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Thousands of British working-class kids grow up in office blocks, B&Bs, and even shipping containers, a shocking new report from the Children’s Commissioner for England reveals. More than 210,000 children in England are estimated to be homeless, 124,000 officially homeless and living in temporary accommodation, plus around 90,000 children living in “sofa-surfing’ families.”


Officials believe the total could be even higher due to a lack of data on the number of children placed in temporary accommodation by children’s services.

Where are the Socialist Workers? Campaigning? Attacking Capitalist, Press Barons…. No, they fight working-class national socialists who 1933 ~ 1945 successfully ousted Communist / Capitalist misery a replaced it with a socialist workers paradise.


In the Bleak Houses report commissioner, Anne Longfield warns changes to planning regulations to mean thousands of children are being housed in temporary accommodation that is frequently not fit for them to live in, dangerous due to drug dealers and prostitutes living nearby, and often far away from family, friends and their school. A further 375,000 children in England are in households that have fallen behind on rent or mortgage payments, putting them at financial risk of becoming homeless in the future.


The label “temporary” is sometimes anything but. The analysis suggests that in 2017 around two in five children in temporary accommodation, an estimated 51,000 children, had been there for at least six months. Furthermore, around 1 in 20, an estimated 6,000 children, had been there for at least a year. Of the 2,420 families known to be living in Bed & Breakfast, a third had been there for more than six weeks, despite this being unlawful.


Ms Longfield said she is particularly concerned about the recent development which has seen the “repurposing” of shipping containers for use as temporary accommodation. Often they are located on “meanwhile sites”, land that is earmarked for future development but currently not in use. Don’t you just love official designated words, ‘repurposing’ on ‘meanwhile sites’?

Lucy is in her early twenties. Her son Jake is 2. When she became homeless they were placed by her local authority in a converted office block far from home. Although this was considered an emergency placement, they were there for 11 months.

“They put me in a small room in an office block which had been converted into flats. It was in an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere. The cars and lorries would whizz around really fast. It was very noisy and it felt unsafe to walk to the shops,” Lucy said.


“There were a lot of people congregating at the entrance who didn’t live there and I felt unsafe. I was approached to buy drugs during the day on the way to the shops with my son.”

It took six months and a formal complaint before Lucy’s local authority completed its assessment and found that it had a duty to find the family a permanent home, but she was then placed on a waiting list. Lucy then had to submit yet another complaint in order to be moved back to her local area. This took a further three months.

! ! Food banks or bombs

Eventually, Lucy was able to move back to her local area, where she was offered a self-contained flat, up 3 flights of stairs with no lift. She still does not know when she and her son will be offered a permanent home, what it will be like or where it will be. They failed me in so many ways. The fact that they get away with it is so, so bad.”

Ms Longfield said: “Something has gone very wrong with our housing system when children are growing up in B&Bs, shipping containers and old office blocks.”

Do I look like I give a fuck

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  • geraintpendragon

    Britain has an ‘ elite establishment’ that doesn’t see anything outside their darkened car windows. A sizable ‘middle-class’ that doesn’t give a damn for anything other than themselves and never has. And a former ‘working class’ that put their trust in the Labour Party and was duly shafted and fed to the ‘Morlock’ invaders. Britain is the only country in the world that doesn’t have a viable nationalist organisation promting the interests of the native population. It’s all probably too late now anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Over seventy years away from it… and still a bloody far cry away from NS-Germany’s „Kraft durch Freude“ program, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    The British ruling class are doing what they have always done and that is screw over the bulk of the population of the country .They are quite happy that there is poverty and misery amongst the white masses, as this focuses their energy on just surviving. With their wealth ,they could open the cheque book and easily fix the problems of poverty, but they don’t care..

    I agree that there isnt much hope for a nationalist movement ever succeeding there as that opportunity was missed when Mike was out there marching and handing out leaflets back in the 1960s.

    However, the royal establishment are very vulnerable today . Just look at The Epstein scandal which has already pulled in Prince Andrew. We don’t know how far reaching this investigation will be. It could unravel the whole establishment and turn people against the Royals period.
    When Princess Di was murdered things were very ugly and .the royals were actually scared. of being deposed.


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  • Sorry, but most of these “Europeans” who beg in the streets, homeless, “musicians” etc.. are from Eastern Europe.
    All thanks to the borderless EU!
    EU delenda est!

    Beg to differ; before I relocated I was in the housing line of business. The preferred choice for home renovators and investors in homes were Eastern European workers. It wasn’t because they were paid less as they were not. I was constantly told that their standard of workmanship and hours worked integrity was far superior to that of UK builders who lack motivation and skills.
    Actually, it is the same here in Mediterranean Spain were British tradesmen, of which there are many, are shunned, the Spanish being far preferred. My experience and it appears to be unanimous ~ among Brits. ~ Mike.

    Liked by 1 person

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