MICHAEL WALSH to date has published over 60 books and novels. Now, for the second time the acclaimed writer ventures into the world of city vigilantism. Spurred on by the success of A Leopard in Liverpool published 2018 on Amazon, he has now had published The Stigma Enigma.

The former biographical novel describes how a soldier-of-fortune’s short vacation in Liverpool sours when he learns by chance that his inexperienced daughter has been entangled by the city’s lowlife. This, the novel’s back cover suggests, ‘is an epic fail on the part of the traffickers in flesh.’

Fraser McLeod is a veteran of the 1960s Congo crisis and Simba Rebellions.   When you add the toxic Rhodesian bush wars you’re left with a lethal humanoid, a cunning and resourceful predator. McLeod’s teenage daughter’s trail has gone cold. The action heats up when searching for her and his child’s abductors the vengeful marauder disappears into the maritime city’s social sewers.

One book reviewer described A Leopard in Liverpool as being penned ‘in the style of the legendary crime and thriller writer, John le Carre.’

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Mike Walsh says that this comment alone inspired him to turn his pen’s nib to a killer-thriller follow-up. Having slipped easily into the genre, he adds that The Stigma Enigma eclipses his previously published A Leopard in Liverpool.

The Stigma Enigma’s main character is the resourceful and hardened killer, Jack Scarlett. The take no prisoners’ ex-mercenary is not short of money.  But, Scarlett needs the Adrenalin rush provided by flirting with high-risk encounters and in his case preferably several at a time.

Programmed to kill, the X-rated former mercenary is forced into a no holds barred conflict with the most hideous characters ever to infest the murky crime-ridden streets of Liverpool. Determined to stop the merciless avenger’s high-octane lethal feud is Detective Chief Inspector Eric Jansen.

Predictably, the inquisition starts in the city’s police headquarters. There, the veteran cop finds nailing a jelly to the wall far easier than stopping a merc’ on a mission.

The killer question is, can Detective Chief Inspector Eric Jansen stop Jack Scarlett, and does he really want to. That is for you to decide.

The story as it unfolds is abundant with ‘WTF twists and turns’. In the predator’s cross-hairs are the most sinister but successful sinners of Liverpool’s underworld. ‘Mess with the best, die like the rest’ appears to be Jack Scarlett’s maxim as after being crossed in love and trust he evens the score. Scarlett is definitely the forensic detective’s worst nightmare. It is advisable not to read the finish of The Stigma Enigma before retiring to your bed.

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The Stigma Enigma 

Liverpool City Centre

MICHAEL WALSH Liverpool born world travelling author of over 60 book titles, Michael Walsh bases his gold plated stories on real-life leaving the reader unable to separate reality from illusion. A confidant and contemporary of Liverpool and Wirral’s legends, no one is better qualified to provide his global following with nail-biting thriller killer stories.

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