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Making the headlines are ‘media appointed intellectuals’ who when ethno-nationalists were ringing the migrant invasion alarm bells were fast asleep or dismissing patriots as ‘racists’.

The latest to grab the headlines is Swedish hack Janne Josefsson. He now says ‘Despite talks of integration at all levels of government, man-made segregation has only gotten worse in Sweden.’ (Really? Jumping on the populist bandwagon).

Sweden is often referred to as multi-cultural but what politicians have created is an apartheid state. (the elite have woken up, people do prefer their own kind). He adds ‘The more the country derails, the more desperate and populist the rulers become in their rhetoric.’

“We call it multiculturalism, but in fact, we have created social, economic and human apartheid in Sweden. Regardless of what government we have had, segregation (ethnics create their own communities) has increased.’

While rejecting the idea that this is the result of a deliberate attempt to destroy the country, Josefsson believes it reflects a complete failure of politicians, regardless of their alignment. (See, that is our song they now sing and get the credit for).

According to Josefsson, Sweden is no longer a single country, but rather different worlds (the diversity we warned against). He draws the example of Sjumila school in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, where fewer than one percent of pupils speak Swedish as their mother tongue.

‘Schools have become conveyor belts that deliver personnel to criminal gangs. In Sjumila school, every fourth boy becomes a criminal shortly after completing school. Despite all talks of integration at all levels of government, segregation (diversity) has only grown worse’, Josefsson argued.

According to Josefsson, political denial of reality has been replaced by the “extremely harsh rhetoric” of politicians, such as Social Democrat Justice Minister Morgan Johansson, who called the perpetrators of a recent street murder in Malmö that made national headlines abominable beasts. This, argued Josefsson, is a sign of desperation, a token of politicians’ inability to solve the problem.

Yet, when the populist right called migrant marauders ‘abominable beasts’ they were vilified by media as vile racists, hunted down by state police, fined and imprisoned by the brain-washed globalist judiciary. Josefsson (and the populist right vilfied by media hacks like Josefsson) concluded that Sweden gets “the society it deserves”.

Professor Wilhelm Agrell, another turncoat liberal published an opinion piece of his own warning of Sweden’s internal conflict dragging the country down. According to Agrell, violence keeps escalating in Sweden as the state’s monopoly on violence no longer exists.

“In the typical internal armed conflict, different groups fight each other and to varying degrees a state power that has completely or partially lost its violence monopoly, “We must act to save the country.” (So, will there be apologies for those of us who warned against the migrant invasion? Don’t hold your breath. These parasitical rats are controlled opposition).

What can we say but, ‘we told you so but you wouldn’t listen’. 

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  • I wonder if “turncoat liberal(s)” shouldn’t be hung before those who programmed them…

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  • Sweden is taking new bold steps down into darkness. In one of the latest moves state TV seem to promote cannibalism. Yes, it is true.

    Article: Neo-cannibalism “promoted” by Swedish State Television


    • Dear Mike,

      I very much doubt that the SS (Strange Swedes) will pass my commentary… so for your benefit (and that of a few friends) here is the comment which I just posted to them:

      [ — Quote — ]

      Italo Vernazza 30 September, 2019 at 22:28 Din kommentar inväntar moderering

      The first reflex is of course to take it as a hoax in order to expose the gulibility of conspiracists dealing with realtiy. But then again in such a degenerate world… anything and everything is possible. My suggestion, dear normal (?) Swedes… if it comes down to this… start by eating your global warming pest.

      [ — unquote. — ]


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  • well by ethnicity, he is an edomite ,and the edomites posing as ashkenaz religious jew convert who are importing these muslims, are their arab,eomite cousins,all of esau`s seed ,and not jacob`s.the door is open to all,but this not the door or the way to the door.these are impostors now exposed .And this ,of course, is the friendly manner in which they wish to be perceived ,with media control over riding no contradiction of any kind. any common insect -up to humans- will play dead ,if their offense and defense tactics are overwhelmed. it don`t mean that they are.,and doesn`t mean that they won`t attack in response.


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