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Greta Thunberg, the Swedish child activist who doesn’t know much but is certain of what she’s saying, is having her glory days whilst being hailed as the child saviour of the Earth. There is just one problem: Not enough of us are buying Greta’s bullshit predictions. In fact, those falling for it are mostly impressionable teens and pre-teens, and those of adolescent mentality; many are waking up to the scam.

An international opinion poll published reveals that half of the UK population and most European citizens are sceptical about the hard sell climate alarm.

Despite blanket coverage of the antics of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion on the BBC and elsewhere in the media, just 51% of Britons think that mankind is the main cause of climate change. A majority of Europeans, including two-thirds of Scandinavians, don’t swallow the hysteria. According to GWPF director, Dr Benny Peiser, the thinking section of the general public is not so easy to fool:

“The public can tell when they are on the receiving end of a hard sell. The more climate alarmists scream about emergencies, the more mainstream media shut down any dissent, the less convinced the man in street will be.”

Thirty-six percent of Swedes think climate change is man-caused.  Forty-eight percent think the climate is changing, and humans are only partly responsible.  Eight percent say the climate is changing and it’s not people doing it.  Two percent say it’s not changing at all. The Norwegians are the most sceptical of the scam, ranking at rock bottom on the same climate change gullibility chart by one point in the first category.

The sorry reality is that the Swedish kid is a pawn of a consortium of venture capitalists and investors whose agenda is to get in on government-contracts green action based on legislated green priorities and make themselves a crony-capitalism killing.

Greta Thunberg’s emotional, fear-driven rhetoric has been criticized by climate scientists, politicians, and conservative pundits whilst scientists of the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change have slammed on the brakes.

Here’s the rub and we all know this leads us to the grubby little fingers of eco-capitalists, venture capitalist and opportunist politicians. Incoming legislation will give government unprecedented control over healthcare, wealth redistribution, transport, food production and housing.

While the Extinction Rebellion marchers may have taken to the streets in fear of the apocalypse, venture capitalists support this movement with a view to getting their grasping mitts into the public coffers.

Formed by French President Emanuel Macron and investment corporation Black Rock capital last year, the Climate Finance Partnership sees government-funded (a euphemism for filching your taxes) carbon reduction as a flagship blended capital investment vehicle.

Salivating at potential profits by using taxes to fund their investment projects, the corporate partnership calls for the unlocking” of pension funds and government money to finance green industry in the developing world. Only instead of calling our planet’s situation a “climate emergency,” they call it “the climate opportunity.”

The Blended Finance Action Taskforce, comprised of 50 financial giants including HSBC, JP Morgan Chase and Citi, spells it out by demanding a “layer of government and philanthropic capital,” (your taxes and pensions again) as there are “profits to be had” in “climate-related sectors.”

Put simply, financial giants want your pensions and your taxes to support their investments. Greta Thunberg and The Climate Emergency Movement are paralyzing you with fear, and aiding the interests of the world’s mega-rich.

The same activists who call for collective guilt and punitive taxes on the western taxpayer are enabling a new breed of green capitalism, one that will make a select few fabulously rich, while the rest of us choke down meatless hamburgers and pay our politicians to tax us into oblivion.

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  • I pity this girl because she is being abused by her mentors. While I am all out that everyone has to do their fair share to reduce waiste and protect the environment, I am astounded as to why no one is pointing out the BIGGEST disinformation coming out of this campaign.
    The prime motive of this campaign is to make the general public feel guilty so no one will complain when with the excuse of “carbon” tax, anything gets heavily taxxed.

    Notice that they NEVER mention the RAMPANT weather modification programs, going on at a global level by the military-industrial complex. This is usually referred to as “geoengineering” but would have been more appropriately called GEO-PHYSICAL WARFARE because that’s what it is.

    Up to a few years ago, all this was dismissed as conspiracy theory but now, that it can no longer be hidden, they changed the rethoric and are now pretending that weather modification programs are needed to mitigate climate change !!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    This idiot of a girl who knows nothing is just a puppet for the globalist masters that want to enforce carbon taxation on everyone and collapse the industrialized economies to a third world standard. Yes, there is climate change, but we have to distinguish between natural and man made and that is difficult. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about .044% of the total of the gases present there. Man is only responsible for 3% of this ;.the rest is natural release.97%.

    I agree with the previous comment in that The western liberal media have been squawking about global warming and climate change for years, without telling us how significant the military weather modification programs like H.A.A.R.P. in Alaska are to what is happening to our planet. The elites are doing everything they can to destroy the eco systems that keep us alive, while blaming the rest of us for causing bizarre weather patterns. So we have to conclude the media are lying about this issue.

    Liked by 1 person

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