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Hannes Wessels

I think I can confidently state that I belong to one of the most hated minorities on the planet. Born in Rhodesia, of Afrikaans and German parentage, I’m a 63-year-old ethnic European, male, Christian, heterosexual. I was a soldier in an army, internationally vilified as being motivated by a strong desire to maintain ethnic European privilege through entrenched, racist supremacy. Like most of my lot, just to be further alienated from the ‘virtue-signalling’ mainstream media, we also liked to hunt, fish, drink beer in our male orientated sports clubs and chase women.

The good news for the millions who hate the likes of me and my compatriots is there are very few of us left and soon we’ll be all gone. There were never that many of us in the first place; the European population of what was then Rhodesia was roughly 250,000 at its peak and then many of my generations lost their lives in the Bush-war that ended in 1980 when the country was finally ‘liberated’ by Robert Mugabe.

! SA Farming in Rhodesia Zimbabwe

This brought unbridled joy to the entire world but obviously not us. Many ethnic Europeans left the country with very little to show for their decades of commitment to the country they loved.  While the international community cheered, Rhodesians were jeered because we were not convinced a terrorist could transform into a saint overnight; but nobody was listening and nobody cared what they thought anyway. The majority view was their plight was well deserved.

Some of us decided to stay and try and make the most of an unfortunate situation. It was never easy, but we muddled and struggled through with mixed success until 2000 when our so-called liberators decided to seize all European managed farms and in so doing, collapsed the economy and introduced millions to abject poverty.

The ‘land invasions’ came at a time when my generation was approaching middle-age and most, as a result of the ethnic cleansing, were left without homes and livelihoods in a hostile world with few employment options and no social security safety net to catch them.

Being ethnic European, they were not enthusiastically welcomed as immigrants around the world.  The anguish and hardship that followed triggered suicides, alcoholism and early deaths from stress-related diseases like cancer. Our ranks were further thinned to the point there are now only a few thousand of us left.

Rhodesia Memory Lane

Against this backdrop, home continues to be a sub-continent where despots dominate and misrule, the looting of national exchequers by tiny, politically connected elites, continues on a gargantuan scale, extreme poverty is endemic and exploding, infrastructures are collapsing and natural resources are being plundered in an unholy alliance which brings corrupt officials.

True to form, the UN, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Western diplomats and myriad NGO’s are present, cognisant but mostly ineffective. They don’t want to upset anyone by being critical of the people who wield power because they will probably be accused of ‘racism’ or ‘neo-colonialist’.

! ! Where is Zimbawe Capital

It is much more sensible to shut up, do nothing, keep your well-paid job and enjoy the good life that being an expat in Africa brings. God alone knows how many billions the charlatans who run and manage these aid and environmental organisations have squandered over the last 60-plus years and achieved very little apart from boosting the sales of fancy four-wheel drives and pushing up the prices of housing in the safer suburbs of the capitals where they live in fine style with the help of inexpensive servants.

In general terms, the situation that exists today in the countries I know is almost hopeless and certainly heart-breaking; but out there in the gloom a few candles flicker and they are carried by the very few and they are mostly surviving members of that afore-mentioned, hated ethnic European minority that fought the forces of ‘liberation’ and enraged the world.

2. A Rhodesia Poem

They are all getting old now but Trevor, in western Zimbabwe, shot through both legs in the war, is quietly running a successful anti-poaching operation while supervising the provision of water to wildlife in the parched wilderness where no rivers flow. Thanks, is no small part to him, tourists are back, elephant, buffalo and lion numbers are rising, and illegal hunting is under control.

Derek, in northern Mozambique, has been in the thick of the fight to save the elephant in the ‘badlands’ south of the Rovuma where Somali gunmen shoot to kill, corrupt officials conspire, and Islamic-inspired terrorists are seeking to establish a caliphate. He works with little and seeks no glory, but his life has been, and remains, on the line.

! SA Rhodesia goes it alone headlines

Willy, in central Mozambique, north of the Save River, is on a lonely, self-funded, mission, trying to restore this massive tract of magnificent bushveld to its former wild glory. Poachers, with the quiet consent of the authorities, have devastated the wildlife to the point only a few scattered pockets survive but he is determined to nurture and protect what is left and do the continent and indeed the world a small service.

Trevor, across the river, is trying to do the same. Both men are trying, but fighting a losing battle, to stem the flow of illegally harvested hardwoods to China. The corruption that exists at all levels of the bureaucracy and law-enforcement agencies, appears too organised and established, to stop the timber traffic. The international community looks on without interest.

Rhodesia Story Head Picture

Andy and Rich, working with limited resources, have led the fight to stop illegal hunting and snaring in south-eastern Zimbabwe, restore road infrastructure and saved a treasured wilderness from being rendered lifeless. Darrell and Ian are making similar endeavours in central and southern Zambia where the wildlife authority reduced itself to penury and paralysis through corruption and mismanagement.

They, along with their scouts and support from the private sector, have filled a void and turned the tide on the killing fields. In the Zambezi Valley, the national park has been returned to being a true refuge and the game populations are soaring.

Rhodesia 6

Dale, in South Africa, paralyzed below the waist by enemy gunfire in the prime of life, works from a wheelchair to grow fruit and vegetables that alleviate some of the poverty in the nearby shantytown. Despite his handicap, he insists he can continue to help the poor people he feels are worse off than he.

What these men all have in common is a shared history, in that all were soldiers once, all have been and remain victims of debilitating racial discrimination and not one of them is performing these arduous and dangerous tasks because they expect to get rich.

Rhodesia air drop

They are all jointly committed by a deep love of Africa, its wildlife and its people and they are driven by a powerful, selfless desire to protect those forms of life that cannot protect themselves against the ravages of insatiable human greed.

And they share something else; none of them are liberals, none are products of a nanny-state and they are men who act decisively and say little.  And tragically, when they are gone, the Africa they fought to protect and nurture will probably be destroyed. ~ Hannes Wessels, edited by Michael Walsh.

SA Rhodesia Respect

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  • I always refused to call that country by anything but “Rhodesia”, not because I am a fan of Cecil Rhodes or British colonialism, but because what followed the British exit was far worse. If Mugabe had been a decent leader, who takes of his entire people, not just his own “net value” and his allies, I would have supported his effort, but he obviously didn’t. He robbed his country of billions, for himself and his co-conspirators. He was intelligent, but a criminal, a dangerous combination.

    Liked by 5 people

  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Terrific article. In the end all the blood, sweat , and tears that white Rhodesians put into saving their country from Marxism was for nought. However, they are well and truly vindicated in the court of history. They were fighting tyranny and jewish influenced globalism. This is the same war white nationalists are fighting today around the world. Every white person should read this article and understand that Rhodesias fate is your fate if you allow your governments to keep pushing non white migration and political correctness on you .

    Liked by 3 people

  • What has happened in Rhodesia, South Africa and elsewhere in Africa was a direct consequence of what happened in Europe in 1945. The monsters who won then are trying to ensure that all the white world will end up like Rhodesia. Until whites everywhere understand that they have a common purpose for survival and will have a common fate of extinction if they don’t realise that and organise appropriately, then the situation will only get worse.. The forces that destroyed Rhodesia and South Africa are the same forces that are destroying Europe, America and Australia. We have been targeted for extermination or slavery but most whites refuse to see it. Even the Rhodesians didn’t realise it. There were traitors within the country cooperating with the enemies without and Rhodesia’s fate was decided even before the fighting began. It’s a fact that the only people who really care about wild life and the environment are whites. The blacks and Asians couldn’t care less and will turn the whole planet into a desert if they win. I remember Rhodesia and South Africa as they were but they are gone for ever. The struggle continues now in our homelands to decide whether there will be a white race at all in the 22nd century.

    Liked by 2 people

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