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Emma Bonino, parliamentarian of more Europe, interviewed on the sidelines of the conference The Contemporary, believes Europe’s survival and its welfare needs should come only from the transfer of people from the most populous countries of Africa.

“We need to organize a population transfer from Africa and in particular from Nigeria which is the most populous country and in 50 years it will have a greater population than all of Europe. We delude ourselves that it is enough to make a wall and they will remain there, well it is not so.”

Anti-White corporate media, which is primarily owned and managed by non-Europeans, claims that the (European) population’s ethnic replacement plan was a hoax invented by conspiracy theorists to spread hatred.

Bonino confirms it is a trusted company controlled by White hating George Soros that admits its central role in displacing ethnic Europeans. The promoter of free abortion, tells us today that it would take too long to encourage (European) births and prefers transfer of Africa’s population to Italy, preferably from Nigeria.

There were strong indications of this population displacement strategy in reports made at the UN, when they had talked about Europe’s demographic problems.

As a solution to the demographic problem of Italy (and other European countries), it was claimed that it was necessary to ‘replace” (as reported in the title of the dossier) an ageing Europe with a massive influx of immigrants from Africa and Asia.’

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The UN study calculated about twenty-six million immigrants and their descendants who will have to settle in the various Italian cities in 2050. At that time, a few years ago, they were almost 5 million, against 7.8 million in Germany.

A plan that looked to increase to such a point a population in a territory already superpopulated and problematic as the Italian could seem absurd and not very rational.  However, for the UN and other globalist organizations, they foresaw and planned everything, we had to move towards a global, multicultural society. This has to be accompanied by the abolition of national states. The intellectuals of the globalist left acknowledged this, from the Roberto Saviano to the Jacques Attali in France, as Boldrini told us and Pope Bergoglio also supported it.

Since then they have also gone ahead to the UN and have given birth to other documents, other studies, all on the same line to arrive at the sinister Global Compact, the last document signed by a good part of the European states.

At least we stopped the Nazis

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  • [image: Asylkriminelle.png] Dont give them asylum, they are criminals! Most of those leaving the country are criminals and adventurers because there is nor war in Nigeria!

    Am Sa., 21. Sept. 2019 um 12:05 Uhr schrieb THE ETHNIC-EUROPEAN :

    > Mike Walsh posted: “The Ethnic European barely survives on book royalties > donated by Michael Walsh and supporters of real news and views. WE AIM to > replace victor’s spin with real history, to enlighten, inspire and to > educate, and with your help to share our stories as widel” >

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    • I don’t care if they weren’t criminals. The things these globalists are implementing and proposing will lead and are leading to ethnocide and genocide of European people and culture. These people claim that “diversity” is the ultimate good, but these plans actually destroy true diversity. Blonde, red hair, light colored eyes, all recessive traits will be wiped out or become so rare as to be insignificant. Why should these rare and precious traits which took thousand of years to develop be erased forever? But it goes beyond genetic traits. Why should the people who have contributed the most to human advancement be the only ones targeted for eternal annihilation? Nigeria’s population wouldn’t be exploding if it wasn’t for agricultural technology developed by white scientists.

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