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There is now no doubt that Michael Brown was legally killed in self-defence by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. The grand jury conclusively decided this was the case, and all the evidence confirms that decision.

Yet most of the media, and liberals still try to make the case that the biggest problem today in America is white cops killing innocent black males. This media myth is constantly recycled like a mantra.

But, according to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks have more to fear from fellow blacks than they do from police officers across the country.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph William Louis Rudy Giuliani was vilified by pro-black mainstream media for proving that statistically white cops killing black males is minor compared to the thousands of Afro-Americans who are killed every year by other blacks.

During an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Giuliani told blacks who were accusing white police of killing them that “white police officers wouldn’t be at the scene if you weren’t killing each other.”

Giuliani also pointed out that “93% of blacks are killed by other blacks.”

Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson, questioned that statistic. Giuliani responded by citing another figure from a 2010 Bureau of Justice Statistics report that did conclude that 93% of black homicide victims from 1980 through 2008 were killed by black offenders.

This reporter took a look at the 2007 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics report. In that study, the agency reported that blacks were victims of 7,999 homicides in 2005. It corroborated Giuliani’s claim that 93% of blacks were killed by other blacks or about 7,440 murders in that year alone.

A six-year FBI study conducted between 2007 and 2012 found that, on average, local police forces kill 400 people every year in America. Of those, only 96, or 25%, involved blacks killed by white police officers.

It is worth noting that, according to the nonprofit New Century Foundation, of the nearly 1million violent crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites in America, blacks commit 85% and whites commit 15%.

Faced with an overwhelming lack of evidence to support their claims, rather than concede the myth of white cops killing black males the liberal media then went after the FBI, claiming the agency lacked transparency.

Statistics prove conclusively that the adjusted yearly death tally would rise to 492 police killings per year, bringing the number of blacks killed by white police officers per year in the U.S. to 105.

Putting these figures in perspective then, for every black killed by a white police officer in the U.S. every year, there are about 71 blacks killed by other blacks.

On average, there are 9,252 black-on-black murders every year for the past 35 years, you arrive at a staggering 323,820 blacks killed by other blacks on America’s streets in just three-and-a-half short decades.

The problem, of course, is that this grim statistic will never be mentioned by black talk show host Al Sharpton, the pro-black media or any of the other anti-white race baiters out there.

They are too preoccupied by pointing the liberal manicured fingers at ‘racist white policemen killing innocent, unarmed black children.’

Last year 105 policemen were killed in the line of duty. This year 112 have been killed to date. That’s more than the number of blacks killed by white policemen, yet Al Sharpton and mainstream hacks sheds no tears for any of them. Blacks like killing, full stop.

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  • If I recall rightly, according to FBI figures, in 86 years the Klu Klux Klan killed approx 3500 people of whom 3/4=2625 were Black and 1/4=875 were White. However, according to the Leftie-Liberal Zionist press, behind every tree or on every street corner in the South is a Klansman with a noose ready to take vengeance on some innocent passing Black person. The worst part of all this is that the sheeple believe it.

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  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    In todays media driven world there is myth and then there is reality. I think this article hits the nail on the head and allows white people to dispense with any sympathy at all for negroes. They are not only a danger to us when they live amongst us ,they are a danger to themselves. They are normally of low intelligence and lack impulse control, and they are very violent.

    This situation did not occur in the US when it was racially segregated. Blacks had their own communities, schools, shops etc. There was also social responsibility amongst them.. This has totally changed with the jewish idea of a melting pot where everybody mixed which was imposed on America.The results have been disastrous especially for whites.

    As William Gayley Simpson commented in his book ‘Which Way Western Man” if negroes are not removed from the United States you can say goodbye to both white America and the nation as a whole.

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