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When in 2013 Russian-Jewish oligarch, Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in Moscow, Western media described the notorious playboy as ‘Putin’s opposition.’  Yet, in electoral terms, the playboy oligarch was less popular than England’s absurd Screaming Lord Sutch’s Monster Raving Loony Party.

At least the latter gathered enough votes to gain seats. It is doubtful if President Putin, with a popularity rating of 86%, lost much sleep over such a ‘threat’.

Britain’s then Prime Minister David Cameron had the impudence to demand Russia hold a transparent investigation into the murder. This is the same Etonian who like his mentor and fellow Etonian Premier Boris Johnson covers up, denies or delays a score or more inquiries into political corruption, sexual and financial?  These cover-ups include the murder of government weapons expert, Dr David Kelly.


One can be certain that Britain’s political elite, their on-message media nor the royal family will ever demand an enquiry into the so-called suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the organiser of paedophile parties for the self Chosen Ones. In fact, these sinister cabal is hostile to any suggestion.

Breaking (non-Western) news September 13, 2019, suggests that the gunning down of US Presidential contestant Robert F. Kennedy on June 5, 1968, was a CIA plot. Whatever the truth, much evidence surrounding the inquiry was ‘suicided’.

As everyone knows, the funeral corteges following the campaign trail of Hillary and Bill Clinton stretches the girth of the United States. Sleuths are still investigating the number of violent deaths and improbable suicides associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton. It is fair to say that only Bolshevik dictator Stalin and Pol Pot are slightly ahead of the Clinton duo in terms of body bags.

The United States has a far worse record of assassination than post-Soviet Russia. Between 1970 and 2013 there have been 758 assassinations worldwide of which.  Of this only 8 % occurred in Russia, the world’s largest country.


The U.S. tops the ‘Assassination of Political Inconveniences’ League. Since 1865 more American heads of state have been assassinated than in any other country.   Abraham Lincoln (1865), James A. Garfield (1882), William McKinley (1901), and John F. Kennedy (1963). The latter was almost certainly disposed of by the CIA.

There were the attempted assassinations of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Miami on February 15 1933. U.S President Theodore Roosevelt was injured in 1912, and U.S President Ronald Reagan badly wounded in 1981.


In November 1950 Puerto Rican nationalists sought to murder President Harry S. Truman in a shoot-out.   During and following World War Two there was a wave of convenient ‘suicides’ throughout the United States. These included Harry Dexter White, Stephen Duggan and former U.S. Ambassador to Britain John G. Winant.


U.S General George S. Patton died when the Jeep he was travelling in was ‘accidentally’ rammed in defeated Germany.  The outspoken critic of unelected President Truman’s regime had earlier written to his wife and predicted he would not be coming home.

Another U.S policy critic was U.S First Secretary of Defence James Forrestal.   Diagnosed as being ‘deeply depressed’ he was placed in an upper floor room of a Washington DC hospital.  On May 22, 1949, he ‘fell’ from its open window.   Why was a man in such a state not given a ground floor room with a sealed window?

William Colby spilt the beans on the corruption endemic sweeping the White House. He also told all about the widespread corruption throughout the U.S governing elite and corporate media.  This former CIA Director really should have taken the Edward Snowden route to Russia.  Soon afterwards, William Colby died in a mysterious boating ‘accident’.

In the U.S more than 40 forty high profile Western bankers died recently under suspicious circumstances. The European Union records more assassinations than does Russia; is the EU trying to catch up with the U.S. perhaps?

This might be a good time to remember that of late no less than 14 notable U.S. political figures have been murdered or discovered dead under suspicious circumstances. These include Senators, Congressmen, Federal Prosecutors, a Federal Judge, a State Governor; all died after their unwisely perhaps questioned corruption or corporate malpractice.

The only comment on this YouTube presentation is that the CIA was undoubtedly involved in some of these assassinations. In regard to the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, his assassins were two British-Jews parachuted in by the RAF to carry out the assassination. Heydrich, in fairness, was very well liked by the Czechs. It utter tribe that villages were razed in retaliation.

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