period without failing to one’s oath (if one excepts your usual, unavoidable, traitors and conspirators) is a commendable achievement.

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  • Hi Mike – Yes I see now you have covered in your ‘Heroes of the Reich’ the French Charlamagne division last stand in the ruins of Berlin. Another book for the collection.

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  • It is interesting, in parallel with the 33rd’s last stand to listen to the last broadcast delivered by William Joyce on the German national broadcasting system. It is equally interesting to read Joyce’s last address delivered in Wandsworth on the morning of his execution. Should you have difficulties finding these two transcripts, please let me know.

    The William Joyce story is here: HEROES HANG WHEN TRAITORS TRIUMPH. Five internationally acclaimed men martyred for National Socialism. Mike Walsh. https://tinyurl.com/y4tfj4rn

    Twilight Over England: William Joyce Britain’s Adolf Hitler Paperback. https://tinyurl.com/y4nkkxbb

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  • “HEROES HANG WHEN TRAITORS TRIUMPH” – What a superb title, Mike! All of it in just five words…

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