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Latvia, dubbed ‘the Canada of Europe’, is now the third poorest country in the European Union.  It wasn’t always like that, the success of independent Latvia during the 1920 and 1930 era, was outstanding, its economic and political revival unprecedented.

In 1923 a stable currency was introduced, which quickly became a respected currency throughout Europe.  State revenue consisted of progressive tax, corporate and property taxes, tobacco and vodka, customs and excise, and state enterprise income.

After the May 15, 1934 coup, Kārlis Ulmanis established a rigid regime. Unmarried, when asked about his status, he replied: “I am married to Latvia. That is enough for me.”

Latvia 1934 - 1939

Latvia 1934 – 1939

The ‘Latvians First’ Mussolini-type leader leader dismissed the ineffective Saeima (parliament), whose deputies cared little about the Latvian nation and its economic development, and like today were more interested in gaining personal gain.

Described as The Golden Age, by 1935, Latvia ranked first among the old European countries in agriculture and certain industrial sectors. Aircraft, radios, locomotives, cameras and cars were manufactured in Latvia, and light industry and agriculture were developed. The country ranked second to Adolf Hitler’s Germany in terms of employment. Latvia achieved excellent results in culture, health care and education.

Latvia for one day

Those employed by the Latvian state retired from age 55, regardless of gender.  By comparison, the United States retired from the age of 70. Teachers and teachers employed in education were able to retire after 25 years of teaching experience.


Galerija Centrs and the first sliding staircase in Latvia inside the shop. 1938.


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Merija-Grinberga-vainaga_1930tie_Foto-Vilis Ridzinieks-m

Mērija Grīnberga Jr. with the crown of Pērkone County. The 30s of the 20th century. Photo: Vilis Rīdzenieks, salon “Klio”. Collection of the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation.

Since, the corrupt EU Latvian regime has rescued the corrupt banking sector. But, their thanks has been to suffer the most cataclysmic economic decline in the world, by as much as 25%.  As a result, thousands of Latvian businesses have gone bankrupt and its young population has left for work and opportunity abroad.

Once EU controlled countries are overwhelmed with debts, banks and related international agencies gain control of their economies.


Latvia is an example of how the EU elite gang up on ‘partner’ nations. Latvia is today burdened by huge, unpaid international loans, ludicrous economic policies, corrupt political positions, electorate deceived by lies and empty promises, and, of course, the destruction of remaining local businesses.

In 1991, Latvia again became independent but in 2004 was absorbed into the European Union, which proved a disaster of epic proportions.  Since, Latvia has become the third poorest country in the European Union.

Latvian folk beauty

The VAT rate for food products is one of the highest in the world. For example, in Germany bread, milk, meat, vegetables and fruit have a 7% VAT rate in shops, Belgium and the Netherlands 6%, France and Italy 5.5%, Luxembourg 3%, but Latvian residents equate luxury goods with an eye-watering purse emptying 21 %.

To get €1,000 you have to pay €762 in taxes, in Denmark you pay €229 in taxes, the UK you pay €197 in taxes. Is this economic incompetence or deliberate abuse of the government?


The average tax burden for the Latvian population, paying 14 state taxes and 97 state and municipal taxes per month, exceeds 70% on average. Meanwhile, Latvia is being prepared for occupation by African and Muslim populations to take the place of an estimated million Latvians who have gone abroad.

Medical services and medicines are expensive and half of the population is unable to pay for medical expenses for treatment.  Unlike Iceland, where the government saved its people during the crisis, Latvia saved banks and civil servants.

CLOSE the Latvian Border

CLOSE the Latvian Border

The crisis management option chosen for the Latvian people was devastating, with dozens of infrastructure tragedies causing people to commit suicide or to leave the country after losing their property.  Families were separated, children were left without parents. On the basis of the rule of law, perpetrators of the collapse should be tried under Article 71 of the Criminal Code.

Latvia 2035

With each new election, unfortunate Latvians hope that a new government will be able to ensure the welfare of the population. Sadly, throughout the country’s existence, there was no Saeima house of deputies interested in the country’s economic development.

The political elite’s priorities were to ensure the well-being of small economic groups or individuals.  It was and will be because the people of the country allow them to do so.



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