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Moscow’s retaliatory sanctions against Europe are causing enormous damage to German agriculture, says Mike Moring, leader of the Christian Democratic Union party in Thuringia.  Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the extension of EU anti-Russian sanctions is harming Europe itself, and called the EU sanctions measures a “worn-out record”.

Russian retaliatory sanctions against the European Union turned out to be much more damaging to the German economy than for Moscow, the bloc’s leader said.

Three days earlier, the unelected Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU countries, without discussion, approved the extension of sanctions against Russian citizens and companies they claim are involved in “undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine.”


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that the EU has to overcome many internal difficulties associated, in particular, with Brexit.  Zakharova emphasized that Moscow considers the EU sanctions illegitimate, but is not going to interfere in the process of the EU’s application of the blockade.

“They themselves must answer the question of why they need it and how long it will last, says Maria Zakharova.


At the end of July, the prime ministers of the federal states of Saxony and Brandenburg, Michael Kretschmer and Dietmar Wojdke, called on the Merkel regime to lift anti-Russian sanctions:

“As a German politician, I think of many companies in the new federal states that have particularly negatively affected as a consequence of the sanctions,” Kretschmer said.


UN Special Representative Idris Jazairi previously said that Europe every month loses at least $ 3.2 billion from the anti-Russian blockade. The preservation of sanctions against Russia is harmful for German companies and leads to the fact that Russia pivots instead to cooperation with China, stressed Klaus Ernst, chairman of the Bundestag Economic Committee.


“As a result of these sanctions Russia will reorient to trade relations with China. In addition, Russia will try to produce itself what it previously purchased in Europe, ”the official explained.

He pointed out that sanctions have been in effect for five years., Moscow is not going to change its foreign policy to please the West. Therefore, Ernst called for a dialogue with Russia.


“Simply advancing this sanctions policy without dialogue with each other will lead to the fact that in a world filled with tension, it will become a constant source of escalation. This is contrary to the policies of the United States, and given China’s aggressive foreign trade policy, this is not the way to go.” the politician emphasized.

European countries and the United States introduced trade embargoes against Russia after the return of Crimea to Russia after a referendum.  In favour of reunification with Russia, 95.6% of Sevastopol voters and 96.77% of Crimean residents voted.


Moscow has repeatedly stated that the inhabitants of the peninsula voted for democratic reunification with Russia, in full compliance with the UN Charter and international law.

Notwithstanding this, the EU introduced obstructive measures against Russia. In response to this, Moscow switched to a course of self-sufficiency and import substitution which has irreparably damaged the economies of the European Union nations. Furthermore, the lucrative trade lost is likely to be a permanent loss.


Most people, even the village idiot knows that when one is in a hole it is best to stop digging. The village idiots in Strasbourg, Berlin and Brussels are uncaring; the taxpayers will pick up the bill.


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  • Common sense:
    “Most people, even the village idiot knows that when one is in a hole it is best to stop digging. The village idiots in Strasbourg, Berlin and Brussels are uncaring; the taxpayers will pick up the bill.” I see a bright future to this sentence of yours, Mike. Much brighter than that of sorry Neurope…
    Your sentence will travel.
    A lot…

    Cheap traitors mostly made of incompetent leaders at the head of Neurope should be burnt to ashes and then one should burn their ashes (stolen from a line from “Ruggles of Red Gap” the 1935 version with Charles Laughton in the leading role).

    Liked by 3 people

  • You know it’s a crazy world when you wish that Europe would turn away from the U.S. and align more with Russia. But Russia is now the country with more traditional, normal values. Something has to happen before Western Europe dies.

    Liked by 3 people

  • Large parts of Europe have already died and will never be resurrected. England for sure is gone. It’s amazing how the wheel has turned and that the Soviet Union, once considered the promoter of internationalism and globalist conflict, now in the guise of Russia is seen as a defender of European tradition and orthodoxy. It took 780 years for the Spanish Christian kingdoms to oust the Moors. I’m not sure I’ll be around for the next El Cid, Charles Martel or John Sobieski to appear. Although, if I keep taking my vitamin pills, I might be around to see the demise of the US Empire. In its current make-up the sooner the better.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Please be around… what am I to do all by myself? (Joke, joke!) As for Sam (-who never was anyone’s ‘Uncle’) we’ll both be around… believe me. Then the rodents will have to find another juicy fruit to gnaw… if they are still around…

      Liked by 2 people

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