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Guernica a mural 11’ 6” high and 25’ 8” was painted by the Cubist Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso in 1937. The title Guernica refers to the city that was bombed by the Condor Legion. The Legion was a small but effective air-force put to the disposal of General Franco’s nationalist armies by the elected German government. Hitler and the NSDAP had been activists when, following the German collapse (WWI) in 1918, anti-Bolsheviks had prevented a similar Bolshevik seizure of Germany.

Although the conflict is known as the Spanish Civil War, the protagonists included vast numbers of recruits and volunteers fighting both for and against the 1936 seizure of Spain by Moscow backed Republican armies.

Guernica, Ruinen

Guernica, Ruinen

Pablo Picasso’s mural has since been used by the international left in bizarre collaboration with corporate media. They claim it is a condemnation of what they claim was a ‘Nazi atrocity’.

But, not so fast. Earlier this week officials at the United Nations hid the mural behind a blue curtain. This was done after it was revealed that the mural’s message, rather than being a depiction of ‘Nazi barbarism’ was painted to remind the world of the horrors committed by Soviet-backed Republicans.


Spanish Republican militia men posing with skeletons of nuns from cemetery of desecrated and pillaged Convento de la Concepción, Toledo, 1936.

Now, the international left are in flames as were hundreds of churches their forces put to the flames by the Republicans. The left’s protests are vacuous. There is in the painting little in the way of images that suggest condemnation of the Condor Legion.

Many of the mural’s images of human suffering do not depict distress particular to the bombing. Therefore, the left’s hijacking of Picasso’s mural for propaganda purposes lacks credibility. The left’s claim that it depicts Nationalist barbarism are speculation. Any inquiry into the true meaning of the painting is excluded from the debate.


BRITISH VOLUNTEERS IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR The banner of the Tom Mann Centuria, a unit of the International Brigade, named in honour of Tom Mann, a British trade unionist and socialist who worked in Australia 1902–10. Jack ‘Blue’ Barry, standing right front, with rifle.

The Left and their corporate media public relations department never explained why the Franco government, far from viewing the work as an embarrassment, constantly called for Guernica to be displayed in Spain. General Franco, who liberated Spain from the Red Terror, was adamant that Guernica should be placed in Madrid’s Prado, the world’s largest art gallery. A strange demand to make if the painting depicted a Nationalist atrocity.


Republicans destroying churches and holy relics.

We’re not supposed to know that the Red Army air force based in Spain bombed more Spanish towns and cities than did the Condor Legion. Media will not tell us that according to the first Spanish monograph on Picasso, published in Madrid in 1951 (Franco’s Spain), the author described Guernica as ‘the picture of all bombed cities’.


Republican fighters shoot at a religious statue during the Civil War.

The report on the iconic painting concludes that ‘lack of specificity makes the image more potent and tamer.’ There isn’t anything in that statement that places the blame on the Condor Legion.


No Gods, No Masters Blasphemy, Desecration and Anticlerical Violence During the Spanish Civil War by Republicans

Ironically, the strongest condemnation of the painting came from 400 international artists. The well-known artists were furious at the icon being displayed in the US as the American carpet bombed of Vietnam and Laos, leaving 1,000s of Guernicas across South-East Asia.

The Guernica image has now been covered up at UN headquarters and mysteriously the UN website relating to the painting on the is down.  An official statement says Guernica by Pablo Picasso ‘was temporarily exhibited in the gallery as a form of artistic protest against the atrocities of the Republic during the Spanish Civil War.’

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The Fifth Division of Replacements arrive and give the word that the troops of Navarre have come to fight in the Spanish Civil War, circa 1936. Photograph: Three Lions/Getty Images


SPANISH CIVIL WAR Crowd attends processions during Holy week in Murcia, Spain, on April 16, 1939 and celebrates city’s liberation by Nationalists troops at the end of the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Civil War devastated Spain from July 17, 1936 to April 1, 1939, ending with the victory of the Nationalists and the founding of a dictatorship led by the Fascist General Francisco Franco and the defeat of the Republicans. (Photo by – / AFP) (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)


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  • Unfortunately, when Franco died the Left took over and now Spain is as degenerate as anywhere else in western Europe. At least he gave it about forty years of peace and stability.

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  • Is it a mistaken memory that Picasso “painted” this canvas before the bombing of the bridge in Guernica occurred? Incidentally, Picasso lived the good live in Paris during the German occupation and even expressed his interest in portraying Hitler, the latter, however not agreeing to the suggestion by the world famous man (this according to Jean Marais in an interview).

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