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Judea Declares War Clearer Image

Of the combatant nations drawn into World War II the ethnic-Jewish population alone showed an increase in population. Yes, the Jews are classed as combatants. In March 1933 the Jewish International publicly proclaimed a war of extermination on the Workers Reich.

A soundly based study in demography has been published in RUSSIAN INSIDER. The outcome reveals that had Imperial Russia’s White Armies defeated the Bolshevik Red Army then the population of Russia today would be 400 million rather than 144 million.

russia-demographics-no-ussr One massive study headed by Russian demographer Anatoly Vishnevsky calculated that without the demographic catastrophes of the 20th century, the population just within Russia’s…

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  • Those figures are for a certain geograph and time. Where does Bolshevism end and the jew World Order begin? It is one group evolved now to control the world, not just Russia. In 1995 I visited the headquarters in China where the Communist Party started about 1925. So many Hollywood movie star pictures from that era, shown visiting the headquarters. All ethnic groups killed by the Bolsheviks should be included. The numbers killed due to the jews (Bolsheviks) in the 20th Century would be what? Close to a billion? The world is overpopulated, but the Bolsheviks killed the cream of the White and Oriental race. Or shall I say many of those that would oppose their god’s chosen people status.

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