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As one of the migrant routes leads from Croatia through Slovenia, to Austria or Italy and further to Germany and other countries in western and northern Europe, some of these nation-states, suffocated by the migration wave, have begun to take action. These citizen initiatives range from raising barbed wire fences and mobilizing the army to organizing civilian patrols.

Scores of civilians, some of them armed, now patrol the Slovenian border with Croatia. All are part of the Štajerska Varda (Home Guard) of Andrej Šiško, an anti-migrant movement. Sisko was a former football gallery leader, a past presidential candidate in 2017, held in the past for some acts of violence, according to

The border guard initiative was taken over after Bulgaria and Hungary, where groups of so-called vigilantes (citizens taking into account the maintenance of law and public order) patrolling the forests at the border, to stop the wave of migrants, started in 2016.

Andrej Šiško says that his goal is “to train citizens to defend their country and to help the military and police at a time of the invasion of migrants from African and Asian countries, mostly Muslims”.

One member of the group is Blaž Židar, a former soldier of the Slovenian army, aged 47, dressed in camouflage pants, “with a long knife hanging from the belt”. He and his defence squad patrol near his village, Radovica.

“I would prefer to enjoy retirement, but for security reasons, I can’t do that.” Together with his six children and sometimes his wife, he patrols the border daily “because he says, he has to protect the nation against intruders. “

The authorities do not oppose this initiative, as long as they do not break the law. “People call us daily and give us important information about vehicles and suspicious persons, and we thank them,” says the local police chief.

In the last two years, Slovenia, one of the smallest European countries, has suffered because of the Merkel and Brussels campaign to overwhelm Europe’s indigenous peoples.

In order to be able to cope, the Ljubljana Parliament gave increased powers to the Army, called on to help the police to cope with the influx of migrants at the border.

Croatian authorities have limited the inflows of benefit-bandits after Slovenia announced that it cannot handle the passage of more than 2,500 refugees per day, crowds of immigrants also being observed on the Croatian-Slovenian border.

After Hungary decided last year to close the border with Croatia, where a barbed-wire fence was erected, just as at the border with Serbia, migratory pressure has shifted to Slovenia, where almost 20,000 have started to come since.



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  • Wow, they are lucky in Slovenia to have that kind of flexibility to defend their border – armed, no less!! Any attempt at defending borders in the United States would be met with the long arm of the Zionist Jewry law that permeates every square inch of this hot mess of a country.

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  • Hello from Italy!
    I’m not really sure if and when europeans will be ready to “fight-back” (whatever this word means) the invasion. Here in Italy the situation gets worse and worse day after day as the new government spread the news about the re-opening of ship-ports and airports, which, to be honest, never were 100% closed even when ex minister Matteo Salvini was in charge. Moreover, Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio & friends every week – by newspapers and TV – tries to convince italian people about how beautiful is the race-mixing and the so-called european cultural Death to favour the fake Multi-culturalism. It is true that a very good number of italians refuses this hard-hitting propaganda but I have to admit the fact that there’s also a part of the population that joins the ethnic substitution with a certain… happiness!

    Liked by 2 people

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