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Leniency shown to non-Europeans by politicians, their media and police contrasts sharply with harsh penalties suffered by native citizens for the most minor of politically incorrect breaches. Reason concludes that the system is purposely rigged to reduce the status of ethnic Europeans to that of kaffirs in apartheid South Africa.

A 23-year-old man attacked nearly a dozen women in the Swedish city of Uppsala. Wearing a surgical mask as a disguise, many of the victims, all of whom are White, reported the encounters left them feeling vulnerable and afraid to walk the streets alone.

Said Rendi, an Iranian migrant benefiting from the Swedish regime’s largesse, sexually assaulted 11 women in a series of attacks. Still free, he receives just a suspended sentence. The violent sexual marauder was given 60 hours of community service handshake by the court, which rejected the prosecutor’s request to deport him.



Rendi carried out the attacks between January 28 and February 11. The assaults ranged from grabbing women by their buttocks or genitalia, to two incidents which should have been classified as attempted rape.

Unbelievably, the brigand committed the crimes while using a government-provided car provided to take care of his autistic son. The car was fitted with a GPS tracker, which police were able to use to link Rendi to all 11 assaults.

On one occasion, Rendi reportedly left DNA on one of his victim’s jackets. With breathtaking chutzpah, his taxpayer-funded legal team claimed the victim had sat on a park bench on which the man had a spat.

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Many of the marauder’s victims testified that the assaults had led them to change their behaviour, to look over their shoulders or avoid listening to music when out and about alone, and feeling nervous when looked at.

Sweden has encouraged over 200,000 migrants to come to Sweden. Embassies abroad, backed by government resources, encourage migrants from Islamic majority countries to move to Sweden.

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According to a 2017 report, migrants, who account for about a quarter of the country’s population, were responsible for over 90 percent of serious sexual crimes, including rapes and gang rapes. A record 7,556 rapes were reported in 2018, according to Crime Prevention Council figures.

None so blind as those who will not see, the unpalatable truth is that Whites who can’t bring themselves to accept they have been betrayed by the political elite, media and police, are in denial. Neither posterity nor their children’s children will ever forgive the abdication of European males.

! Only revolutionary nationalism will save Europe


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  • The White self-hatred is the result of decades of gaslighting Whites for historic wrong doings such as slavery and colonialism. However, what we are rarely told who was behind those wrong doings. It was Jewish traders and bankers who partnered with European kings to protect their commercial interests with troops. It was Jewish slave dealers who sold African slaves to the Americas because the natives would rather die than be slaves.

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