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If anti-Russian sanctions are at the back of your mind this is exactly where state media wants them to be.  If, as media falsely claim it to be, the press is independent, there would be shocking Cost to Europe news stories and TV documentaries about the cost of sanctions to the people of Europe. This is a burden borne by you and your families.

As conceded by prominent but impotent politicians, there is no longer basis for sanctions except the threat of retaliatory Washington imposed sanctions for the EU  being ‘off message’.


But what about you, your family, friends, your unemployed mates or underpaid colleagues at work.  To them, the cost so far cost is $240 billion. It gets worse: The EU economic blockade against Iran, China and Venezuela more than quadruples that.

It then becomes economical suicide: Double this figure again for retaliatory sanctions imposed on the EU by betrayed and embittered Iran, Venezuela, Syria and similar shunned nations. Faced with goods too expensive to purchase your heart may soon be the only thing worth eating.  However, you can be sure that Brussels unelected ideologues will wine, dine and claret at feasts that your taxes pay for too.

The infrastructure of the EU is disintegrating. Let’s look at a snapshot of the crisis facing the debt-saddled European Union.  According to a French Senate report, ’25,000 road bridges are still in a bad structural state’. Don’t look at the rest of the EU road structure, it’s best to just cross your fingers when you get in your car.

Latin America Feeds Russia

Five of the EU largest countries, the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain are each in debt exceeding €1 trillion. Of the European Union’s 27 states, 21 are so deep in debt they would no longer qualify for EU membership.  Do yourself a favour; Google up ‘what does a trillion look like’.  You need to know because the debt is yours and it is your family’s; you pay it in taxes.

If you were running a business would you put a notice on the door: ‘Please State Your Nationality Before Entering. Russians, Iranians, Syrians and Venezuelans Will Not be Served.’ The European Union does ~ whilst your media’s mind manipulators keep you in the dark, ignorance is bliss indeed.


Russians are big spenders ~ but only if they find it easy to visit or re-settle in the European Union. For every €1 a British family spends in continental Europe the free-spending Russian spends €7.  Why is Brussels making it so difficult for Russians to visit the cash-strapped European Union?  Why isn’t the (ahem) free press making a song and Kalinka dance about it?

The state supporting media will not tell you that EU industries have gone to the wall, with their laid-off employees, because of economic warfare designed to wreck Russia’s economy.

Across the European Union, sanctions survivors in agricultural, fishing and manufacturing industries find it difficult to make a crust.  In Spain, citrus fruit growers place road signs inviting commuters to pick their fruit free ~ because they cannot sell their fruits. The Russians now get their citrus fruits from Turkey, Egypt and Latin America. Our fisher-folk are priced out of the market, industrial estates are now non-industrial estates ~ throughout the EU.

Germany, the EU’s strongest economy peers into the brink of recession. During the Third Reich period, Germany’s economy was second only to that of the United States, but we dealt with that competition.

FACT: the Russian economy, thanks to the Russians being force to become self-sufficient, is now rated higher than is that of the EU.  Sanctions cost the Russian economy just €50 billion. Russians now shop elsewhere; Latin America, Turkey, Egypt. These windfall nations applaud the sanctions but do you and your family?

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you!” ~ Pericles (430 B.C.)


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